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Melania Trump, second from right: Small-town Slovenia.

Think of big cities versus small rural towns.

Small rural towns in the USA may tend to support Trump.

In 2015, the Republicans (RED) had control of the Senates in most states.

Currently, in the USA, the Republicans control most state governments.

The Republicans' dominance is said to be based on the support of poorer people in small rural towns.

Think of big cities versus small towns.

Small rural towns in the UK tended to support exit from the EU.

BLUE - Exit. YELLOW - Remain.

Ken Fisher, in the Financial Times, writes that Trump could win.

Fisher writes that in the UK, "the media, pundits, politicians and prediction markets were too London and urban-focused, underestimating rural voters everywhere."

In England, "the vote was almost purely big cities for Remain versus tiny-town England for Leave.

"Tiny won...

"Similar sources underrate Donald Trump's chances in the same way...

"They view politics as urban-based and top-down..."

Electoral College results of the past four US Presidential elections (1996, 2000, 2004, 2008)
  States carried by the Republicans in all four elections
  States carried by the Republicans in three of the four elections
  States carried by each party twice in the four elections
  States carried by the Democrats in three of the four elections
  States carried by the Democrats in all four elections

"21 states and Washington DC voted Democratic in at least four of the last five, hence their label as 'blue states'.

"24 'red states' voted Republican, with five remaining swing states.

"Since blue states have 257 electoral votes - 13 short of what is needed - the media industry presumes Hillary Clinton has a huge edge...

"But ... Republicans control most state governments...

"Take Michigan, a so-called blue state in which Republicans now hold both legislative houses and all state officers.

"The same applies in other blue states: bottom-up they've evolved to be 'red'.

Wealthiest areas - dark green

"Democrats control just 11 state legislatures, versus 31 for Republicans and eight split...

"In 1978, Democrats held 20 of the 33 poorest states.

"Now they hold just two of the 33 poorest.

"Republicans have now replaced the Democrats as the party of the poor in rural areas...

"Trump would win 309 electoral college votes, 39 more than he needs...

"It's a revolt of the invisible poor...


"It's in Denmark with the rural based People’s Party.

"In Italy the Five Star’s strength stems primarily from small town and rural.

"Or France’s National Front, which is mostly non-Parisian.

"Or Austria’s support for presidential candidate Norbert Höfer, who just forced a revote.

More here: Trump could win

Of course, a president Trump and his Republicans may not actually help the rural poor.


And the UK's vote to leave the EU may not actually change very much.

There may be a second referendum.

May's aide hints at second referendum.

Some of the right-wing leaders of the LEAVE campaign do not want to reduce immigration.

Dan Hannan insists Brexit 'will NOT lead to a reduction in migration'.

Nigel Farage warns that Tories are 'backsliding' over immigration.

Neocons linked to Tea Party paid for Andrea Leadsom's flights to US.

Chicago policemen and a suspect.

How do you keep a country united?

Austin in Texas is much wealthier than Palm Bay in Florida.

The District of Columbia is much wealthier than Mississippi.

In the USA, there is a very big gap between rich and poor areas.

If N.C.'s GDP were a country..

In Switzerland, Zug and is the richest canton.

But, none of the Swiss cantons is poor.

Population below poverty line 
Switzerland 6.9% 
USA 15.1% 

In the UK, London and Scotland are doing well.

But parts of the UK are becoming like Detroit.

The London government spends vast sums on transport in London and tiny sums on transport in the North East of England.

"Promised government spending on transport in the North East over the next two decades is £246 per person, compared with £4,893 per head in London."

The North East, unlike the of England, exports more than it imports!

England's northeast fears economic isolation -

The journalist and economist John Kay has written about how to keep a country united

Kay writes about 'solidarity' - meaning mutual support.

Kay writes that in the USA "there is no explicit mechanism of redistribution of resources among states."

However, "Switzerland makes transfers from richer to poorer cantons."

Kay suggests that in countries such as the UK rural areas, and deprived urban communities, need more expenditure.

In Australia, a grants commission "attempts to parcel out central government funds on an objective basis to states and territories."

Switzerland is the country to copy?

SWITZERLAND has its problems with EVIL.

Switzerland is not perfect but it is peaceful and prosperous.

Switzerland is divided up into cantons and towns (communes). 

In Switzerland, the central government (federal government) is not given too much power; the cantons and towns have a lot of power; referendums are held.

The central government controls foreign policy, defense, the railways and the mint.

