Monday, 9 January 2017

Inside The World Of The Global Super-Rich



  1. Donald Trump is rich, he once said "he was in a fight everyday of his life". So one of benefits of being rich is being in a fight everyday.

  2. Money does not buy happiness:

    A thoughful and insightful reflection essay on George Michael following his very very sad death:

    "...Michael’s death proves again that, aside from HIV, there is another scourge sweeping over gay men — the silent one. We have a drug problem, and have had one for a long time."

  3. The university professor in Switzerland seems very concerned about Mr Kamprad (IKEA) living in our country and paying very few taxes. Understand, Switzerland is not at all the only country offering lucrative tax deals to foreigners. Many Russians living in London are certainly also profiting from attractive tax breaks.
    Why didn’t the marxist? Swiss professor bring up the cases of the notorious gentlemen Kolomoisky and Khodorkovsky, who both lived some time in our country. Was he possibly scared that he would find out about the real reasons behind the widening gap between super-rich and poor???

  4. Goerge Michael a rich man - worth 100 million+ who gave generously to charity is just one reason he was so loved the world over - every heart loves a kind heart - kindness is the greatest gift in the world, and how rarely it is seen but George Michael leaves that legacy behind:

  5. "It's so sad to hear that we have another death in our musical family, this time my Cypriot brother and compatriot, George Michael. No one was quite as close in terms of background, having been brought up son of a cafe owner from Muswell Hill, we both shared that exclusively unique Greek cultural experience. As well as that, we both tasted fame and glory on our own terms, though in slightly different eras and musical genres. We will miss him and pray God will have mercy on him and grant his family space and peace at this difficult time."

    Yusuf / Cat Stevens

  6. A little confusing what the death of George Michael has to do with the super rich not sharing their wealth. For that matter every celebrity around has a cause no matter how little known. I myself was impressed with the actor Ryan Phillipe working on behalf of veteran's welfare. (Elizabeth Dole Foundation).