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"The Chilcot Inquiry was designed to subvert any scrutiny of Israel and its hawkish pro war lobby."

Chilcot, Israel and the Lobby - Gilad Atzmon‎

"Blair's chief funders were Lord Levy and the Labour Friends of Israel.

"The prime advocates for the immoral interventionist war within the British press were Jewish Chronicle writers David Aaronovitch and Nick Cohen.

"The attorney general that gave the green light for the war was Lord Goldsmith.

"In 2003 some intelligence experts insisted that the Iraq’s WMD dossier was initially produced in Tel Aviv and only ‘sexed up’ in London."

Continued here: Chilcot, Israel and the Lobby - Gilad Atzmon‎


There has been a long term plan to wreck Moslem countries and promote Islamism.

Admiral West, the former First Sea Lord West, was told by Downing Street as early as 2002 that Iraq would be invaded.


Who were they working for?

Chilcott does not ask the key questions:

A. Who gained from the Iraq War?

1. If Israel is to get its Greater Israel, it needs its Moslem neighbours, including Iraq, to be destroyed.

2. If the USA's Military Industrial Complex is to flourish, it needs continual wars.

Sir Jimmy Savile (left), friend of Israel.

B. How do you persuade the top people in various countries to do the work of Israel and the US Military Industrial Complex?

1. Sir Jimmy Savile is known to have had dinner with Admiral Sir Michael Boyce, Chief of the UK Defence Staff at the time of 9 11 and at the time of the Iraq War. (

Savile visited Israel in 1975 to advise Israel's President Ephraim Katzir on a matter of security. Savile addressed the cabinet of Menachem Begin. (JIMMY SAVILE FIXED IT FOR ISRAEL).

Savile was a friend of Haroon Kasir, who organised a brothel which supplied young boys to top people including, reportedly, at least one top cabinet minister. (Detectives told of Jimmy Savile's link to Elm Guest House)

Tony Blair and his friend Jimmy Savile.

2. There is a belief that Tony Blair, while he was at Fettes school, became acquainted with child abusing assets of the security services.

At Fettes, Blair was friends with Sir Knox Cunningham who was friends with intelligence agent William Mc Grath.


Reportedly, McGrath had contacts with UK spy Ted Rothschild's friend Sir Anthony Blunt, the 'pedophile' spy.


There is a belief that Tony Blair may have been recruited by a certain security service.

3. Saddam Hussein began working for the CIA as early as 1959.

Exclusive: Saddam Was key in early CIA plot

The child abusers.

The Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq war has criticised Blair for misrepresenting intelligence.

But, the wars and lies will continue.

In 2011, Britain's Members of Parliament voted overwhelmingly to support action in Libya.

This 'action' led to the destruction of Libya.

557 MPs, including all the spooky Scottish National Party MPs, supported action in Libya.

13 MPs opposed action.

The full list of how MPs voted on Libya action.

Richard Sale, the UPI Intelligence Correspondent, wrote that Saddam Hussein worked for the CIA. (Exclusive: Saddam Was key in early CIA plot). Saddam was allowed to escape from Iraq.

How do you persuade MPs to vote for the destruction of a country?

Two SNP MPs accused of having affairs.

The 557 MPs who voted for 'action' in Libya already knew that the 'action' in Iraq was based on lies.

Denis Healey, former UK cabinet minister and Bilderberg member, with Jimmy Savile, suspected agent of the spooks.

The Members of Parliament are controlled through child abuse rings, false flag incidents and even mind control.


The public is usually fed untrue information before a war.

The Rock, apparently used by MI6.

Before the Iraq War, MI6 reported on chemical weapons, but, it was apparently describing invented chemical weapons equipment in a Hollywood film called The Rock.

MI6 described scenes from Hollywood film.


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At 6 July 2016 at 07:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, the wars will continue until we wake up

At 6 July 2016 at 08:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blair is playing the role of fallguy to perfection, allowing the intelligence and military chiefs to escape the spotlight.

At 6 July 2016 at 08:44 , Blogger Mark Jesus said...

Usual say-lots, in few words. Last line, says about as much can – in one. Sense my whole build up to this over this last week, has half-hope/expected, some shouts to hurt. We'll see, but the timing... and if necessary, there'll cause a distraction – all could fade to a hush?

This new, posted on Memory Hole, gets me on a rare repost to link on here. Carries some sound weight and wisdom. How Sandy Hook KILLED TV by Barry Soetoro

At 6 July 2016 at 09:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Blair has signed Britain up to the Project for a New American Century"

Jeremy Corbyn, 2003 [starts at 2:54]

At 6 July 2016 at 11:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The lies used to get us into that war were so preposterous that nobody could have believed them. Those who say Blair misled them are liars unless they're total morons. They're war criminals too.

