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Both Clinton and Trump have to face the fact that one of the USA's main economic problems is robots.

A new study from Oxford University shows that nearly half of the jobs in the USA are at risk of computerisation.

Robots will likely take over 47% of jobs in the USA.

New study shows nearly half of US jobs at risk of computerisation.

The study entitled: 'The Future of Employment' estimates that 47 percent of jobs in the US are 'at risk' of being automated in the next 20 years.

Will a robot take your job?.

"Our findings imply that as technology races ahead, low-skilled workers will move to tasks that are not susceptible to computerisation - i.e., tasks that required creative and social intelligence."

"For workers to win the race, however, they will have to acquire creative and social skills."

The US education system should turn out more entertainers, artists, news reporters, lawyers...

As the US population ages, it does not need lots of immigrants to do the jobs that robots can do.

The government may have to pay a universal basic income to those with no jobs.

Trump seems to have no clear answer to the problem of robots.

Both Clinton and Trump have to face the fact that one of the USA's main economic problems is the neglect of transport and other infrastructure, particularly in the poorer parts of the nation.

Six of the ten richest counties in America are in Virginia and Maryland, clustered around the Washington, D.C., metro area.

Six of the ten poorest counties in America are in Mississippi or Kentucky.

North Carolina will not prosper unless it has brilliant road and rail links to Washington and elsewhere.

Vermont lacks a major international airport.

70% of roads in some states are in poor or mediocre condition.

Poor states such Mississippi and Kentucky need big spending on roads, rail, schools and other infrastructure.

Trump's Republicans are opposed to higher taxes, so how is infrastructure to be improved?

Both Clinton and Trump have to face the fact that one of the USA's main economic problems is inequality.

Warren Buffett says: "I was born in 1930. There's now six times as much real output per capita in the United States than there was, in real terms - six times."

"If you'd told my parents that under these circumstances, there would be millions and millions of people living in poverty, they would have said it was impossible."

Warren Buffett: Poverty In The U.S. 'Makes No Sense'

Trump plans big tax cuts for the rich.

Trump has so far released 3 contradictory tax plans

Military Spending.

Both Clinton and Trump have to face the fact that one of the USA's main economic problems is spending too much money on the military.

Trump has called for a military spending increase.

Oxford Economics has found that if fully implemented, Trump's economic, tax and immigration policies would cost 4 million U.S. jobs, weigh down global growth and U.S. consumer spending, and could spark a trade war with other nations.

Trump's economic plans could cost U.S. loss of 4 million jobs ...

A boor.

David Stevenson writes that "Trump will be an utter disaster for investors...

"After talking to strategists and macro hedge fund types my guesstimate is that a 15 to 20 per cent correction for US and UK stock markets could be on the cards following a Trump victory."

How investors can hedge against a Trump victory

Farage and Trump

How clever is Trump?

"Nigel Farage was overheard telling friends at the party's conference in Bournemouth last week: 'I would say at worst Trump is a boor,' before adding with a grin, 'actually he's a boor at best too!'"



1. Is Free Trade good or bad?

It depends.

Free trade deals help some and hurt others.

2. China?

3. Donald Trump told voters in Indiana that the US could not continue "to allow China to rape our country".

According to former UK cabinet minister John Redwood, Donald Trump is in favour of free trade.

Trump or Clinton? What would they mean for investors?.

4. Trump wants free trade agreements that allow US companies to take over the world.

Trump likes the fact that the United States records trade surpluses with, for example, Hong Kong, Netherlands and Australia.

Trump does not like the fact that the USA has a trade deficit with China.

5. A trade deficit can mean that a nation's wealthy citizens are so wealthy that they can afford to buy whatever good things that other nations have to offer.

Trump can buy whisky from the UK, perfumes from France, gems from India and toys from China.

The United States exports more than any country in the world, except China.

The USA's trade deficit is relatively small by world standards.

6. What about the The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement, and the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement?

These will help certain big US businesses. But, some people will get hurt.

7. Trump says he wants more jobs for Americans.

Many jobs that have been lost "because of decreasing consumer demand in the U.S. and elsewhere, largely as a result of economic downturns like the 2008 crisis.

(The right wing elite have grabbed most of the money)

"That demand loss particularly impacted areas like cars, white goods, machine tools, and lots of other things that U.S. businesses and consumers alike tend to buy at home.

"Americans make 73% of what they buy here at home."

8. "Almost 90% of the decline in U.S. manufacturing jobs between 2000 and 2010 was caused by the introduction of robots and computers."

Almost Everything Trump Says

Is Trump going to ban robots and computers?

