Sunday 1 January 2017


Recently, the President of Latvia said that Latvia no longer has an economy of its own.

He said that Latvia is solely dependent for its economic survival on EU grants and subsidies. 

The top people in Washington (the Kosher Nostra and its friends) want to dominate the world.

That means the US military and US corporations (Goldman Sachs, Exxon Mobil etc) dominating the world.

That can mean the destabilisation of countries that can be seen as rivals to the USA.

That can mean the financing of 'populist' movements.


Have you noticed that lots of Arabs have been leaving Tunisia and heading to Europe?

That was because the USA and its friends destabilised Tunisia and its neighbours.


Istanbul nightclub attack: Gunman 'dressed as Santa' kills 39. The destabilisation of Moslem countries countries continues?

Have you noticed "the millions of economic migrants fleeing Poland, Slovakia, Latvia, Romania, and other countries for Western Europe in order to perform menial jobs."

Central Europe From Yalta To Trump - SouthFront

A number of European countries "have seen their national industries sold to foreign conglomerates which engaged in asset-stripping on a massive scale." 

Central Europe From Yalta To Trump - SouthFront

The media in Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria, have referred to these countries' dependence on EU monies.

Central Europe From Yalta To Trump - SouthFront

It is not just countries that suffer when big corporations become too powerful.

In France, in the small villages around Toucy, there are problems of neglect.

"There are no jobs, but you can't start your own business because there’s little investment in public transport and communications like mobile phone and internet networks. It's a second-class zone."

Rural France.

Allegedly, Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, and certain other right-wing, Zionist, Western leaders do not want to continue handing out money to countries and regions that are struggling.

Central Europe From Yalta To Trump - SouthFront

Playing with fear

Are the right wing populists winning?

Are they being helped by the Kosher Nostra?

In the recent Austrian election, the far-right nationalist Hofer was defeated.

In the US election, Trump only won thanks to vote rigging.

Clinton got 65,844,954 votes. Trump got 62,979,879 votes.


A December 2016 poll in France shows that Francois Fillon is ahead of the populist Mari Le Pen.

"Fillon would defeat Ms Le Pen 67 per cent to 33 per cent in the second round of voting."

French election 2017.

The latest poll in Germany, taken after the truck attack, shows the populist AfD getting only 13% support.

Berlin attack.

In Holland, the party of the populist Geert Wilders has the support of between 20% and 25% of the electorate.

Geert Wilders' PVV - latest poll of polls.
The populists appear to be creatures of Mossad and its friends?

'Mossad agent' Roger Auque and his daughter Marion Maréchal Le Pen

Marion Maréchal Le Pen is a Front National (FN) member of the French parliament.

She is a granddaughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, and a niece of Marine Le Pen.

Marion's birth father is Roger Auque, a spy and journalist who died in September 2014.[9]

Roger Auque was an agent of Mossad.

Roger Auque wrote In The Secret Service, in which he revealed that he had been a spy for Israel.

Révélations: Le père de Marion Maréchal-Le Pen . / The Israeli agent.

Roger Auque said: "The Israeli intelligence services paid me to complete certain missions, such as secret missions in Syria under the cover of a reporter."

The Israeli agent.

Marine Le Pen once said: "In matters of ballot stuffing, we could not do better than France." 

Marine Le Pen has blamed the false flag attacks in France on the enemies of Israel.

There is a belief that politicians such as Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen are pawns of Israel, and their job is to divert attention away from the fact that Israel is the bad guy.

Le Pen makes friends with the Jewish media.

Some of Marine Le Pen's European colleagues have formed alliances with, and visited, some Israeli settlers and groups.

Marine Le Pen says that her National Front party "has always been Zionistic and always defended Israel's right to exist".

International politics

Le Pen makes friends with Ron Proser, Israel's Permanent Representative to the UN

Marine Le Pen is not a 'conspiracy theorist'.

In a statement about the death of Osama bin Laden, she welcomed his "salutary elimination" and claimed that his execution was "a right and appropriate answer to the death of the victims in the 2011 Marrakech bombing".[242]

Quite rightly, Marine le Pen is opposed to the Nazi Islamists.

She has compared Muslims praying in the streets, outside overflowing mosques, to the occupation of France by the German Nazis. 

To be fair, Marine le Pen is better than Francois Hollande, who wanted to invade Syria, and Nicolas Sarkozy, who was reportedly financed by Gaddafi.

