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Uri Geller, and his mother Manzy Freud, in Nicosia. Uri Geller later served in the Israeli Army's Paratroop Brigade.

In the Daily Telegraph, Uri Geller says that he told Theresa May in 2013 that she was destined to become the UK's Prime Minister.

Uri Geller has admitted to working with the CIA, MI5 and Mossad.

Uri Geller / dailymail / Uri Geller's double life as a spy.

Does Mossad choose the UK's prime ministers?


Does Mossad choose the US presidents?

Here is Obama and man who looks like astronaut Virgil Grissom, or, Obama's grandfather.

NASA ran a mind control program involving gifted children called 'Space Kids.'

Uri Geller was reportedly involved with a group of NASA Space Kids called the 'Gellerings', who were subjected to intensive hypnosis and trauma based mind control.

Did Uri Geller mind-control Obama?


Theresa May.

The village of Sonning, west of London, was home to Uri Geller for 35 years.

Theresa May lives in Sonning.

Theresa May has been the cabinet minister responsible for MI5, and responsible for dealing with the child abuse crisis.

Geller with former UK prime minister Edward Heath, who has reportedly been linked to pedophile rings, allegedly linked to Mossad.

UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson has a house in Sonning.

People who have visited Geller's house in Sonning include presidents, royalty, Michael Jackson and various Hollywood people.


Sonning is on the edge of Reading, which is linked to Jo Cox and Brendan Cox.

Mossad's Uri Geller with former cabinet minister Michael Portillo.

Uri Geller has been photograpphed with a number of people allegedly linked to alleged child abuse rings.

Uri Geller is related to Sir Clement Freud (above).

It was Clement Freud who persuaded Geller to come to England and settle in Sonning.

Clement Freud's brother Lucian Freud "had a well-documented relationship with the Kray twins."

Clement Freud, grandson of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, had a holiday home in Praia da Luz, in Portugal.

In July 2007, Clement Freud helped the parents of missing child Madeleine McCann by cooking them dinners in Praia da Luz and offering them drinks.

Sir Clement Freud's son Matthew Freud is married to Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of Rupert Murdoch.

Above, we see Uri Geller and Lord Greville Janner, former President of the Board of British Jews, former vice president of the World Jewish Congress, and former member of the Boy Scouts Association.

Greville Janner, VIP child abuse, mysterious death


Above, we see Michael Jackson, Yuri Geller, Lord Janner, David Blaine and Paul Boateng.

Above, we see Cliff Richard with Uri Geller who has been linked to MOSSAD-CIA MIND CONTROL.


Three times a year, Uri Geller would bring a number of children to his house.

The house contains a secret passage and a secret room.

Hubert Brasier (front row, third from left) at Community of the Resurrection college in 1940.

Mirfield is a small town in Kirklees, West Yorkshire.

Some of the values held by UK Prime Minister Theresa May 'have their origins in Mirfield's theological college.'

May's father, the Rev Hubert Brasier, trained at the Community of the Resurrection in Mirfield.

The Community of the Resurrection is 'Anglo Catholic' - emphasizing ritual, priestly authority, sacraments, and historical continuity with Catholic Christianity.

It has been noted that Anglo-Catholicism attracts Homosexuals.

Community of the Resurrection in Mirfield

Child sexual abuse took place at the Mirfield Junior Seminary, which was run by an Italian sect the Verona Fathers, now known as the Comboni Missionaries.

Mirfield 1964. 

Father John Pinkman, above, was accused of abusing numerous boys at Mirfield Junior Seminary in Yorkshire which was run by the Verona Fathers.

Sexual abuse at a Catholic order

The Mirfield Junior Seminary "has no connection to Mirfield's Community of the Resurrection religious order."

Mirfield Junior Seminary

"Mary Moss listed the people associated with the Elm Guest House boy brothel in London.

"One of the people named, Ted Howarth, was from Mirfield, in West Yorkshire."