9. Donald Trump  promises to force Apple Inc. to manufacture in the United States.

If Apple makes its stuff in the USA, then either it pays wages as low as those in China, or it finds it cannot compete with Samsung and other rivals.

If US firms are going to pay lower wages, that does not help the retail industry.

An Apple video iPod assembled in China sells for roughly $300 in the United States.

Very little of that $300 goes to the Chinese firms.

"The Chinese get only about six bucksworth of value from the item’s assembly and shipment. Meanwhile, the U.S.-based Apple and its affiliates get hundreds of dollars from an iPhone’s final U.S. sale (for things like design, marketing, and even some manufacturing)."

Almost Everything Trump Says

10. Modern manufactured goods, such as Boeing 787s, are usually made from components from different parts of the world.

Boeing's 787, has a fuselage made in Italy, engines made in the United Kingdom, passenger doors made in France, cargo doors made in Sweden, landing gear doors made in Canada and wing tips made in South Korea.

Trump could force Boeing to have all the parts made in the USA.

11. But such a policy of 'Protectionism' has its risks.

In 1930, the Smoot–Hawley Tariff Act raised U.S. tariffs on imported goods to record levels.[2]

Most economists see the Act, and the retaliatory tariffs by America's trading partners, as responsible for reducing American exports and imports by more than half.[4]

So, Trump has to be careful that he does not bring about a Great Depression.

12. Yes, too many jobs have been offshored, but Trump may not realise how complicated matters are.

There are good reasons why Coca Cola has bottling plants all around the world.

The main problem is that "We have socialism for the richcrony capitalism, fascismkleptocracyoligarchy or banana republic style corruption." - Washington's Blog

13. Trump should advocate raising taxes on the rich, cutting military expenditure and investing heavily in infrastructure.

Ivanka Trump

14. The US election will probably be decided on the issue of the economy.

 "The US economy died ... when the financial system was deregulated."

The Us Economy Has Not Recovered and Will Not Recover - Paul Craig Roberts‎

15. Bernie Sanders believes that free trade agreements like NAFTAPermanent Normal Trade Relations with China, and the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement have allowed too many American jobs to move overseas.

Bernie Sanders.

170 top economists have endorsed Bernie Sanders' platform regarding Wall Street, signing a letter stating:

"The Senator is correct that the biggest banks must be broken up and that a new 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act, separating investment from commercial banking, must be enacted."

Economists Say.

Trump inherited a fortune. He would have made more money if he had invested it with businesses other than his own.

"We don't have free market capitalism anymore in the U.S. (and the big banks are largely responsible).
Ivanka Trump

16. "Thomas Piketty, perhaps the most influential economic thinker of the left in the Western world, is impressed by the rise of Sen. Bernie Sanders...

"Piketty ... sees Sanders ....leading the United States toward a possible return to the nation's pioneering 20th century experiments with extremely progressive taxation and social spending...

"Piketty points to the fact that, prior to Reagan, 20th century fiscal policy in the U.S. was aggressive in taxing the wealthy - much more so than the European counterparts...

"From 1930 to 1980 ... the rate for the highest U.S. income (over $1 million per year) was on average 82%...

"Those rates ... played a tremendous role in creating social equality and helped provide crucial government revenue for robust social programs..."

World's Most Famous Economist.

"Reagan ... lowered the rate for the highest incomes to 28%...

"'Sanders' success today shows that much of America is tired of rising inequality and these so-called political changes, and intends to revive both a progressive agenda and the American tradition of egalitarianism,' Piketty wrote.

World's Most Famous Economist.

17. Donald Trump does not want to ban credit default swaps or collateralized debt obligations.

Trump has said that the federal minimum wage should not be increased because wages are already too high.

Trump wants to abolish the estate tax (FDR’s oligarch tax).

Trump wants the top rate on income to fall from about 40% to 25%, 'meaning a tax bonanza for the rich and super-rich'.

Those in the top 0.1% would see their taxes reduced by an average of $1.3 million, or 19% of their after-tax-income.

Trump’s program would increase the federal deficit by just under $10 trillion in the first decade, and then by $15 trillion in the second decade.

Trump's Art - Posing as Reformer Without attacking Power

Barron Trump

The state of Texas has the largest number of people living in districts that are severely distressed economically.

Wealth And Income Gap, By ZIP Code

One of Trump's homes.

"In the USA, the majority of those who receive some form of public assistance (medicaid or foodstamps) have jobs ... but they earn so little that they cannot make ends meet."

Web Site

The USA today.

Donald Trump wants to keep wages down, while reducing taxes on the rich, and spending more on the military.

Trump has a home in in Manhattan "designed to evoke the Palace of Versailles ...

