Tuesday 21 November 2023


Heinz Christian Strache in Jerusalem

Heinz Christian Strache is the leader of Austria's far-right Freedom Party.

The Freedom Party's former leader Jörg Haider had "a long public record of defending the policies of Nazi Germany."

Likud invited Far-Right Austrian Leader Strache to Israel..

On a recent trip to Israel, Heinz Christian Strache, paid a private visit to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust remembrance centre in Jerusalem.

The Freedom Party's Norbert Hofer

The Freedom Party's Norbert Hofer almost won the presidency of Austria in May 2016.

Narrow defeat for far right.

Norbert Hofer strongly supports Israel.

"We have to ensure that any anti-Semitic tendencies created by immigration in Europe are nipped in the bud," Hofer told Die Presse newspaper.

Is the 'Migrant Crisis' Part of a Zionist Plot.

"Journalist Ingrid Thurnher confronted Norbert Hofer of the Freedom Party about his account of his visit to the Temple Mount.

"Hofer said he witnessed an armed Muslim terrorist being shot at the Temple Mount on July 30, 2014.

"Later, however, the media learned from the police that an unarmed Jewish woman wearing clothing reminiscent of a burka was shot by accident at the Temple Mount on that day."

Austria presidential candidate under fire for Temple Mount story.


Geert Wilders' Party for Freedom in the Netherlands, and the Front National in France under Marine Le Pen are pro-Israel.

Donald trump is very strongly pro-Israel.

Israel finds bedfellow in Austria's far-right - FT.com

Is Austria run by Mossad?

Norbert Hofer almost became the president of Austria in May 2016.

Norbert Hofer belongs to Austia's Freedom Party, the party of the late Jörg Haider, who was reportedly controlled by Mossad.

Austria's Joerg Haider

Far-right Austrian leader Joerg Haider had £40 million in secret funds in Liechtenstein.

Lots of unlikely people are blackmailed into working for Mossad.

Joerg Haider died in a 'car accident' in 2008.

Trowbridge H. Ford, at codshit.com, explained' Why Austria's Jörg Haider Was Assassinated'

According to Ford:

1. Mossad's Zev Barkan placed Bernard Weinstein inside Marc Dutroux's operation.

Dutroux's child abuse ring was used to blackmail top people.

Dutroux, who ran a large pedophile ring for top people.

2. In 1996, Barkan moved to Vienna.

Haider was blackmailed.

Haider hired Peter Sichrovsky, who has Jewish origins, as his private secretary and allowed him to set his agenda.

3. Sichrovsky was exposed as working for the Mossad.

In 2000, Sichrovsky had accompanied the Austrian Defence Minister on a trip to Syria, allegedly to achieve the release of three Israeli soldiers being held by Hezbollah in Lebanon.


4. Barkan was interested in blackmailing people in Austria, including the Catholic Church's bishops.

A Mossad Assassination In Austria? 

Reportedly Mossad's Dubai assassination of January 2010 was run from Austria. 

(Mossad hit squad.)

Mossad is active in Austria.

Reportedly the Mumbai Attacks of 2008, which have been linked to Mossad, were planned in Austria and Dubai: (Pak govt source)

"CNN-IBN got details from sources within the Pakistan establishment" that the Mumbai attack of 2008 was planned in Austria and Dubai.


From Trowbridge H. Ford's article entitled "Then There Was The Pim Fortuyn Assassination":

1. In 2000, in Austria, Jorg Haider's Freedom Party together with the Austrian People's Party formed a governing coalition.

What followed was rioting in Vienna, reportedly organised by Zev Barkan of Mossad.


2. Reportedly, Zev Barken, aka Bruckenstein, helped organise the riots in Vienna, using Germans and Americans with false passports.

Reportedly, Josef Fritzl, aka Wilhelm Kramm, helped arrange false identities.

3. Reportedly, Zev Barkan aka Bruckenstein was at one time a Mossad agent in Brussels.

Reportedly, Barkan got Bernard Weinstein involved with Marc Dutroux's organisation, so that blackmail could be applied to Dutroux's customers.

Dutroux, at the centre of an international child abuse and murder ring.

4. Reportedly, Barkan's associates, headed by Arie Scher, operated a paeodophile ring with Israelis in Brazil.

Reportedly, in 2004, Scher was involved in what, reportedly, was Barkan's failed attempt to assassinate New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark.

New Zealand now has a Jewish prime minister.

Volkert van der Graff, who killed Fortuyn

Pim Fortuyn was a right-wing Dutch political party leader who died in mysterious circumstances.

Pim Fortuyn moved to Rotterdam in 1988 and reportedly visited gay haunts in that city.

Reportedly there was a boy brothel there, reportedly run by Lothar Gandolf.

Reportedly, Fortuyn may have known too much about about top people and orgies.

Reportedly, Mossad may have had involvement when Volkert van der Graff killed Fortuyn in 2002.

5. Dutroux was arrested in 1996.

Various witnesses in the Dutroux case, about 20 in total, died in strange circumstances.

6. Reportedly Barkan got back to Brussels to help hush up the Dutroux affair.

Prince Bernhard

Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands was the first president of the Bilderberg Group.

Reportedly, child abuse victim Regina Louf visited his yacht Jumbo VI.

Reportedly, Prince Bernhard encouraged Fortuyn's right-wing, anti-Moslem, political ideas.


The Powers-That-Be control the following:

The right wing Islamists (ISIS, al Qaeda etc.)