Pierrette, Yann, Marine, Jean-Marie et Marie-Caroline Le Pen.

Quite rightly, Marine le Pen is a bit of a Socialist.

Marine Le Pen is to the Left of the governing French socialist party in so far as she wants the state to run energy companies, financial services, the post office, hospitals, schools and transport.

The mother of Marine Le Pen was a Playboy bunny!

Marine Le Pen is a fan of Putin and Russia.

She wants to set up a 'privileged partnership' with Russia

She claims that a French-Russian partnership is necessitated by "obvious civilization and geostrategic factors" as well as France's "energy security interests". 

Le Pen supporters.

Quite rightly, Marine le Pen is opposed to:

Unlimited Free Trade, Globalisation, Corrupt bankers, The European Union, NATO, Support for US imperialism, The demonisation of Russia, Nuclear power, and large scale immigration.

Of course, Le Pen, if elected, might appoint a cabinet made up of people from Goldman Sachs and Exxon Mobil.

Marine's father, Jean-Marie, is a former paratrooper whose political supporters, unfortunately, included fans of Hitler.

Jean-Marie has described his daughter as an 'ideal physical specimen for this part of France'.

The Le Pen family are rich.

The main family home in Paris is a £5 million mansion on a private estate.


Le Pen and the 'Jewish Indonesian' Geert Wilders

Marine le Pen says that unlike the Netherlands' Geert Wilders, she is "not waging war against Islam".

She "is fighting the Islamisation of French society".

Geert Wilders, Dutch politician.

The Dutch populist Geert Wilder has 'Jewish-Indonesian' origins.

His mother was born in Sukabumi.

(Geert Wilders is one of us, say Indies immigrants.)

Geert Wilders is possibly a CIA-Mossad asset.

Wilders' Party for Freedom has been the second largest Dutch party in the European parliament.

Wilders is a strong supporter of Israel and has criticised countries he sees as enemies of Israel.[13]

Wilders supports implementing Israel's administrative detention in the Netherlands, a practice heavily criticized by human rights groups.[26]

Wilders believes that he has Jewish ancestry.[6]

The Dutch newspaper Telegraaf reported in May 2007 that Geert Wilders had been accompanied by the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service for years.

During that time, Wilders had been regularly meeting officials at the Israeli Embassy in The Hague.[12]

'I don't hate Muslims. I hate Islam,' says Holland's rising star, Geert Wilders.

Geert Wilders lived on a Kibutz in Israel.

According to Dr.M's Analysis, 25 September 2009, Geert Wilders is a Zionist Jew

From Dr.M's Analysis we learn:

In an article in the left-wing weekly De Groene Amsterdammer anthropologist Lizzy Van Leeuwen asks: "Is it possible that the post-colonial and family history have made Wilders what he and his politics are today?"

The 6-page article reveals that Wilders' grandmother, Johanna Ording-Meijer, was from a Jewish-Indonesian family and that 'Wilders lied about this in his 2008 biography'.

Wilders' grandfather on his mother's side, Johan Ording, was a regional financial administrator in the Dutch colony of Indonesia (then called the Dutch East Indies).


Indonesia was a Dutch colony until 1949.

Many mixed-race Indonesians moved to the Netherlands after Indonesian independence.

Van Leeuwen describes how these people were seen as similar to immigrants from Turkey and Morocco.

Van Leeuwen explains how this group of mixed race Indonesians has long been part of extreme-right movements (many supported the Dutch Nazi party NSB in Indonesia in the 1930s) while others belonged to the far-right of the right-wing liberal party VVD.


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At 1 January 2017 at 00:27 , Blogger Yunus Emre said...

It's become increasingly obvious what -and whom- the alt-right represents. Populists like Trump barely need hide their numerous sins, nor even campaign much anymore, so well oiled is the machinery which runs at the behest of the chosen ones.

