Sunday 1 May 2016


outing Isolationism, Trump Employs a String of Neoconservative Advisors

© AFP 2016/ L.E. BASKOW

Trump's Kissinger - Joseph Schmitz

Trump's foreign policy advisers are Neocon warhawks.

Donald Trump - A NeoCon War Hawk.

Like most conmen politicians, Trump is all things to all men.

Trump tries to appeal to the non Neocons, but, Trump is a Neocon.

The Neocon's current policy is to get their assets to pretend to admit that Iraq was not a wild success.

But, secretly, the Neocons are going to continue to destabilise countries such as Iraq.

Trump's five-member foreign policy team is in bed with the military industrial complex.

Trump's Kissinger - Joseph Schmitz

The five are:

1. Joseph Schmitz is a former inspector general with the US Defense Department, and, a former boss of security contractor Blackwater.

Blackwater killed civilians in Iraq.

Joe Schmitz's brother John P. Schmitz was an Iran Contra player.

Joe Schmitz, a member of the Knights of Malta, 'was Haliburton's greatest enabler when the company was misplacing Iraq reconstruction money.'

Joe Schmitz led the effort to keep the blame for the Abu Ghraib abuses restricted to the lower levels. 

"Joe Schmitz will be Trump's Kissinger ... Everything that Trump thinks he knows about the world situation, he gets from guys like Schmitz."


Joseph Schmitz's father is John G. Schmitz.

John G  Schmitz kept a mistress and a second family, including an infant son with a mutilated penis.

Joseph Schmitz's sister is Mary Kay Fualaau (née Schmitz).

Mary Kay LeTourneau hit the headlines when it was discovered that the father of her children was a thirteen year old boy.

2. Keith Kellogg is a former employee of CACI International.

CACI was sued by 256 Iraqis over its alleged involvement in torture, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

CIA asset.

3. George Papadopoulos is a fan of Israel and takes an interest in 'Israeli gas'.

(The man who led the CIA's coup in Greece in 1967 was a fascist called George Papadopoulos)

4. Dr. Walid Phares, a professor at the National Defense University in Washington DC. is a former adviser to a fascist Christian militia group responsible for a number of human rights violations during the Lebanese Civil War. 

Phares has been linked to the Lebanese forces responsible for  the massacre of hundreds of Palestinians in Lebanon's Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in 1982.

Trump the ULTRA-neocon - Cannonfire.

5. Carter Page is a former fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

"Trump may claim that he seeks to reign in US adventurism, but based on the records of his chosen advisers, a Trump presidency would likely mean business as usual."

Donald Trump - A NeoCon War Hawk.


Trump is pro-Likud.

"Trump's son-in-law runs the New York Observer, a rag generally considered pro-Likud and pro-neocon." 

Trump "receives glowing press from Israel Hayom, Adelson's ultra-right-wing daily newspaper." 

Sheldon Adelson supports Trump.

Trump attacks Iran for supporting Assad, and blames Iran rather than Saudi Arabia for the destruction in Yemen.

Trump's lies about Iran are based on Netanyahu's chart.

Trump the ULTRA-neocon - Cannonfire.

According to a lawsuit, Donald Trump raped 13-year-old 'sex slave' Katie Johnson at Jeffrey Epstein's 'sex parties' in 1994.

The legal papers were filed on 28 April 2016 at a court in southern California.

Trump models.

Katie says that Trump treated her as a 'sex slave' over a four-month period.

Katie Johnson says that Trump took her virginity.

Katie says that Trump threatened to harm her or her family if she didn't comply.

Donald Trump with Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the 'Mossad agent' Robert Maxwell. Ghislaine reportedly supplied young girls to Trump's close friend Jeffrey Epstein.

Katie says that she and a third 'sex slave', also aged 13, gave Trump naked, sexually charged massages.

'The Plaintiff Katie Johnson, was enticed with promises of money and a modeling career to attend a series of underage sex parties ... attended by Defendant, Donald J. Trump.'

The lawsuit states that a New York 'party planner', who spent ten years working for Epstein, is willing to give testimony in support of Katie Johnson.

The complaint identifies the woman only as Tiffany Doe, a 'trusted employee' of Epstein's, and claims that Doe can confirm all of Ms Johnson's allegations.

Jill Harth, who claimed that Trump tried to rape her.

According to the lawsuit: 

'Scores of teenagers and pre-teen girls' were 'used as sex slaves by Trump'. according to the paperwork.

 'Katie Johnson, was forced to manually stimulate Defendant Trump with her hand on his erect penis until he achieved sexual orgasm,.'

Katie was forced to 'orally copulate' Trump.

Katie was forced to perform 'an unnatural lesbian sex act' for Trump with a fellow minor aged 12.

Katie was tied to a bed by Trump and 'forcibly raped' by Trump.

Trump refused to wear a condom.

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At 29 April 2016 at 02:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything is being moved into place ready for the year 2020,as in 2020 vision.The One Eye open and the One Eye closed of the Illuminati.The vision is the establishment of the greater Israel project has been accomplished.Thus Both Eyes will open.

At 29 April 2016 at 02:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think he is. Trump strikes me as an old-fashioned America-first nationalist who is simply paying lipservice to the hawks. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has a long track record of being a neocon warhawk.

At 29 April 2016 at 02:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Long Live John Niems

At 29 April 2016 at 03:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 29 April 2016 at 04:11 , Blogger Anon said...

Trump is conning you.

Trump is a ne-con Likudist war hawk.

At 29 April 2016 at 20:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be A Proud American, by Paul Craig Roberts

USA Has Been Destroying Iraq And The Country’s Population For 15 Years
Guest Column by Felicity Arbuthnot

The horrific war crimes, the worst in human history, of the Clinton, Cheney/Bush, and Obama regimes make Adolf Hitler and the Nazis seem mild and gentle.

Is Washington’s slaughter of Muslim populations and countries a policy in behalf of Zionist Israel?

At 30 April 2016 at 02:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A superb interview.

It's time for a progressive Tea Party. Considering the Tea Party is a fake movement, considering that without the enormous wealth which drives right wing propaganda conservatism would collapse overnight, then a progressive Tea Party could be very powerful indeed.

Expect the Right Wing propaganda machine go into overdrive, though, and they will get real mean with that much money at stake. They may even start killing people and then blame it on commies. The Right have bombed Whole countries to the ground for profit, because these people are pure evil.

Eldridge & Co. - Les Leopold: "Runaway Inequality"

At 20 June 2017 at 19:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 17 August 2017 at 04:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome !!

At 1 September 2017 at 02:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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