Friday, 15 April 2016


The United States

Chapter I: The War on Terror is a Fraud

Chapter II: The One-Party State

Chapter III: Psychopathy, Power and Politics

Chapter IV: Operation Paperclip

Chapter V: MK-ULTRA

Chapter VI: Operation Gladio

Chapter VII: Operation Mockingbird


Chapter IX: The Phoenix Program

Chapter X: Iran/Contra

Chapter XI: Continuity of Government

Chapter XII: The Pedophocracy

Chapter XIII: Cults and Child Abuse

Chapter XIV: Trauma-Based Mind Control

Chapter XV: The Pathocracy

Chapter XVI: Solutions

Chapter XVII: The Awakening


  1. Genius, aangirfan. Well said. Speak truth to power.

  2. Terrific. Just as I'm thinking, outreach almost looks to be slowing down, along comes another, (for me), new voice. Took heart in Timothy Silver's 'The Awakening' and why he does. More having-a-goers, surely the way. No matter, could be seen as duplication. That's not it. Increasing diversity and wider expanse. Like fishing. More is more. Catching. Overturning. For those who 'want to know' and want to tell. Encouragement to DIY.

  3. Mr Silver is an adherent of the "Don't mention the Joos" line of policy. Ctrl+F search brings up only two references to Jews in the whole book, one in a sentence refering to Abu Qatada and another in the same sentence as Adolf... Go figure