Thursday 1 December 2016

FROM 9 11 TO 11 9.

David Israel has explained the 2016 US Presidential election.

From 9/11 to 11/9 - Trump's victory is how Western Civilization regrouped - David Israel - Jewish Press

David Israel points out:

1. In 1900, things may have seemed peaceful.

But by 1914 there was a World War.

In 2000, things may have looked peaceful.

But people should not have had 'romantic delusions'.

On 9 11, there was the attack on the Twin Towers.

People had 'to retool for crueller, bloodier times'.

2. On 9 11, 2001, there was 'the unprovoked onslaught of blood thirsty Muslims on one of the cultural jewels of Western society.'

Only on 11 9, 2016, with the election of Donald Trump, 'did the West finally get the message, realizing there were dangerous beasts out there that needed to be put down'.

The Trump supporters, 'seeing that the traditional political leadership was not prepared to carry out the mission, picked a leader'.

In the above analysis, David Israel is giving the game away.

The Zionists put Trump into power.

We point out the following:

1. In 1914, an international cabal manipulated public opinion in order to start a war.

One of the aims of the cabal was the break up of the Turkish empire and the removal of Palestine from that empire.

2. 9 11 was planned by some of the people who are now supporting Trump.

3. 11 9 allows TRUMP'S RICH AND INTELLIGENT SUPPORTERS to promote Israel and its wars.

Some very powerful people are supporting Trump, including:

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At 9 November 2016 at 14:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done girls on being one of the only alt news sources pointing out Trump's obvious Lukidnik leanings and Kosher Nostra backers. It will be interesting to see how all those wacko pro-Trump conspiracy websites regroup now that 'their man' has won the crown. I reckon there's more than a few of them that have damaged their credibility beyond redemption. Are they now going to sing the praises of Drumpf for the next 4 years? If so, they won't be earning too much revenue.
Speaking of whack-jobs, ultra Trump shill Jim Stone is claiming credit for the shock victory. Yep, it seems that Jim Stone alone swung the election in Trump's favour thanks to his unwavering support and profound insights and revelations. If you don't believe me, ask Jim himself:
(This from his website shortly after the result)
"I'll say it like it is: The election was so close that this web site was needed to tip the balance. HOWEVER, If it was not for Infowars and many others, there is NO WAY this web site would have pulled it out of the gutter."
So there you have it. Thanks Jim. You're my hero.
- Chris B

At 9 November 2016 at 17:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

From 9.11 to 11.9

Indeed you're not the first entity to recognize this bit of synchronicity. Some are branding it 'the rebuilding'. All I see it as is the next step in the WhiteHat/BlackHat hegelian dialectic toward a one world financial/religious center.

It's ironic to say the least not one full day of the general electoral popular 'victory' for trump and the dailymail rolls out these two important tidbits:

'President Trump will wage LESS war than Clinton': Michael Burleigh's guide to the new world order (and it's not quite as frightening as you think)

Trump invites Netanyahu to the US at 'the first possible opportunity' just hours after the Israeli PM called the president-elect a 'true friend

Also, it seems almost laughable if it wasn't so grotesquely frightening that people think just because Hitlery was beaten at the polls that we haven't seen the last of her and her ilk. I'm sure they're all having a laugh knowing that the party is just getting started.


At 10 November 2016 at 00:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not as if there were any choices once Hillary and Donald became the 2 party electorates, but I'll remember... in fact I'll never ever forget... any cocksucker who promoted trump at any point in this freakshow.
I'm honest. We're fucked no matter. Hillary is a psychotic despot who would sell her soul to me if I could afford it.

But Trump is a special piece of work. The lineage to dope dealing and running whores and the bridge between old world Italian Mafia and new world Russian/JEWISH mafia....

Trump be da man.

So fucking happy am I to have American teenagers in this fucked world.

I so wish I could come up with the proper paperwork to gain dual citizenship with my Irish roots; unfortunately my immigrant grandparents were, in effect, nuked before they could make names for themselves. My mom as a young child was cast off to 'cousins' and their families.

If I could provide the evidence that proves reality, I'd submit it today and I'd be free of this freakshow as soon as the Irish Republic accepted my credentials.

Alas. I and my offspring are fucked.


At 10 November 2016 at 16:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lol. That guy sure does suffer from narcissism quite often, must be from being holed up alone so long fending off the electromagnetic poppers on the cell towers and surveillance down the street.

The list for alt news Drumpf supporters is quite extensive, three of the 'big boys' to name a few are Jones, Rense, and Able Danger.

And true to form Aangirfan was one of the very few who dug out the truth right from the beginning and stuck with it.

God bless and God speed Aang & Co.


At 14 November 2016 at 23:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look into the Croydon 9/11 Tram "Crash"


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