"It boasts a cavernous hall of mirrors, acres of marble set off by ‘24-carat gold and diamond accents’, and ceilings hand-painted with cherubs and scenes from Greek myths."

Jesus loves rich guys?

"Trump also owns Seven Springs, a huge mansion outside New York in the upmarket hamlet of Bedford, which boasts 60 rooms, two servants’ wings, 15 bedrooms, three swimming pools and 230 acres of land.

"There’s another mansion in rural Virginia, a huge house on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and a vast waterside pile at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida."


Mrs Trump

"Numerous reports released during the first two months of 2016 document the staggering dimensions of the social crisis facing working people in the United States. 

"A majority of Americans have too little savings to pay for an emergency expense of $1,000. One in four US adults is burdened by debts caused by medical expenses.

"More than one million working people are being cut off food stamps.

"One million retirees face pension cuts dictated by the Obama administration."

Web Site

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are wealthy members of The Establishment.

Donald trump is "like every other corporate tyrant in that his solution to most things follows the logic of Stalin: no person, no problem. You're fired!

"Except as president he'd have other people-removing options, all of which he likes: torture, mass deportations, the banning of 23 percent of the Earth's population from entering the United States, etc.

"Donald Trump is no ordinary con man. He's way above average."

Donald trump wants tax cuts that could reduce government revenues by $15 trillion over ten years.

With Trump as president, government debt could rise as high as 140% of GDP by 2026.

Donald ducks the big questions


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At 5 May 2016 at 14:07 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trump Picks Former Goldman Partner And Soros Employee As Finance Chairman

At 5 May 2016 at 14:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trump claims we've let our American Military languish because we're such skinflints and promises, when he's elected, to '''''invest''''' and rebuild the US military including our nuclear capabilities. Because heaven knows, Americans are famous for at best ignoring and at worst, shortchanging america's military industrial complex.

Trump is incensed by that stupid Bill of Rights, at least the part that allows the plebes to speak and write as they see fit. Trump's panties get knotted when people like me write statements that are, to his mind, anti-trumpian, like this: Donald Trump is a buffoon and were it not for his family's connections to the upper echelons of organised crime, 'The Donald' would be best suited to be a mens' room attendant at Penn Station.' Just read his inane thoughts on 'fixing' the 1st Amendment as explained to the Washington Post's editorial board:

My dog (who, FWIW, ain't the smartest dog I've ever had) has more activity in his cranium than this dimwit, this buffoon set to be the next prez of the broken down usofa.

Hillary or Donald.
Hemlock or Arsenic.
Titanic or Lusitania.
Pan Am 103 or TWA 800.
Satan or the Devil.

choose wisely. ain't corporate democracy grand? no wonder we have to introduce it around the world with bullets and bombs.


At 5 May 2016 at 14:52 , Anonymous brabantian said...

Thanks to Aangirfan & others, it is now beyond any shadow of a doubt that Donald Trump is another USA oligarch fraud

Maybe not that much point in carrying on too much about Trump ... the USA is beyond hope until after internal disaster & revolution

Whomever is President of the USA next year - whether Trump, or Hillary Clinton, or some dark horse picked amidst late 2016 crisis, or Obama continuing as dictator after some major false flag -

It will not make a difference, any of them will - must - follow orders of oligarch consensus

Nothing can be concluded from Trump's or others' empty words for sales purposes ... Aangirfan has well-noted Trump 180-degree flip-flops over the years, & Clinton Obama etc all betrayed as well

Maybe more helpful now, is to courageously cover what most all of us dissident types dread facing ... that Russia China etc are not 'opposition' either

The hard truth -
There is no major power centre of 'opposition' to save us

We are on our own locally wherever we are

At 5 May 2016 at 14:56 , Anonymous brabantian said...

A Russian friend tells me -

Vladimir Putin is one of world's biggest Zionist agents, it is plain for all to see ... If you do not understand this completely, you know nothing about Russia, nothing about the world ... why do all these idiots in the West who love Putin, never study Putin & Netanyahu?

All over Russia, Putin has been pushing aside old religious Jews who kept anti-Zionist ideas ... and giving rich Jewish property to Israel's Chabad Lubavitch, Chabad is Mossad, do you not know that?