For ease, I'll just extract from an already published comment my view of the latest Turkish De-Fright:

For those not so easily - or purposefully, as the case may be - deceived, the mask of false flag terror wears a distinctly six starred face, with the sly grin of an Islamic crescent moon superimposed. As one putatively "Islamic" country after the other slips under control of the orignal TERROR STATE(tm), job of blending custom forms of Israeli-directed 'mUSlim terrorists" gets easier and easier. Take a country under the superificial control of a bunch of bespoke-suited Jihadis with a grudge against every other form of religion but their own inbred sect of gazis... which bans Christmas celebrations on it's own turf while grieving loudly to the world about "islamaphobia," and seeks to instill in it's own citizens a hate of all minority groups there who dare "pray a little different"... of the book or no...

and join them up with the operatives of a pirate state with a mission to apartheidize and then exile the same folks they've already expropriated the homes and land of, fusing sionist racial hegemonism with neo-Ottoman entho-religious supremacism, and BINGO... IT'S BABYLON on the BOSPHORUS.

Let's get real here for a minuted jokers:

You send a squad of agents dressed in Santa suits into a mission of mayhem amongst an already jittery and over-agitpropped Turkey, and you will SUCCEED in manipulating your public into further paranoia and hatred against "the West." And who just happens to have their interests served by whipping up the flames of sectarian hate against Christianity? In another "remarkable coincidence"(tm), it just happens to be the same bunch who profit from whipping up flames of sectarian hate against the Muzzies(not to mention from dividing the NATO states preparatory to taking over the rump organization minus a bogus "isolationist" USA run by a satrap of the moneypower!)"

Congrats on another fine year of mixing it up with the moneypower!

At 7 January 2017 at 14:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Zionists are clearly waging a cultural war on Islam in general --- with a longterm objective.

They are doing their very best to incite hatred against Muslims in the West; through the massive influx of war refugees into the EU (weaponized migration); by sowing division among the Ummah; by defaming the religion through false flag terrorism; by misleading its supposed adherents through evils such as ISIS, the "Muslims" who attack only Muslims.

Trump, Wilders, Le Pen are clearly and obediently singing from the same sheet --- given to them by their now-not-so-hidden puppet masters. (Trump was the lesser evil compared to banker-marionette Hillary Hell's-Kitchen, but how much "lesser" remains to be seen.)

And the people of the West slavishly follow the programming and support their duly appointed political puppets and their venomous bigotries.

And the Zionists particularly incite hatred against the Palestinian people.

The Palestinians have been vilified, treated with contempt and hatred by a people with a supremacist mindset, had their property stolen, been murdered, been the objects of hateful dehumanizing propaganda, blamed for crimes committed by others.

They're funny, people:

Every Israeli I've ever met has on a personal level been pleasant, believe it or not. Just ordinary people like anyone.

But for some Israelis, it's as if they are completely devoid of all sense of historical irony. It's really quite remarkable.

Other Israelis wish to live in peace with their neighbours. And to their credit, like angels gliding through hell, choose to see what is beautiful in this world, the garden of good and evil.

"On behalf of the workers, sir, I, I wish for you a happy birthday."
  "Happy birthday!"

And choose to see others, no matter who, as they see themselves, as worthwhile, as valuable, as a world unto themselves, yes, as a being created in the image of God.

"a one-armed Jew"

At 8 January 2017 at 15:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

O'Leary, Bill       B-
Park, Clive       C

Barely finished typing the previous posting and there's yet another terrorist attack, this time in Jerusalem in Armon Hanatziv.

How original, yet another truck attack.
Yet another false flag?
Another of the gullible fuel-for-the-fire fans of ISIS?

By now the Israeli people are fully aware of their government's support for ISIS; IDF coordination, support and logistics inside Syria; patching up the ISIS butchers in hospitals in the Golan Heights. Yeah, because the IDF is just so nice, like fluffy teddy bears:

White phosphorus on schools in Gaza, but loving care for ISIS murderers.

And of course it's purely coincidental that Bibi has had a massive drop in support recently in Israel; now at 29%. Oh, and he's under criminal investigation for corruption.

Quick! Look over there! Can you see it? Why yes, it's an improbably timely distraction.

Even Israel is tiring of Bibi's shenanigans. He and his foreign supporters have brought untold disrepute to the nation of Israel and to the Jewish people and religion. Maybe Tzipi could do a better job.

If anyone was injured, may you recover, and if anyone died, may your good deeds exceed your other deeds.

As for the guilty, you seem to live under the misapprehension that in this world your tiniest action is not logged and observed.


Your deeds are weighed, measured and judged.

Just incidentally, you'll never guess whose (supposed) place of rest is a stone's throw away in Armon Hanatziv.


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