Jimmy Savile and friends  operated in the area around Mirfield (Leeds and Yorkshire).

Tommy Mair (Jo Cox Murder) attended the Pathways Day Centre in Mirfield.

Holton Park Girls

Theresa May attended St Juliana's Roman Catholic Convent School for Girls in Oxfordshire.

She later gained a place at Holton Park Girls' grammar school.

Theresa May and parents.

Theresa May was born Theresa Mary Brasier on 1 October 1956 in Eastbourne, in Sussex.

Theresa May's parents married on 16 June 1955.

Theresa May's father, Hubert Brasier, was then aged 37.

Hubert was an Anglican vicar, his address being the Chaplain's House, All Saints Hospital, Eastbourne.

"Back in the 1950's, I remember ... Dr Bodkin ADAMS, whom my late mother knew from All Saints hospital, who was a mass killer of patients..."

Theresa May likes Walk Like a Man

Aleister Crowley, the occultist, attended Eastbourne College and later edited a chess column for the Eastbourne Gazette.[161]


The pianist Russ Conway was a resident of Eastbourne for many years[152]

Gordon Rideout

Canon Gordon Rideout was the vicar of All Saints Church in Eastbourne for 25 years.

Clergyman Canon Gordon Rideout was chaplain at Moira House School, Eastbourne, until 2003, and chairman of governors at Bishop Bell C of E School in Eastbourne until November 2011.

Clergyman Canon Gordon Rideout was a serial sex offender who preyed on young children across the south of England.

In 2013, Rideout, 74, was jailed for 10 years at Lewes Crown Court after being convicted of two attempted rapes and 34 indecent assaults on 16 boys and girls

In the 1970s Canon Gordon Rideout was taken to a military court on child sex-abuse charges.

At that time Rideout was chaplain on a military base.


In 2013, Rev Robert Coles, of Eastbourne, was jailed for eight years for sex offences against young boys.

Rev Roy Cotton, who abused at least ten boys from Eastbourne, had a conviction for assaulting a choirboy when he was ordained in 1966.

Dr John Bodkin Adams

Dr John Bodkin Adams lived in Eastbourne.

Dr Adams was reportedly part of a large ring of top gay men.

Dr. Adams, 'probably the richest doctor in England' had as his patients Lord Burghley, Admiral Robert Prendergast, the 10th Duke of Devonshire, and Eastbourne's Chief Constable Richard Walker.

In the spring of 1956, Lady Dorothy Macmillan's brother, the Duke of Devonshire 'dropped dead' in front of his doctor, Dr. John Bodkin Adams .

Dr Adams was arrested in connection with the deaths of a number of his patients.

Former Attorney General Hartley Shawcross. His first wife, Alberta Shyvers, took her own life in 1943. sussexexpress.

During the Adams committal hearing in January 1957, Hartley Shawcross was seen dining with Adams's suspected lover, Sir Roland Gwynne (Mayor of Eastbourne from 1929 to 1931), and the Lord Chief Justice, Rayner Goddard, at a hotel in Lewes, near Eastbourne.

There is suspicion of a cover-up.

Dr Adams was aquitted.

Lady Dorothy Macmillan, wife of former UK prime minister Harold Macmillan. Lady Dorothy was the daughter of the 9th Duke of Devonshire

Reportedly, Harold Macmillan, the UK's Conservative Party Prime Minister from 1957-1963, was expelled from the top private school called Eton for 'homosexual perversion'.

Harold macmillan was tutored for Oxford by Ronald Knox.

Macmillan fell in love with Ronald knox.

Macmillan (right)

Macmillan "under pressure" married Dorothy.

Dorothy had many affairs, including one with the bisexual Lord Boothby.

UK Government asset Lord Goodman , a powerful British Jew, protected people like Tom Driberg MP, Sir Anthony Blunt and Lord Boothby "who were regularly seen at parties with rent boys and arrested at public toilets."