The right wing anti-Islamist politicians

The child abusing politicians

The fake left-wing politicians

The groups transporting immigrants


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At 23 May 2016 at 01:51 , Anonymous Greg Bacon said...

"The Powers-That-Be control the following:"

And what they let us see on their 'news' shows. And what our kids read in school.

And brainwash us endlessly with propaganda about how friendly, peace-loving and kindly Israel is while its neighbors are crazed Muzzie fanatics that want to slit your throat.

At 23 May 2016 at 02:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strache is a great looking guy, too bad hes on the wrong side. He is far right? No, he is far wrong.

At 23 May 2016 at 06:51 , Blogger Unknown said...

Austrians can make decision or far right or greens.
if i were an austrian i would vote for far-right.
i am sorry, but these leftish can only invite others people to foreign country. be open, they are like water melon. green outside, but red inside.
Ps. i am looking forward to see this comment :)

At 23 May 2016 at 07:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I put out a post on the Guardian's CIF section which was about the ultra orthodox Jews who are anti Zionists. The Guardian moderators removed it in a jiffy. I didn't even put in any content, I just gave a link and asked, what do people think of these guys?

Even in the liberal press there is to be no discussion of different points of view.

I have now learnt that black is white, white is black, good is evil, evil is good. Nothing is as it seems.

I was brought up on Hollywood and British WW2 war movies. But the world becomes a scary place when you realise there are no good guys. Only different degrees of evil.

There's goodness in friendship, and there's goodness in daily life, but the ruling class rule by evil, and they will do anything to stay at the top of the pile. They will spare no horror or wickedness to stay there. There's too much money at stake.

The over class would sooner destroy all life on the planet rather than share. They believe in the most ultimate type of capitalism: Neoliberalism and libertarianism, because governments get in their way. Pure selfishness.

At 23 May 2016 at 12:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand your mood and would like to give some more with a link that says whose god the Kabbalists really follow:

a link to the content of 3 DVD from the FOIA request about 9/11 (it's garbage):

and a hint at Coudenhove-Kalergi book Praktischer Idealismus (1925)

At 23 May 2016 at 22:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The greens me. The myth of communism. The red terror that never was. It was manufactured by the ruling class, to manipulate ordinary people. Democray had come in against the ruling classes wishes, so the red terror was manufactured to manipulate ordinary people to vote against the self interest and vote right.

Some people are Right because they are racists. Racism is despicable, and it will be better when everyone in the world is the same colour. But I'm against mass immigration because cultures need time to adapt slowly.

In 100 years time, and if we haven't blown the world apart by them, it is obvious to me that there will be a world government of sorts, maybe with lingered powers. The winning political system will take all. The way forward is to get corruption out of politics, so the rich can't buy political parties anymore.

There will never be a perfect world, but:

Fiat money is very special type of money, and it can end all poverty. The Basic Income is coming. Capitalism is probably going to stay around for a while, so the Basic Income will give people enough money to live on without needing to work. Then people can opt in and out of capitalism as they wish. The market won't be able to strand millions into abject poverty anymore and force them to work for slave wages.

Once upon a time people weren't forced to work for anyone else, and they weren't forced to compete in a market system that doesn't suite them. They could always work the land for food instead. The land originally belonged to everyone, or to no one.

The capitalists drove the peasants off their land and into their factories. If the peasants hadn't have accepted the slave work they would have starved. The capitalists used brute force, not the hand of God to get their industrial capitalist system going. Modern society can't be undone, so the Basic Income re-addresses the imbalance.

The Green Party is more likely to bring in the Basic Income than other parties.

A Green World Government, I like that.

At 23 May 2016 at 22:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How the media, which is owned by billionaires, manipulates us.

Russia Insider are a collection of journalists from both the left and right who have together to bring the real news.

After we have thrown the billionaires and their paid for governments out off power we can then argue about left and right politics. Things will then settle down to the middle way with some countries a little right, and others a little left.


At 23 May 2016 at 22:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Moses Birch — New Yars ICBM is Russia’s Answer to NATO’s First-Strike-Enabling Missile Shield (Video)

Russia has been watching with mounting concern not only NATO’s encroachment on Russia’s traditional sphere of interest (after having promised not to do so), but its determination to place its missile-shield elements right on Russia’s borders, to provide the best chance of intercepting a retaliatory response. Such systems can only serve one purpose: to nullify Russia’s nuclear deterrent and thereby allow NATO a nuclear first strike.

In response to this looming threat, Russia has been focussing on nuclear missiles that can penetrate NATO’s missile shield, and therefore deter NATO, such as the Bulava SLBM and the Topol and Topol-M road-mobile ICBMS, and now the Yars as successor to the Topol-M.

These inter-continental ballistic missiles seek to launch very fast, thereby limiting the vulnerable launch phase, then fly on an unpredictable trajectory, to make interception difficult, then in the terminal phase, not only engage in evasive maneuvers, but release multiple re-entry vehicles (MIRVs), while doing all this at a blistering speed. Moreover, these missiles are not silo-based but mobile, the Bulava being anywhere in the vast oceans, and the Yars being anywhere within Russia’s vast hinterland, thereby making them more survivable in the event of a NATO first strike.
Russia Insider
New Yars ICBM is Russia’s Answer to NATO’s First-Strike-Enabling Missile Shield (Video)

At 6 December 2016 at 01:29 , Blogger Unknown said...

Austrians can settle on the choice or far right or greens.

on the off chance that I were an Australian I would vote in favor of far-right.

I am sad, yet these leftish can just welcome others individuals to the remote nation. be open, they resemble watermelon. green outside, however red inside.
Try it Yourself »


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