Wednesday 4 May 2016


Iowa senator Joni Ernst could be Trump's running mate.

Trump "has often said he would look for a number two with political experience."

Who will be Donald Trump's running mate? 

But, if Trump wants to help Hillary to win, he will choose someone silly.

Here are some of the possible running mates:

Iowa senator Joni Ernst is a "gun-totin', Harley-ridin', pig castratin' Iowa farm girl".

"Ernst is an Iraq veteran ...and as her notorious campaign ad proved, she already has the Trumpian flair."

Who will be Donald Trump's running mate? 

Robert Gates, the former defense secretary.

Run on a Ticket With Donald Trump?.

Ivanka Trump: "The American presidency should not be inherited, but Donald Trump probably doesn't care."

Donald Trump's Possible Running Mates: The Odds.

"Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton's name has been coming up in conversation about Trump’s running mate."

Who does Trump want for a running mate?

"Rudy Giuliani: Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, has been seen huddling with Trump, offering advice on the campaign, some reports say. If Trump is looking for a politician as a running mate, he could find Giuliani’s leadership skills – particularly during a crisis – appealing."

The former House speaker Newt Gingrich "has long been a rare pro-Trump voice in Washington DC."

Gingrich "would bring considerable political experience and significant public profile as a running mate."

Who will be Donald Trump's running mate? 

New Jersey governor Chris Christie endorsed Trump but "he doesn't add any geographic balance or conservative credentials."

"Mike Huckabee has long been perceived as supportive of Trump. His daughter is a top political aide on the Trump campaign."

Who will be Donald Trump's running mate? 

Tila Tequila stumping to be Trump's running mate

"Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin would allow Trump to have a woman with significant government experience on the ticket. She is best known in Oklahoma for her push to carry out death sentences despite court orders to the contrary."

Alabama Senator Jefferson "Jeff" Sessions is one of the most conservatives members of the Senate and is a member of the Senate’s Armed Services Committee.

"Scott Walker, the Wisconsin governor, has the political chops - and guts."

Florida governor Rick Scott.

Donald Trump's Running-Mate Options .

"Joe Scarborough: Scarborough is a former congressman from Florida’s panhandle."

Who does Trump want for a running mate?

Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio. At least 36 House Members belong to the Freedom Caucus and Congressman Jordan is their chairman. He has a following that must be dealt with. A former wrestler.

Kobe Bryant
, an American retired professional basketball player.

Donald Trump needs a running mate.

Could Marine General James Mattis be Trump's running mate?.

Politico has put its money on billionaire businessman Mark Cuban as Trump's top choice of running mate.

Trump has said that he'd like billionaire businessman Carl Icahn in charge of the treasury should he become president. 

Ohio state senator Rob Portman "has a long and distinguished career in Washington, and would bring much-needed political experience to Trump's campaign."

Roger Stone told Newsmax TV:"I would prefer to see Donald Trump choose somebody like Gen. Mark Kelly or somebody from the military."

"Marsha Blackburn who’s leading the House panel investigating Planned Parenthood, could help boost Trump's standing among Republicans who worry the businessman isn't a true conservative. She could also help Trump reach out to female voters." 

Veepstakes: Who Trump might pick?.

"John Kasich: would represent an olive branch."

Donald Trump.

Ben Carson: a Tea Party favorite.

Sarah Palin: "she basically torpedoed John McCain's presidential bid in 2008.

Donald Trump's Possible Running Mates: The Odds.


"A False Flag terror event staged at Brussels RIGHT ON THE HEELS of the Zio-AIPAC rally, hints that Mossad and CIA are trying to link up AIPAC and Trump together for a Trump walk to Victory ....ON THE PLATFORM of a fake narrative about "Islamic Terror". 

"The Brussels event was staged false flag terror run by Mossad and the CIA. An operation Gladio style drama. It came just hours after the PSYOP rally of AIPAC at which Trump betrayed truthers and bolstered the false narrative about TEL AVIV as the good guys and USA's greta ally, and bolstered again the fake story of 9/11 being "Islamic Terror". 

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At 4 May 2016 at 15:54 , Anonymous brabantian said...

A further bond of Donald Trump to USA ruling oligarchy, is his 79-year-old older sister (born 1937), United States Federal (national) Appeals Court Judge Maryanne Trump Barry

Trump's sister has been placed at the ultra-high level of USA courts just below the USA Supreme Court

Judges are not elevated to that Federal Appeals Court position by the USA Presidency, without fairly full participation in all the horrors of the USA regime, & proven willingness to subvert the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution

Donald Trump's sister has long exercised live-or-die demonic powers that put people to a torturous death, keep 2.3 million inmates in US prisons, bankrupt & financially destroy the public, & deny US & global citizens nearly all rights, via a legal corruption culture run by the US judges & USA law firms

Though of course the usual media shills say she is 'well-respected' as they say of most all US judges & law firms mauling the US public & committing crimes against humanity

At 5 May 2016 at 10:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, didn't know that about Trump's sister!


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