Monday 3 April 2017



On 27 March 2017, the UK prime minister announced that, in October 2017, there is to be a major terror drill in Scotland.

Theresa May made the announcement during a visit to Police Scotland, which will act as the lead force throughout the exercise.

The exercise will involve police, security officers, the military, and UK government and Scottish government departments.

The exercise will  involve Scotland and also areas in the north of England.

Scotland to host 'major counter-terrorism operation'.

Terror Drills that Turned Live.

Terror Drills that Turned Live.

On Pacific Quay in Glasgow - the new BBC Scotland building "is next door to the MI5 building."


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At 3 April 2017 at 06:11 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Big 'terrorism' events - indeed likely mostly run by security services, as suggested above - are more accent points to intensify feelings, rather than the main tool of psychological manipulation

The bulk of anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim etc sentiments, are grounded in smaller-scale but ever-present thousands of daily offences & irritations, which are visibly endemic to the rough-edged immigrant populations more than 'terror events'. What more fuels feelings are the endless petty robberies, scams, sexual assaults & rapes, welfare-benefit frauds, abuse of women, etc ... big 'terror events' only sharpen the broad-based feelings

African friends have been explaining some things to me - confirming theories of those who talk about clan-based vs norm-based (especially North European) cultures

In the most intensively clan-based societies - in some countries the majority of citizens marry their own blood relatives! - the people outside the clan do not matter, the rest of us are like cattle, cows to be milked, our intrinsic stupidity used against us. There is limited or even zero sense of 'society as a whole', or trusting or supporting others - non-universal assumptions of North Europe & some other places

Such clan-based people do not necessarily see themselves as 'immoral' even if they sexually assault 'stupid stray women on the streets', scam funds etc ... those same people will unselfishly take money they have stolen & send it back home to fellow family-clan members

We have weaker versions of this dichotomy in Europe. In the part of Europe that became Protestant, norms & social co-operation are important, you do not need a bribe to get helped by Britain's National Health Service ... In Eastern-Southern Europe, e.g. Greece, you may need to bribe via 'little envelope' to get health care ... Greeks avoid paying taxes for good reason, in that politicians simply loot for their clans, you get little gov service, if you need health care, you clan must be able to pay a bribe for you at the Greek gov hospital

African, Arab, mid-East, South Asian countries are often very intensively clannish, rulers loot for their clans, this is understood. Clannish people often instinctively deceive non-clan members 'stupid cows', in order to get funding or advantage, they share how. 'Stupid Europeans' give away lifetime free income if you tell the correct 'political asylum' story to them, so millions from Africa, mid-East, south Asia, want to take a punt on this best-of-all career moves

Arriving in Europe, clannish people keep their clannish psychology & mental frames that are hundreds-thousands of years old. They can be quite careless about how they offend / cheat / deceive / rob / sexually assault / ruin / abuse the citizens of their new homelands, without feeling much prick of conscience. They are, however, deeply loyal & caring re mum sister & cousin, one of which cousins they maybe marry.

Northern Europe developed uniquely due to socio-economic circumstances, 'bi-partite manors' where 1000 years ago, lords selected intelligent small nuclear families to work small plots & profit, encouraging delayed-marriage, non-cousin marriage, co-operation with non-relatives, e,g., early Dutch clearing swamps together - leading to socially trusting, co-operative, low-crime societies ... tho now these 'trusting' people have become 'stupid cows' to the clan-oriented aggressive migrant waves sent in the millions by oligarchs with a plan. It is cultural collision tho Europeans falsely assume migrants are 'like us'.

At 3 April 2017 at 14:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The „clan-mentality“ of the of refugees is certainly contributing to aversions against foreigners by the original populations in Western Europe, but this is not the important point.
Retired Czech politician Vaclav Klaus did state correctly: “In the past, few immigrants were mostly welcome, treated as guests and then well integrated into the societies. If foreigners are invading in masses, they are considered as a threat, and rightly so.”
Masses of refugees are arriving in Europe, because the entire migration has been orchestrated as a weapon. A weapon to destabilize the existing societies and countries. NATO is certainly the main operator in this scheme, all along the plans of Coudenhove-Kalergi, Earnest Hooten, Barbara Lerner Spectre and cohorts…
Unfortunately the established political parties in Europe are playing along, irrespective of their political color, this under visible pressure from the US (e.g. extortion of Volkswagen, Credit Suisse) and the Masonic cabals in the individual countries are again willing lackeys in the betrayal of their fellow citizens.


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