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Wigtown, Machars Peninsula, in Dumfries and Galloway. Click on photos for larger, clearer pics.

"The Machars peninsula is a little backwater, in the best sense of the word, where the eddying flows of life come to rest...

"What's not to like?

"Shallow sandy beaches warmed by the Gulf Stream (St Medans Beach for me); rock pools...

"The freshest of fishmongers; deer; curlews; Neolithic stone circles; barely a tourist in sight..."

The Machars peninsula.


"A teeny town - Wigtown, Scotland’s book town - has one bookshop for every 50 people...

"This area has 36-bedroom Georgian stately homes going for the price of my London flat."

The Machars peninsula.


In the Middle ages, 'a large, broad street was the focal point of settlement in Wigtown'.

The Machars Peninsula in Dumfries and Galloway has "rich green, softly rolling pastures."

This is Gavin Maxwell country.

Gorgeous Garlieston in Dumfries and Galloway.

During the Second World War Garlieston village became part of the secret Mulberry Harbour project.

Marbury Smokehouse and Bistro, at Carsluith Castle, in Dumfries and Galloway.

2 Michelin Stars chef Andrew Fairlie says of the Marrbury Smokehouse's smoked salmon: "It's the best smoked salmon in the world!

Marrbury Smokehouse.

Above, we see Balcary Bay, in Dumfries and Galloway.

"Dating back to 1625, the family-run Balcary Bay Hotel is a charming country house."

Balcary Bay Hotel, Auchencairn - Good Hotel Guide expert review.

Auchencairn, in Dumfries and Galloway.

"From 1750 onwards, Auchencairn Bay became the centre of extensive smuggling activity in the area, with many of the local inhabitants being involved.

"This history is reflected in the name of the village pub, the Smugglers Inn."

Hazlefield House B&B - 5 stars with Trip Advisor


The Galloway Hoard, is a hoard of more than 100 gold and silver objects from the Viking age discovered in Dumfries and Galloway in 2014.

Dumfries and Galloway Council wants the hoard for a new art gallery in Kirkcudbright.

But the hoard is likely to go to Edinburgh.

The power lies in Edinburgh and Dumfries and Galloway will always be treated badly, unless it gains independence.


Sandgreen has a caravan park.

Dumfries and Galloway is one of the best places in Europe for cycling.

"Those who do turn off the A74(M) to join the coastal road at Gretna are rewarded with some 200 miles of the finest scenery Britain has to offer."

Discover the beauty of Scotland's Galloway coast.

Borgue, in Dumfries and Galloway.

Randolph, Earl of Galloway, is from beautiful Borgue.

Poor Randolph was lobotomised, possibly because he was autistic.

The 'mad' Earl and the wee divorcee.


Rockcliffe, in Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland, is one of the prettiest coastal villages in Europe.

It is a Peter Pan, Famous Five, Huntingtower sort of place.


The CatStrand, in New Galloway, in Dumfries and Galloway makes films, like the one above.


Rockcliffe is known to the wealthy cognoscenti.


Calvin Harris is from Dumfries.


"Some of Southern Scotland's finest attractions lie in the gentle hills and lush valleys of Dumfries and Galloway...

"Galloway Forest - with its sublime views, mountain-biking and walking trails, red deer, kites and other wildlife - is a highlight...

"Adding to the appeal of this enticing region is a string of southern Scotland's most idyllic towns, which are charming when the sun shines.

"And shine it does.

"Warmed by the Gulf Stream, this is the mildest region in Scotland, a phenomenon that has allowed the development of some famous gardens."

Introducing Dumfries & Galloway - Lonely Planet


Rockcliffe has a large and well-run caravan site. 

The nearby Balcary Bay has a hotel in the Good Hotel Guide. 

Nearby Kipford has a well run inn.

Above, we see the view from the Balcary Bay hotel.

Above, we see the village of Kipford.

Above, we see the zoo in Kirkcudbright, in Dumfries and Galloway.

Galloway Wildlife – Conservation Park.

The zoo needs a big injection of money.


Kirkcudbright, an artists' town, has lost its railway link, its town council, its car factory, most of its bank branches and much else. 

It tends to be ignored by London, Edinburgh and Brussels. 

Dumfries and Galloway needs to become an independent state and then copy Singapore.

A new hospital in Dumfries.

"CRIME rates in the region rocketed by a fifth in the last year, with vandalism and drug offences mainly to blame for the rise."

South West Scotland has lost railway lines, town councils, factories, primary schools and police stations.

"I can’t remember the last time I saw a policeman on the street, day or night."

24.3% of children in Dumfries and Galloway are living in poverty.

The rich landowners in Dumfries and Galloway receive large subsidies.

New Galloway.

New Galloway has the CatStrand Arts Centre which has Live Music and Cinema.

Above, we see some of the CatStrand Youth Players.

CatStrand Facebook


"Dumfries grew into a major market town during the medieval era, but in recent years has seen its high street - like many others throughout the UK - struggle to attract investment."

Competition: Midsteeple Quarter, Dumfries

Dumfries and Galloway needs investment in world-class hotels, restaurants, roads, railways and tourist facilities.

Only an independent Dumfries and Galloway is likely to achieve this investment.


Dumfries and Galloway has suffered from the Scottish National Party's policy of 'centralisation'.

The Conservative Party is mainly interested in the big landowners, and in 'the military' who control some of the land in Dumfries and Galloway.

The Labour Party appears to be dead.

The small village of Dalton, near Dumfries, has a Thai restaurant.




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At 1 May 2017 at 07:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great article.. I agree with your comments on SNP centralisation ; and the other political parties .... might set up a DGIP . !!. What we need here is investment , large scale investment . East Dumfriesshire seems to be suffering also , you forgot to mention Langholm , ghost town , mass
unemployment ; Lockerbie as well , a shadow of its former self .

At 4 May 2017 at 13:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, charming meadowsa and views...

But BEST salmon is alive one, not smoked !
Would YOU like to be smoked, alive ?

Fish and meat industry is sooo much cruelty,
just creating loads of bad karma, for yrs to come :
for MASSIVE floods in Scotland ???


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