Thursday 8 December 2016


Tampered seal on voting machine - Wisconsin. 

"One observer reports that five of the nine voting machines in her county in Wisconsin had tampered seals - and she posted visual evidence to prove it. 

"It's possible that these seals could have been broken by a hacker who was reprogramming them to produce rigged or false vote totals" 

The Guardian reports that Michigan's count by county is already experiencing problems and discrepancies with broken polling machines and numbers that don't match ballot numbers.

One-third of the precincts in Wayne County, Michigan, are said to be affected, and 'more than one-half' of Detroit’s precincts are in question.

These are precints where the Democrats would expect to win.

"If those discrepancies cannot be resolved, that means those precincts would be disqualified from the recount."

"Out of the 1,680 precincts in Wayne County, officials found that 610 precincts were not able to match the number of votes cast, with the number of ballots issued on election day.

"Detroit, Michigan, a largely Democratic area of the state, is home to 662 precincts in Wayne County."

Half of Detroit votes may be ineligible for recount / Jill Stein's Pennsylvania recount: Judge denies request to forensically examine Philly voting machines / US election: Broken machines throw Michigan recount into chaos


"A federal judge, Judge Mark Goldsmith, has dissolved his earlier decision and halted the hand recount of 4.8 million ballots that were cast in Michigan."

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At 8 December 2016 at 14:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is why I didn't vote. The system is completely rigged and unless we get paper ballots this what is going to happen. Hacked elections. We need a foolproof, unhackable system


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