At 6 July 2016 at 12:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 6 July 2016 at 23:09 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

Cuckold Tony Fettes the Pentagon's PM.

Truth stranger than fiction a fictional phone call.

Dead Kennedys - Kinky Sex Makes the World Go 'Round -



Prime Ministers office, Prime Minister speaking
Greetings? This is the secretary of war
At the state department of the United States?
We have a problem, the companies want something done
About this sluggish world economic situation?
Profits have been running a little thin lately
And we, we need to stimulate some growth?

Now we know there's an alarmingly high number of young people Roaming around in your country with nothing to do
But stir up trouble for the police and damage private property
It doesn't look like they'll ever get a job?
It's about time we did something constructive with these people?
We've got thousands of 'em here too, they're crawling all over

The companies think it's time we all sit down
Have a serious get-together and start another war
The President, he loves the idea!
All those missiles streaming overhead to and fro
Napalm, people running down the road, skin on fire

At 6 July 2016 at 23:10 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

classic magicians trick ... look at the left hand whilst the right steals your watch.

At 6 July 2016 at 23:10 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

Following and unlawful order is itself a punishable offence.

At 7 July 2016 at 01:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In mid-January 2003 Lord Goldsmith, the government's chief law officer, told Mr Blair that a further Security Council resolution would be needed to provide a legal basis for action.
The PM and his closest aides stressed that the advice should be 'closely held' and as a result it was not shared with other ministers.
By the end of February the peer had told Mr Blair that although a second resolution would be preferable, a 'reasonable case' could be made under the existing UNSC 1441.
He put that advice in writing in on March 7, saying it relied on a 'narrow textual reading' of the resolution.

However, after the military and civil service asked for more clarity he then stated that the 'better view' was that the legal basis was secure.
On March 14, Lord Goldsmith asked Mr Blair to confirm that Iraq had committed further 'material breaches' of UNSC 1441, saying that was an essential part of his justification.
Mr Blair's office responded that it was the PM's 'unequivocal view' that there had been further breaches of the resolution.
But the report said: 'It is unclear what specific grounds Mr Blair relied upon in reaching this view.'
Sir John said: 'Given the gravity of the situation, Lord Goldsmith should have been asked to provide written advice explaining how, in the absence of a majority in the Security Council, Mr Blair could take that decision.'

So after Tony Blair had tried to get legal justification for the
war and being told by every one it was illegal.
Tony asked his old friend Lord Goldsmith but he says the war is illegal unless Iraq had committed further 'material breaches' of UNSC 1441
When Tony Blair asks his old friend Lord Goldsmith to look at it again. Who does Lord Goldsmith write to for assurances that that there have been further breaches of 1441. Why only Tony Blair who responds that he firmly believes there have been further breaches (based on nothing but his own belief)
And on that belief Lord Goldsmith concluded the war was legal.

So Tony provided the final legal justification for the war.
What a tangled web we weave when we practise to deceive.

At 7 July 2016 at 02:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 7 July 2016 at 03:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Off topic or perhaps not - two strange deaths around Boris Johnson - one Brexit aide (drugs - story seems rather pat) and
son of aide some years ago (from drugs when he wasn't a know user)

At 7 July 2016 at 03:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 7 July 2016 at 03:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 7 July 2016 at 04:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's very clever as it means all the bereaved families campaign for something that has no chance of happening - that Blair is prosecuted. What they should be doing is calling for the military and intelligence chiefs who fed Blair false intelligence to be sacked and/or brought to justice, as they might have a realistic case.

At 7 July 2016 at 05:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think if Saddam had worked for the CIA, the Americans wouldn't have needed to fight two wars in Iraq. Saddam was no doubt the opposite - a tyrant with a tight grip on his country who couldn't be controlled from outside.

At 7 July 2016 at 06:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 7 July 2016 at 11:57 , Anonymous sovereigntea said...

To this day Dearlove is peddling myths to manipulate the public, is he getting paid ?

9/11 – Ten Years On
Sir Richard Dearlove KCMG OBE

A decade on from al-Qaeda’s attacks, The Henry Jackson Society was pleased to host, by kind invitation of Gisela Stuart MP, a discussion with Sir Richard Dearlove KCMG OBE. Sir Richard gave first hand expertise on Britain’s role in the War on Terror, the effectiveness of the Western response, and the future of national security strategy.

Transcript excerpt

Is the HJS the UK equivalent of JINSA ?

