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Holton Park Girls

Theresa May attended St Juliana's Roman Catholic Convent School for Girls in Oxfordshire.

She later gained a place at Holton Park Girls' grammar school.

Holton Park school occupied the manor house and extensive grounds of the historic Holton Park estate, near Wheatley, from 1949 to 1971.

One of Theresa May's favourite bits of Freemason music. Kitten-heeled Theresa

In the third term of her finals year at Oxford University, Theresa May took on the presidency of the Edmund Burke Society and came up with a series of motions for debate, including "That this House thanks Heaven for little girls".

Theresa May – what lies beyond the public image?

Fiona Cunningham

Fiona Cunningham is Theresa May's devoted spin doctor. 

"For two years, Fiona has been in a close relationship with her colleague Charles Farr, 54, a former spy chief who runs the Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism in the Home Office."


Theresa May at the CST dinner with Gerald Ronson and Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis. CST provides 'security' to Jewish institutions.

"In 2016, the UK government is committed to provide £13.4 million for security measures in the Jewish community in the coming year, Theresa May announced."

Theresa May is a Friend of Israel.


"Using the excuse of terrorism - whose main victim is considered thought - Theresa May's Home Office is making a law which attacks free expression in this country as it has never been attacked before.

"In a consultation paper attached to the Bill, all kinds of institutions, from nursery schools (yes really, see paragraph 107) to universities, are warned that they must be on the lookout for ‘extremists’"

Theresa May is part of the military-industrial complex.

Theresa May vows to build new Trident.

Fake photo of Theresa May

"In the run-up to the 2015 election, one of the handicaps David Cameron had ... was the fact that net migration to the UK was three times as high as he had promised it would be...

"Theresa May was the cabinet minister actually entrusted with bringing migration down."

Article Pulled By Telegraph After Pressure From Mossad or whoever.

"Theresa May is to Westminster what Cersei Lannister is to Westeros in Game of Thrones: no one who challenges her survives undamaged, while the welfare of the realm is of secondary concern...

"David Laws’ memoirs paint a vivid picture of a secretive, rigid, controlling, even vengeful minister, so unpleasant to colleagues that a dread of meetings with her was something that cabinet members from both parties could bond over."

Article Pulled By Telegraph After Pressure From Mossad or whoever.

A Theresa May lookalike.

Theresa May and parents.

Theresa May was born Theresa Mary Brasier on 1 October 1956 in Eastbourne, in Sussex.

Theresa May's parents married on 16 June 1955.

Theresa May's father, Hubert Brasier, was then aged 37.

Hubert was an Anglican vicar, his address being the Chaplain's House, All Saints HospitalEastbourne.

"Back in the 1950's, I remember ... Dr Bodkin ADAMS, whom my late mother knew from All Saints hospital, who was a mass killer of patients..."

Comment here: The Eastbourne Story - YouTube


Theresa May likes Walk Like a Man

Aleister Crowley, the occultist, attended Eastbourne College and later edited a chess column for the Eastbourne Gazette.[161]


The pianist Russ Conway was a resident of Eastbourne for many years[152]

Gordon Rideout

Canon Gordon Rideout was the vicar of All Saints Church in Eastbourne for 25 years.

Clergyman Canon Gordon Rideout was chaplain at Moira House School, Eastbourne, until 2003, and chairman of governors at Bishop Bell C of E School in Eastbourne until November 2011.

Clergyman Canon Gordon Rideout was a serial sex offender who preyed on young children across the south of England.

In 2013, Rideout, 74, was jailed for 10 years at Lewes Crown Court after being convicted of two attempted rapes and 34 indecent assaults on 16 boys and girls

In the 1970s Canon Gordon Rideout was taken to a military court on child sex-abuse charges.

At that time Rideout was chaplain on a military base.


In 2013, Rev Robert Coles, of Eastbourne, was jailed for eight years for sex offences against young boys.

Rev Roy Cotton, who abused at least ten boys from Eastbourne, had a conviction for assaulting a choirboy when he was ordained in 1966.

Dr John Bodkin Adams

Dr John Bodkin Adams lived in Eastbourne.

Dr Adams was reportedly part of a large ring of top gay men.

Dr. Adams, 'probably the richest doctor in England' had as his patients Lord Burghley, Admiral Robert Prendergast, the 10th Duke of Devonshire, and Eastbourne's Chief Constable Richard Walker.

In the spring of 1956, Lady Dorothy Macmillan's brother, the Duke of Devonshire 'dropped dead' in front of his doctor, Dr. John Bodkin Adams .

Dr Adams was arrested in connection with the deaths of a number of his patients.

Former Attorney General Hartley Shawcross. His first wife, Alberta Shyvers, took her own life in 1943. sussexexpress.

During the Adams committal hearing in January 1957, Hartley Shawcross was seen dining with Adams's suspected lover, Sir Roland Gwynne (Mayor of Eastbourne from 1929 to 1931), and the Lord Chief Justice, Rayner Goddard, at a hotel in Lewes, near Eastbourne.