If the central government brings in a new policy, a referendum can be held to vote it down.

There is a six-month period during which a referendum can be called by any person or group able to get 50,000 signatures on a petition. 

A central government policy can be thrown out by a simple majority vote in a referendum. There is some poverty in Switzerland, but it is not as bad as in the USA.

The cantons and communes control economic policy, welfare policy, the police, education and so on. 

Each canton has its own parliament and constitution.

Switzerland spends a lot on welfare and education but manages to keep taxes relatively low. 

This is because there are no huge ministeries full of useless civil servants, or bureaucrats.

Cantons and large communes have referendums and 'initiatives'. An 'initiative' is when an ordinary citizen proposes a new policy or law.

Main source: ISIL -- The Swiss Cantonal System

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At 10 July 2016 at 03:39 , Anonymous brabantian said...

There has been an extremely fascinating exchange on the 4chan /pol/ site, involving someone who claims to be an insider US government official, deeply involved in the criminal investigations affecting Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump etc

The key take-away from this 'US official' is that, though Clinton & Trump are both corrupt, Trump's corruption is minor relative to the Clintons & their 'Foundation' ... and that a Clinton presidency - which he thinks will not happen - would involve global war with Russia & China

Whereas, the 'US official' says, honest US officials hope for a Trump Presidency, which will begin a pull-back on US war-making & a clean-up of US corruption including indictment of Hillary Clinton

This 'US official' says that USA ex-President Bill Clinton will likely be dead this year

This 'US official' says that, "The entire government is corrupt .. you cannot possibly ask the entire government to prosecute itself"


This 'US official' says that the Clinton e-mail scandal is relatively trivial, the big crimes are related to the 'Clinton Foundation', not just bribery etc relating to the US, horrid crimes by powerful individuals, but also regarding issues of war & relations among nations

This 'US official' says that Trump is also 'corrupt', sufficiently so that he could be criminally charged ... but much less so than Clinton

This 'US official' says that if Clinton would become President - which he thinks is actually unlikely, Clinton may be removed - there would be war with Russia & China, and a nightmare of corruption involving string-puller Soros & significant Jewish influence

This 'US official' says that, US Justice ministry staff are in general in fear of being killed, for taking any actions regarding the immense wall of corruption which they comprehend, which is much larger than most anyone would guess

This 'US official' says that, for all his failings, if elected, Trump will actually do some house-cleaning in the US regime, criminally prosecute Hillary Clinton & do much against US corruption

This 'US official' says that, the difficulty is, there is so much corruption that if it were all exposed, US government would collapse, there would be civil war inside the US, & perhaps global military alliance against the US

This 'US official' says that, amidst the difficulty, a somewhat 'controlled' & step-by-step unveiling of the corruption - as Trump would do - is likely the best route to serve the public

Here is the 4chan discussion with this 'US official' in a photo-image ... the comments by the 'US official' are highlighted in peach-orange coloured boxes

At 10 July 2016 at 08:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, but what credibility do the results of the referendum or any other election have nowadays? The UK general election last year was surely rigged, as probably was the EU referendum. The whole thing was stitch-up to divide and wreck the country. The poor want EU grants and the rich want to travel and live freely in the EU. It is nonsense to suggest most of England voted against the EU.

At 10 July 2016 at 09:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also read all of that and was fascinated. However he tried to blame 911 on Israel alone when obviously USG including FBI etc were all involved. But he said he was telling the truth and mixing in some falsehoods. He was honest about pedo rings controlling and brought it up when no one asked. He said the Clintons sold children to Saudi Arabia for lots of cash. Info wars even carried the story which speaks well of Mr Jones. There was another insider on Sat AM who I got to ask a question to live. He was a high ranking staffer at the Comey hearing. He said Comey is 6'8" and wants to nail Clinton but his life was in danger. A lot of interesting stuff on 4Chan. I had to wade thru mountains of racism on the 'chimp out' meme I think the govt agencies are pushing via Black Lives Matter. Aangirfan I gave out your site as well as Beyond Dutroux UK Column Consiracy of Silence onYou Tube and Nacy Schaefer who died after exposing CPS in Georgia covering up Pedo rings. I have experience in Boy Scouts with Pedo. I reported a Scoutmaster and there was a cover up and I was threatened. That's what woke me up. I think I found more honest info on 4 Chan than most sites as of the last few months. So much of Alt Media has been ruined. Fukushima is one of those but that's already out of control. This Black Livers Matter race war they are cooking up and the US election is happening now.
Pink Rabbit

At 10 July 2016 at 20:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Home of International fake money is in Switzerland. Those guns are to protect the banks not the citizens.