International Patrons

The Hon. Secretary Michael Chertoff
Co-founder and Managining Principal, The Chertoff Group
United States Secretary of Homeland Security, 2005-2009

Dr. Robert Kagan
Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Columnist Washington Post
Contributing editor at the Weekly Standard and the New Republic

The HJS is also a "gold sponsor" of this little shindig.

Does a keynote speaker get paid ?

Political Risk and Business Interruption Exposures: Mitigating the Risk Post - ‘Arab Spring’? 8th April 2014

Keynote speakers: Sir John Scarlett, KCMG OBE , Former Chief of MI6 (2004 - 2009) Tom Tugendhat , Former Military Assistant to the Chief of Defence Staff

9:15 - 11:00 PANEL ONE The Arab Spring three years on: Will instability continue in 2014?

Moderator: Sir John Scarlett, KCMG OBE, Former Chief of MI6 (2004 - 2009) Speakers: David Butter, Associate Fellow, Chatham House Con Coughlin, Journalist and Author, Daily Telegraph Aimen Dean, Managing Director Five Dimensions Oren Kessler, Research Fellow, Strategic Analysis at t he Henry Jackson Society Sir William P a t e y KCMG, Government and International Relations Advisor, Control Risks

At 7 July 2016 at 12:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 7 July 2016 at 12:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 7 July 2016 at 15:23 , Anonymous brabantian said...

Leading big (gov-compromised) 'alt media' are going downhill fast ... tho they had been somewhat useful despite seeming agendas linked to the security services

- The once bold & eclectic Jeff Rense, posing as over-the-top anti-Zionist, has become mainstream-media-tame, Rense now mostly pretending 'pro-Trump' is 'radical alternative'

- Israel's good friend Alex Jones is also taming his content after talking of retiring

- VeteransToday's Jewish supremo Gordon Duff, managing what was once the boldest of prominent conspiracy sites, also posing as anti-Zionist, has fully reversed into pro-oligarch absurdity:

Duff carelessly & recklessly insulted his rather right-wing military veteran mass audience, with a VT article claiming that Obama, HIllary & Bill Clinton, George Soros & Zbigniew Brzezinski, are all 'good people fighting the New World Order & Israel' - hahaha

Duff claimed these cabalists such as Soros, are all an 'anti-NWO faction' working within the US oligarchy's prime resource pool, its CFR - Council on Foreign Relations (the USA Chatham House, but far larger) ... hilariously Duff says 'over-interneting' is leading to Soros etc being mis-understood

Such big alt-media collectively fading & imploding, losing their (gov-&-Google-backed) style & mojo, is itself a warning sign that some big dislocation is possibly about to happen, so there is no longer a need to 'shepherd' dissidents

Or maybe the new plan is, that instead of big 'alt media', there will just be lots of small 'confuse the feathers out of everyone' websites, which will be promoted by Google above any honest critics

This would be parallel to the way they have replaced 'big terror' 9-11 type events, with the endless smaller-scale dodgy 'massacres' that afflict us now

So for most, there will be no escape from the 'state of confusion' (pace Ray Davies & The Kinks)

Rare chance to see the original Kinks music video from 1983 - 'State of Confusion' - 'It gets worse, the older that ya get!'

The Kinks 'State of Confusion' 4min.

At 7 July 2016 at 15:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although Tony Blair has obviously gone through the motions of commitment to one woman in a heterosexual marriage, he is in fact almost certainly bisexual or gay - as the late Clarissa Dickson-Wright has described - and most probably is or has been a serial "swinger" like his wife.

Of course this is a humdrum fact in itself. However, in the right hands (or indeed the wrong hands), knowledge of hypocrisy or deception in respect of matters sexual is a powerful blackmail tool, as Aang has reported in connection with other blackmailed men and women.

Has Blair been blackmailed for years? Decades even? Probably. Could the threat be exposure over matters sexual? Certainly.

Alternative possibilities for blackmail arise from target's secret involvement in horrifying occult practices, present or past, or indeed any type of act or behaviour, past or present, that would horrify the public if the public found out.

Why did Blair's daughter make an attempt on her own life? The Blair creature knows but he ain't telling.

At 7 July 2016 at 23:24 , Blogger Anon said...

Saddam worked for the CIA. The invasion of Iraq was (1) to help create a Greater Israel (2) to help enrich the Military Industrial Complex.

At 8 July 2016 at 01:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 8 July 2016 at 01:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 8 July 2016 at 01:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 8 July 2016 at 01:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 8 July 2016 at 01:52 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 8 July 2016 at 01:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak on Saudi Arabia’s Payroll


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