There is suspicion of a cover-up.

Dr Adams was aquitted.

Lady Dorothy Macmillan, wife of former UK prime minister Harold Macmillan. Lady Dorothy was the daughter of the 9th Duke of Devonshire

Reportedly, Harold Macmillan, the UK's Conservative Party Prime Minister from 1957-1963, was expelled from the top private school called Eton for 'homosexual perversion'.

Harold macmillan was tutored for Oxford by Ronald Knox.

Macmillan fell in love with Ronald knox.

Macmillan (right)

Macmillan "under pressure" married Dorothy.

Dorothy had many affairs, including one with the bisexual Lord Boothby.

UK Government asset Lord Goodman , a powerful British Jew, protected people like Tom Driberg MP, Sir Anthony Blunt and Lord Boothby "who were regularly seen at parties with rent boys and arrested at public toilets."

Eliza Manningham-Buller, former head of the UK security service MI5

John Bodkin Adams was 'a member of the homosexual underground' and close to Sir Anthony Blunt and Lord Goodman.

The police acquired a memorandum belonging to a Daily Mail journalist, concerning stories of homosexuality between "a police officer, a magistrate, and a doctor".

The doctor was said to be Adams.

The 'magistrate' was Sir Roland Gwynne, Mayor of Eastbourne from 1929 to 1931 and brother of Rupert Gwynne, MP for Eastbourne from 1910 to 1924.

The 'police officer' was the Deputy Chief Constable of Eastbourne, Alexander Seekings.

160 of Bodkin Adams's patients had died mysteriously, 132 of them writing the doctor into their wills.

Harold Macmillan

"Harold Macmillan, and the then Attorney General, Reginald Manningham-Buller, were both related to one of Dr Adams' likely victims....

"A homosexual relationship existed between Adams and a powerful local politician, who had protected him for over thirty years."

Reginald Manningham-Buller's daughter Eliza Manningham-Buller was active in MI5 from 1974-2007, and became boss of MI5 in 2002.

She was active at the time of the Lockerbie bombing.

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At 5 July 2016 at 03:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Andrea Loathsome works for the banks, while Liam 'Ferrity Werrity' Fox works for arms dealers.
Let's back our banana republic!

At 5 July 2016 at 11:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 5 July 2016 at 13:07 , Anonymous Anonymous said...



At 5 July 2016 at 13:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I spotted it immediately so I've had a closer look. I'm no expert. But, the last pic

1. She has an adams apple
2. that exact area has clearly been altered.
3. Not only has it bin altered, but its been done really REALLY badly!

All of which only encourages my "conspiracy theory" that
Change the Y to an N...


on dessert island disc, 1 o songs HE picked was
Walks Like A Man!
Which is a crackin song, but would a woman pick that 4 desert island disc?
Would a hetrosexual man either?


L8RZ G8RZ! have a lovely night. C xx

At 5 July 2016 at 14:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 5 July 2016 at 17:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What strange faces these females in West Politics have!
May & Merkel & Clinton and the Feminuts in Sweden and West Euro. The eyes have it!. Are they insane before infesting Govt? Or do they go mad during their tenure as parasites?
Perhaps, it is time for an article on female Psychopathy..

At 5 July 2016 at 17:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

To my beloved Sisters of the White Chapel of The Most High who
spend their spare time at the Cloisters of Illumination trying to open the mind of the "populus vulgus" with their blessed laptops and notebooks here goes two youtube links:



May the Christ of God be with you!
Thank You.

At 6 July 2016 at 00:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good that I'm not alone. As I commented on another post you can see more male features in other pictures: the glabella and receding forhead (sideviews), the square chin, the trapezius muscles on the shoulders (see pics from Lord's Mayor Banquet), ringfinger longer than indexfinger, and one of the infallible proofs is that shoulders are wider than hips usually tricked with optical illusions on dressing.
Theresa May is not an exception and on most of them it is really difficult to notice because they get surgery, implants (breasts, hips, pointy chin), voice surgery and hormonal treatment. And you will find it hard to find pictures in Google. They usually hide pictures from youth or photoshop them.
I have nothing against transgender but this, what is going on with all famous female is a crime to humanity, why are they lying to us?
You will be surprised but the truth is I find it very hard to find a real famous woman!
Is this worse than NASA's fake pictures? This world has become hell!

At 6 July 2016 at 02:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 6 July 2016 at 02:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 7 July 2016 at 06:36 , Blogger Unknown said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 7 July 2016 at 12:22 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

Why not mail this to every Tory. It all transpired on her watch. Who is being protected ?


At 12 July 2016 at 01:15 , Blogger Unknown said...

Please get out more stop reading believing everything you read on Internet .it's easy to get sucked in believing stuff but so much if it is conjecture fake


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