At 11 July 2016 at 00:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

4chan also has threads about Comey FBI directors letter that he gave at his hearing Fridsy. It has 2322 words and links to Gematria site states Help Me Hillary Clinton has my family captured. Director Comey also had unusual body language answering questions about Clinton.
Pink Rabbit

At 11 July 2016 at 02:48 , Anonymous brabantian said...

Also in favour of the 'secretly good Trump' theme, are Trump's astonishing policies favouring the end of Nato, easing tensions with Russia & China, withdrawing from war-making, & closing down US military bases overseas

Very possibly, the tainted oligarch Trump, has come to the same radical illumination that struck US President John F Kennedy before they killed him in 1963, or US President Richard Nixon before he suffered the 'impeachment' farce & forced resignation in 1974

Both Kennedy & Nixon had engaged in significant war crimes & killing many people ... but both came to see that the war complex was impoverishing & destroying the USA ... Nixon even put in the US environmental protection & was even considering the socialist basic minimum income for all Americans

That 'FBI analyst - Justice Dept leaker' on 4chan, does not try to deny that Trump was involved in sex with underage girls, various kinds of business corruption & political bribery etc ... but he nonetheless says that Trump is disgusted with the Soros gang of globalists & wants to preserve a semi-decent USA

The 'FBI analyst' credits Trump with an utterly masterful use of 'confirmation bias' psychology, saying whatever it is that US people want to hear ... given the USA citizenry is substantially right wing & bigoted ... and given the power of the Israeli-tied cabal ... Trump's words fit the audiences he needs to satisfy

Possibly the 'FBI analyst' is also a masterful psy-op to fool us ... hope springs eternal, but as the 'FBI analyst' suggests, this is somewhat the last hope as the USA is close to the end of the road

At 11 July 2016 at 13:48 , Anonymous brabantian said...

More claims appear that Donald Trump is a closet 'white hat' candidate ... Trump has alleged 'Green Light' from dissident US military & intelligence agency officers, to terminate 28 years of USA Bush-Clinton corruption

This claim is made by former US cabinet Assistant Secretary & Commissioner Catherine Austin Fitts, dissident financial expert & US regime critic, speaking to Greg Hunter of USA WatchDog.

Fitts has joined voices claiming that Donald Trump is a 'white hat' candidate, who will end the 28-year cycle of Bush-Clinton combined corruption since George H W Bush became President in January of 1989, followed by Bill Clinton, George W Bush & Barack Obama.

Fitts says the Bush & Clinton dynasties have been collaborating on corruption, both having dodgy family political 'charity foundations' receiving millions in bribe-type gifts

The Obama presidency is part of this corruption, with Obama tied to both the Clinton foundation & to the people behind that foundation & others, people such as George Soros

However, another former senior US cabinet official, Paul Craig Roberts, has his doubts ... Although Trump seems 'different' & 'not establishment', Roberts notes that the same appeared true of Obama ... Roberts doubts that Trump is such a 'white hat'

But Catherine Austin Fitts says Trump is the 'real deal' ... joining Alex Jones & Jeff Rense & other cheerleaders in 'alt media'

USA citizens associated with their somewhat right-wing, anarcho-capitalistic 'Liberty Movement', are significantly captured by Trump ... In their newsletters, they ignore evidence of Trump's wrongdoings, whilst bashing Hillary Clinton

One can hope ... as people have been 'hoping' in allegedly 'alternative' US Presidents elected at various times ... Jimmy Carter in 1976 ... Bill Clinton in 1992 ... Barack Obama in 2008 ...

Is it now Donald Trump as 'alternative', who will be another disappointing scam on the USA & the world?

At 11 July 2016 at 22:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was hacked twice visiting 4Chan in last 4 days. I advocated the truth of 2322 as damaging to the Hilldawg via the US publicum. But I also let out a Fukushima bomb so I don't really know for sure why I was banned. The Clinton Foundation and 2322 threads are all but gone now and heavily shilled with increasingly sophisticated shills. I could see it even if many didn't. So sad.
Pink Rabbit.

At 15 July 2016 at 13:39 , Blogger Junis said...

Murphy's second laser states that when two possibilities exist, the one that is more hurtful and sad is likely to be true.


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