Putin joined in killing 100,000 Muslims, using false-flag attacks just like USA '9-11' ... to keep Chechnya & Dagestan inside Russia, against their will, after 200 years of Russians killing Chechens & Dagestanis ... petroleum & money, oil & roubles for oligarchs

All the Western idiots loving Putin never study Chechnya

Putin does not 'oppose' the West, he plays a game to get a higher seat at oligarchy tables ... Putin wants front row with Western Bilderbergers

Putin does not give a trump about Assad in Syria ... that is just game for Gazprom against Qatar pipeline

Putin hates Russians in Donbass [East Ukraine] almost as much as he hates the Nato stooges in Kiev ... the Donbass rebels are anti-oligarch, Putin does not want them in Russia, so he lets tens of thousands of them die ... he sends them supplies whilst they die, so Russians do not get too angry & overthrow Putin

Vladimir Putin is a model for Trump ... he blames foreigners but he is team manager for local oligarchs

Putin is a fascist, but a smart fascist, because he insisted on higher wages for Russians ... like Hitler in 1930s Germany, or dictator Park in 1960s South Korea, creating loyalty

Russians are half-fooled, by higher income after the 1990s, and by anti-Western talk ... But Putin is not as popular as in those 'polls' ... Putin is fascist, Russians know this & partly accept this, but are afraid to say what they think

Of course Nato gangsters are full of lies, Putin has no interest in Baltic countries ... lots of trouble & not needed for Gazprom, like Chechnya ... But Chechnya & Dagestan & the 100,000 dead Muslims after false flags, show Putin as an imperialist ... Watch how Putin bullies Japan about those islands too, that is amusing for both Putin & China

Chinese of course are imperialists too, bullying about islands that really belong to Philippines

If there is any hope for world from Russia, it will be after an overthrow of Putin

At 5 May 2016 at 15:31 , Anonymous brabantian said...

Hilarious photo of Donald Trump wearing his campaign cap which now says 'Make America WORSE Again', and with Trump posing against the remnants of the USA Statue of Liberty as in the final scene of the original 'Plane of the Apes'

At 6 May 2016 at 00:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That "WORSE" on his cap is visibly photoshopped

At 6 May 2016 at 00:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 7 May 2016 at 02:47 , Blogger Unknown said...

in Russia are living more muslims than in England.
Chechnya is now more richer than before!
but why they still escaping?

At 7 May 2016 at 03:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Putin is our hero, and he is the best chance we have of keeping peace in the world by avoiding WW3. We're lucky to have him.

This is superb video montage of Putin. A must see!!!

At 18 September 2016 at 04:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Trump’s program would increase the federal deficit by just under $10 trillion in the first decade, and then by $15 trillion in the second decade'

When Trump does not understand is that this world make Americans 5 $trillion poorer. The government creates the money supply, it does it by going into the red and this supplies the US with its currency. Going into the red is no problem for the government because it can create the interest, and the money, out of nothing to pay the bond holders - through a complicated system, see below.

At the moment the Federal Reserve creates the money and gives it to the banks at a low interest rate, the banks then lend it to the government at a much higher interest rate. The mega rich set it up this way to make their fortunes. They said that government making it's own money was bad as it creates inflation and run away government spending. They conned the government, and us, this way.

The private banks are allowed to multiply Federal Reserve money that they have borrowed by 10 and lend they out as real money, but they have found ways to circumvent the system to override that rule and so they can lend many times more.

The private banks have caused massive house price inflation by always having the money to lend to people to buy houses because they can make a near infinite amount of it out of nothing (by multiplying what they have borrowed from the Federal Reserve by as much as 30, our more, with their wangles. This led the banks to be very vulnerable to bankruptcy, but never mind, we'll bail them out. But the Federal Reserve also creates the money out of nothing in the first place). So, the private banks can cause massive inflation and that is fine, but they warn the government about it.

But the government could create its own money at its treasury for free and bypass borrowing from the private banks and cut the mega rich out. This is what scares the One Percent so much, that the government could create its own money and spend it on social welfare programs and industries that the One Percent won't invest in creating good jobs for its citizens. This would cut them out in the deal. But if they won't start up businesses here why can't we do it ourselves through our government. Fairs fair.

And what really scares the One Percent is the citizens learning how low their taxes could be if the government created its own money. They push conservatives parties which get voted in because they have low tax policies, but they are really high tax parties: 20% VAT, that's neoliberal / conservative. This kills the economy, so much for the business party.

Bill Mitchell, an economics professor, explains it here.

Tax Payers Do Not Fund Anything

At 18 September 2016 at 07:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It won't make any difference to the average American who wins, Trump or that bitch. Both will continue to support the endless 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel' and both will keep shoveling money to those TBTF Wall Street casinos, which, BTW, are in worse shape now than in 2007.

At 18 September 2016 at 08:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with your Russian friend, check out this thread illustrating the Trump/Putin interweaving connections to Chabad-Lubavitch. All right on the first page, All very disconcerting:

Trump/Clinton: We Are Staring "The Devil" Right In The Face


At 20 September 2016 at 03:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

any doubts?


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