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  1. Why has Nosey Parker of MI5 allowed this TREASON to persist on his watch ?

    David Hearst & Peter Oborne discuss the Israel Lobby scandal

    Markus Wolf’s STASI was an Orwellian, police-state using disturbing methods and murky operations. ( see Melanie Shaw / Robert Green )

    Now being replicated in the UK by CFI's darling puppet Wicked Auntie Theresa.

    The STASI that Markus Wolf created and led plunged Germany into state-sanctioned violence, tyranny, oppression, denial of civil rights/liberties of its citizenry, and otherwise spied on and surveillanced the entire East German population at the behest of their Oligarchs/Plutocrats, who insecurely clung to their own power in the face of ever growing populist awareness and revolt by the purposefully deprived masses.

    Indeed, this man Markus Wolf was by self-admission a sexual deviant and bully, similar to his mentor and protégé Lavrenty Beria, Secret Police Chief of former U.S.S.R. Prime Minister Jozef Stalin, who often kidnapped, raped, and murdered girls as young as 12 years old, leaving them dead by the roadside, often incorporating both personality foibles in his grip of control over each and every aspect of his captive East German population, as well as on foreigners who dared to get involved with his daily trampling on the human rights of the people who he was ordered to corral and control on behalf of his Oligarch/Plutocrat paymasters within the big banks, corporations, royal families, and other well-heeled but insecure financial sponsors within East Germany.





  6. ulf's legacy

  7. birds of a feather....

  8. Perhaps we should all reconsider Trump a bit

    Donald Trump just said he would have health insurance for all Americans, for the first time in US history

    Obama did not do that ... Obama left tens of millions uninsured, whilst doubling & tripling costs for middle-class families, some of them paying over US $1000 monthly, for insurance that does not cover the first $6000 in annual expenses

    With everyone in insurance, deductibles and premiums can be much lower, as Trump says he will do

    Trump says he will use the power of the US government to lower USA medication costs & extortionate pharma drug pricing ... and pharma company stocks are sinking because people feel this is real

    If Trump brings medical insurance to all US citizens, that is a great historic achievement, as with the founders of NHS in Britain, or Socialist Tommy Douglas who brought national health care to Canada, or Fidel Castro in Cuba

    Trump has also taken steps to military costs, save many billions ... Trump has slammed the NATO terrorist organisation

    However fascist, however Deep State, however Kosher Mafia connected

    It seems Trump may be on point for the reformist faction within those cabals

    Fascists etc do some good things of course ... early 30s Hitler prohibiting vivisection of animals etc

    1. GOOGLE : "Donald Trump promises 'insurance for everybody.' We've seen this con before."

      "There's nothing in his health overhaul that prevents people from dying in the streets; there's no guaranteed access to insurance at all. Trumpcare, like other Republican replacement plans, has plenty of cracks to slip through."


  9. Netanyahu’s former driver gets 27 years for raping minors
    Ilan Shmuel, who worked for the PM until 2014, was convicted in September of a variety of sexual offenses against 6 girls
    By Times of Israel staff January 15, 2017, 1:29 pm


    Police first began an investigation into Shmuel in 2012 after a woman, now an adult, claimed he had sexually assaulted her from when she was 9 until she was 16. Investigators then identified nine more women and young girls whom they suspected were victims of Shmuel, the daily Yedioth Ahronoth reported in 2014.

    All of the attacks were allegedly carried out when the victims were young and occurred between 1988 and 2009, according to Hebrew media reports.

    During the years of the investigation Shmuel continued to work as a driver at the Prime Minister’s Office, including behind the wheel of Netanyahu’s limousine.

    Machiavelli wrote,

    “The choice of servants is very important to a prince… the first opinion which one forms of a prince, and of his wisdom, is by observing the men he has around him. If they are capable and loyal he will be considered wise, because he knows how to recognize their ability and to keep them faithful. But when they are lacking in those qualities, one forms a bad opinion of the prince, for his first error was in choosing them.”

    Therefore it makes sense to surround yourself with smart, capable and wise people.

  10. Al-Jazeera Begins to Drop Its Mask

    Jim Condit Jr.


    Researcher and writer Carol Valentine was the first to my knowledge to alert truth-seekers everywhere that Al-Jazeera was in fact a Jewish front. The article she wrote about this is called, “Jewish Supremacists Hype Al-Jazeera”, and can be found here:

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