Eliza Manningham-Buller, former head of the UK security service MI5

John Bodkin Adams was 'a member of the homosexual underground' and close to Sir Anthony Blunt and Lord Goodman.

The police acquired a memorandum belonging to a Daily Mail journalist, concerning stories of homosexuality between "a police officer, a magistrate, and a doctor".

The doctor was said to be Adams.

The 'magistrate' was Sir Roland Gwynne, Mayor of Eastbourne from 1929 to 1931 and brother of Rupert Gwynne, MP for Eastbourne from 1910 to 1924.

The 'police officer' was the Deputy Chief Constable of Eastbourne, Alexander Seekings.

160 of Bodkin Adams's patients had died mysteriously, 132 of them writing the doctor into their wills.

Harold Macmillan

"Harold Macmillan, and the then Attorney General, Reginald Manningham-Buller, were both related to one of Dr Adams' likely victims....

"A homosexual relationship existed between Adams and a powerful local politician, who had protected him for over thirty years."

Reginald Manningham-Buller's daughter Eliza Manningham-Buller was active in MI5 from 1974-2007, and became boss of MI5 in 2002.

She was active at the time of the Lockerbie bombing.

Theresa May with her parents.

Theresa May is the UK's Prime Minister.

Tory leadership contest: Theresa May.

How spooky is Theresa?

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At 12 March 2017 at 04:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 14 March 2017 at 11:28 , Blogger Samurai Jack said...

At 14 March 2017 at 14:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Umm, Aangirfan,

Uri Geller controls everything?

Reportedly this. Reportedly that.

"Uri Geller has admitted to working with the CIA, MI5 and Mossad."

Uri Geller also claimed to have powers given to him by extraterrestrials. My implication being maybe he's not the most reliable source of well-evidenced information. Nonetheless he did work with the DARPA Stargate program at SRI. Unfortunately the experiments were technically defective because of bias of the investigators.

"In fact, he discovered all the things you have to do to discover something about rats. But not paying attention to experiments like that is a characteristic of cargo cult science."

Uri Geller is, or more was, a self-promoting magician whose income stream depended on continuing self-promotion. In a way he presaged today's monetized attention-seeking, living off likes and clicks.

His PR wars with fellow magician The Amazing Randi made for particularly hilarious human drama.

What Uri Geller was selling was the idea of phenomena beyond familiar experience, beyond simple physical materialism. Selling it through means of trickery and dissimulation, which is a pity.

Randi conversely was selling the idea of the supremacy of physical materialism. Or the absence of phenomena beyond the mundane, the obvious and the physical, which again is a pity.

Two termites fighting on a leaf failing to see the tree let alone the forest.

Intriguingly, there are investigations into phenomena beyond physical materialism. For example, the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton, which is an exercise in quantitative ontometaphysics.

That is, testing if your world is real.

"Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible.
Instead only try to realize the truth."
  "What truth?"
"There is no spoon"
  "There is no spoon?"
"Then you'll see that is it not the spoon that bends; it is only yourself."

As for the other evils you allude to here, ask yourself this:

What sort of lesson would a person need to learn to ensure they remember for aeons, for eternity, for ever, how to behave in a pleasant and kind manner?

I'll tell you what sort. They will plead for annihilation. They will learn the meaning of

At 16 March 2017 at 06:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hee hee hee!! Only just seen this!
Funnily enuf i was talkin bout Uri last night!

So we've both bin thinking of Uri past cpl days!
Dya think his ears are burnin? Or is that just wishful thinking on by behalf??

Wonder if we both concentrate REAL HARD we could make them fall off?
Now that would be onehellava party trick. Better than bending a poxy teaspoon anyday!!

Will be bloggin a cpl of bits bout our pal Uri later.

As always fab work. Many thanks C xx

At 13 January 2020 at 11:47 , Blogger meri said...

Uri and J. Epstein share a chin....any dots to connect here?


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