Thursday, 30 March 2017

Dr Robert Duncan - CIA black projects


"Apparently Robert Duncan never went to Harvard at all, even though this is the very first thing he claims in his book, The Matrix Deciphered."

Dissecting the Claims of Robert Duncan.

A Comparison of Robert Duncan to Other Known Disinfo Artists in the Past




  2. Please listen to Karen Hides. Sometimes you link known disinformation agents like Veterans Today & Global Research.

    Your research and analysis is good and I value it.

  3. I have never heard Bill Cooper ever stated he believed in Extra Terrestrial and has spoken against it He has mentioned aliens but that is not the same as ET's. This may be based on the many elongated & enlarged skulls found all over the planet and found in tomes.

    Whether these are still alive is open for debate but considering many people are ignorant of the presence of such skulls from our history and currently being removed from museums; this could indicate they do. The mathematical word we live in and the secret societies love of geometry, symbols, rituals etc also could support this theory.


  4. Their is A LIE N ALIEN.