Saturday 8 April 2017


"They were all extremely rich and prominent members of society."

Dr. Phil Interview Exposes Global Elite child abuse ring.


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At 9 April 2017 at 10:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Better check things before posting. Did extensive checking into john de Mol's mother being a different one then his sister Linda. Not very likely. His father died in 2013 and his claimed mother Hannie de Mol-Does was then married to him for 59 years, covering the time John de Mol was born. Unless he was an adopted child, but then you better post some proof of that. And of course it is most likely that no one makes it to the top without having pledge allegiance to the Illuminati/satanic agenda. But having children's arms in her fridge??? Not all dutch jews subscribe to the zionist agenda and the Netherlands has a history of having wronged the jews in the Netherlands with the concentrationcamp Westerbork, but also a history of saving many jewish children. Your attitude is certainly antisemitic and you better learn who seeded that. Read the diary of Theodor Herzl as to why and realize you have been played.

At 9 April 2017 at 11:22 , Anonymous GabreaL Jones said...

(...) Just days after Dr. Phillip McGraw exposed an Elite pedophile ring on mainstream TV by interviewing an escaped former child sex slave, his show was canceled by Dutch Media RTL...

...the network refused to comment on the reason for the cancellation other than it was to do with the "choice of programming" made by the show's producers.

Read more at:

At 9 April 2017 at 13:06 , Anonymous GabreaL Jones said...

Am certainly not being played. Had more than half a year ago esp inner ora-&-labora-torium clear perceptions about it. Never told anyone about it. My mother was a clairvoyant. And the last 4 yrs I have an increasing intensity of the same process. Everything gone through gets afterwards rationally analysed and archived.

It certainly is quite ´fishy´ to say the least that the programming staff of Dutch RTL banned this Dr Phil show after 15 years after he exposed the vices of the upper ten of the white west.

The Netherlands like all other socalled free and first world countries are colonies of the jew banksters & co. Nothing antisemitic about it, come on!

The ´child abuse ring´ is too weak an expression for the basic ritual of the s.o.s. synagogue of satan which takes place on a very large scale. A larger scale than anyone can imagine. (Don´t forget the human meat at Mc Donald for example and the hundreds of thousands missing kids per year in the US alone & the aborted where have all these flowers gone, wo sind sie geblieben?)

The Apex of the social pyramid of the West is practicing thus a heavier voodoo than all the ´brownies´ out there. Sticking pins in dolls is Sunday soccer compared to the Bilderberg Bohemian real black ball game.

Enfin. Posted two days ago on Dublinmick, hope he is doing well after his hospital ´holiday´. Very fishy part two that his two sites are blocked now, at least for me. Btw am in Spain now for the second time in a few months. The original icon of Saint Nick the Christ Bishop of Bari shows he is black/brown. And so is JC I. (Kulturkammer & politicos etc. of the Low Lands how low can you go with your Zwarte Piet, Black Pete?)

A very basic topic certainly in the Christian West that is not brought up in the (alt.!) media.

Please, Ang.&. check out the academic work of Cheikh Anta Diop and Iwan van Siertema in combination with the exact findings of Brasilian inventor and geologist Dos Santos: IndonesiAtlantis.

At 9 April 2017 at 13:27 , Anonymous GabreaL Jones said...

To cut the story short: The banning of RTL (which means ceo John de Mol sr. in person)is not coming to the surface in this post of you.

At 10 April 2017 at 05:45 , Anonymous GabreaL Jones said...

Angirfan, thanx very much for posting this thread. Admit that me-myself-&-I made a mistake in writing that Johnny de Mol jr., the righteous one, the son of John de Mol, the ceo of RTL the leading Dutch tv broadcast org. is the brother of Linda de Mol. Linda de M. is the sister of the RTL ceo.

At 5 May 2020 at 12:28 , Blogger omega said...

Who are khazars? From georgia?
Also re pedo ring any link to nicole kidmans dad ? He was pedo they hunted kids


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