Saturday 1 October 2016


Pamela Geller

I am having lunch with Pamela Geller, a supporter of Donald Trump.

Pamela Geller headlined the Gays for Trump event .

Pamela Geller writes The Geller Report .

Geller is not keen on Moslems, but loves Israel.

Pamela Geller was cited 12 times, and praised, in Anders Breivik's manifesto.

Reportedly there was a 'Moslem' plot to behead Pamela Geller.

Nicholas Rovinski was charged in connection with the plot.

It turns out that Rovinski is a Roman Catholic.

Pamela Geller and I meet at the Kosher Cut.

We both order Yellowtail Carpaccio and Steak au Poivre.

I ask Geller about Trump.

"When Donald Trump is asked about Moslems," says Geller, "He reminds us about the Moslem role on 9 11.

"Donald Trump has called for a total and complete shutdown of Moslems entering the United States."

Pamela Geller in Israel, circa 1970s.

I refer to an FBI report that there were more Jewish acts of terrorism within the United States than Islamic.

And I refer to the reports that the FBI organises most of the 'Islamic' terrorism.

And I refer to the Pentagon's support of extremist 'Moslem' groups in such places as Afghanistan and Syria.

Non-Muslims Carried Out More than 90% of All Terrorist Attacks in the USA.

“Psychic” Uri Geller: Donald Trump Will Win the Election. Uri Geller with his father.

Pamela Geller takes a mouthful of Yellowtail Carpaccio, which is served with jalapeno and black caviar.

Pamela Geller then replies by saying that there are always two sides to any argument.

"In 1929, Jews were massacred in Palestine.

"133 Jews were killed," says Geller.

"And 110 Arabs were killed at the same time," I reply.

Our Steak au Poivre arrives.

I ask Pamela Geller about Anders Breivik.

"Brevik's manifesto says what Trump supporters are saying," explains Geller.

"Breivik supports Zionism and conservatism."

Syrians, before the CIA started the war.

Magnus Ranstorp, a terrorism expert at the Swedish National Defense College, said that the Breivik Manifesto was a 'cut and paste' job similar to what al-Qaeda has produced.

Anders Behring Breivik's Manifesto

Does Pamela Geller think that Breivik wrote the Breivik Manifesto?

"Of course. I am not one of these people who thinks that Breivik has a body-double and that Israel goes in for terrorism," says Geller.

Afghanistan 1972.

Does Geller regret that the USA turned Afghanistan from being a relatively moderate country into being a country of extremists?

"It has been argued," says Geller, "that the USA has promoted the mad Islamists in Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Libya, and elsewhere. But I don't believe that the USA supports al Qaeda or ISIS."

The boss of ISIS meets with John McCain.

Why does Geller not like Hillary Clinton, even though she supported the toppling of Gadaffi?

"Trump was more strongly in favour of intervention in Libya than Clinton," explains Geller. 


"And, Clinton, unlike Trump, supports the Iran Deal," continues Geller.

I point out to Geller that a minority of Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Moslems and Jews can be described as being terrorists.

I refer to Baruch Goldstein an Israeli who shot and killed 29 Muslim worshipers; extremist settler Jewish Israelis killing Moslems; the Deir Yassin massacre in which Israelis murdered hundreds of Moslems including women and children; the bombing of the King David Hotel by Jews; the 1983 Nellie massacre of nearly 1,800 Moslems in India; and, the murder of around 2,500 people in Moradabad in India in 1980.

David Headley reportedly has a link to Goa and an American in Goa.

Geller replies that we should look at India.

"The typical bad Moslem is David Headley," says Geller. "Headley was the brains behind a lot of Moslem terrorism in India."

"But," I point out, "Headley worked for the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), which has close links to the CIA; Headley claimed he worked for the CIA; Headley attended Valley Forge Military Academy; his father worked for a CIA front company; his mother was allegedly Jewish; the FBI in Chicago found a book in Headley's bag entitled 'To Pray as a Jew'; Headley was into heavy drinking and multiple sexual relationships."

Geller smiles and says: "You'll be telling me next that the CIA did the 1980 Bologna Bombing!"

Time for coffee.


We did not really meet Pamela.


Leaks reveal UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd's involvement in Bahamas offshore firms.

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At 22 September 2016 at 02:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the newz

At 22 September 2016 at 08:54 , Anonymous Greg Bacon said...

Oh the horrors! To be trapped in the shell of the formerly semi-good looking Gellar.

At 23 September 2016 at 23:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dining with that bitch would be like sitting down and breaking bread with satan.



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