Thursday 1 December 2016


A disabled boy was booed at a Trump rally.

The boy's mother said that Trump supporters started pushing her son's wheelchair and telling others to 'grab her pussy.'

Trump supporters are not much different from the supporters of Adolf Hitler?


"How did Donald Trump go from a history of corporate bankruptcies that made others pay the cost of his business failures, and from a record of racial discrimination, exploiting illegal labour, and predatory behaviour towards women, to being a viable candidate for the presidency of the US?

"Trump ascended through the media...

"During the presidential primaries, for instance, he received an estimated $2bn in free exposure from corporate media..."

swiftboated by Trump and his acolytes.

When people feel that their country is in trouble, the more foolish individuals tend to support the 'dictator'.

In 1917, the Russian people were suffering from economic fatigue.

In 1917, Alexander Kerensky, the head of Russia's government, made the mistake of carrying on with the war.

Lenin was then able to take over Russia.

(Melania Trump's family are said to have been communists)


In 1929, the German people were suffering due to the Great Depression.

In 1933, Adolf Hitler became chancellor.


In 1949, China was deeply divided.

Some people hoped that Mao would be their saviour.

In 1949, Mao came to power.


In 2003, Erdogan became prime minister of Turkey.

When Erdogan was coming to power in Turkey, he revealed that the nationalist generals had carried out false flag terror operations.

Erdogan appeared to be a truth teller.

However, Erdogan has now become an unpleasant dictator.

In 2016, we have Donald Trump.

There are more people like him to come.


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