Thursday, 1 September 2016

Social experiment - most people are sheep


  1. Awesome! It also explains why all the rednecks are deeply conservative despite the fact that they are dead poor and get shafted by the rich. The ruling elite were able to program out of them leftist ideas and persuade them that being in a union was against their own interest.

    When I argue with the rednecks online I tell them that I get 5 weeks holiday plus 3 days, good sick pay, and a superb pension, what do they get, I ask them?

    The libertarians are another brainless lot. The ruling elite started up libertarianism to social condition ordinary people into believing that the One Percent should rule. And now the stupid libertarians have shows like, Freedom Radio, or Freedom Hour. They like to put 'Freedom' in their names and slogans.

    Well, I have the NHS and so I have freedom from all that worry. But the biggest lack of freedom in our lives comes in the workplace, where bosses are often overbearing and ruthless. Libertarianism would make this much worse removing our rights, self respect, and dignity, where we can be pushed about by our overlords because we are powerless to stop this. This is the freedom of the libertarians.

    1. ...said the liberal sheep. Socialism has been proven time and again to fail, yet democrats continue to push the agenda. You are being brainwashed by the DNC, CNN, and other liberal media sources to repeat the same hogwash you are inundated with. Sheeple was a term coined by conservatives to describe the liberal masses during the past 8 years, and I see it now being paraphrased and projected. Did you ever stop to consider that BOTH liberals and conservatives are sheeple and are both being duped by their own party's agenda? Your rhetoric = the 95%.