Friday, 8 January 2016


Angela Constance (left).

A group who were sexually abused as children say that Angela Constance, Scotland's education minister, is ignoring them.

The group are threatening to withdraw cooperation from the public inquiry into child abuse in Scottish institutions.

The group, In Care Abuse Survivors (Incas), says repeated requests for meetings with the minister have been turned down.

Alan Draper, Incas' parliamentary liason officer, said: "The inquiry team, appointed by government, have questioned the need for representation for survivors, and seem to consider the role of survivors to extend only to the giving of evidence.

"We are moving away from a 'survivor centred' inquiry to one where survivors are merely witnesses to be heard and then excused."

Child sex abuse survivors' fury at Angela Constance 'snub'.

Child abuse survivors slam 'shambolic' inquiry delays .

Angela Constance (left), Mike Russell, Fiona Hyslop.

Scotland's school pupils have been failed in eight years of SNP rule.



  1. we are in North Korea up here !

  2. Worth re-iterating :

    Then, check the ring (pic3 man with cap) :


  3. Sorry, change my name to anonymous if you want.



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  6. Many thanks Mr. Q. @ 17.26. Many thanks indeed.

    I passed through KNT today as it happens; I am only a few miles away. I'll be passing again shortly, there's another jumble sale in Balerno due imminently.


  7. Sorry.

    Mr. Q, has it not crossed your mind - given the lavender marriage (which I had to look up the definition for) - if true, or that she was "top-dog" in the relationship, that she is perhaps involved in some way. Hence the late book disclosure. Masons love ruses and perhaps share their "secrets" with loved ones. Remember the Wests.


  8. All of them witches. UK is like hell for children. Never saw something like what is going on there. There is a net formed by politicians, police, hospital staff, IAPT=Mind, social services and some teachers who are destroying families taking their children away under false accusations and excuses. It is absolutely unfair. Justice is totally corrupt. The moment they put their eyes on your child you lost it. Hundreds of children disappearing, hundreds taking away from their mums. UK IS HELL.

  9. For Clarity...

    WHOEVER is writing comment here as 'Mr Q' it is not me! - This post was brought to my attention today by a third party, and I would just like that pointed out!

    Having nothing to hise and no-one to hide from, any comments from me WILL be in my own name and own name only! And you will, if necessary, be able to verify they are genuine by emailing

    Secondly, I can confirm that among other things Hugh Mitchell DID claim to be a Mason and I believe that yes ring on his finger IS a Masonic signet ring; I did work with the man after all!

    And in my latest blog post...

    I make it clear why this particular independence supporter agrees that Ms Constance is an entirely unsuitable person to be involved in investgating matters of child abuse.

    There ARE dots... Join them!

  10. Mr. Quinn, your e mail address is kaput. I tried to message you, to apologise for incorrectly assuming you left the initial link to your blog. However, it is rejected as spam.


    1. My apologies... That particular address is of course kept fairly 'controlled'...

      As you can imagine, the nature of some of my work is such that it brings a fair bit of unwelcome attention. Two sets of server-level spam filters keep it quite tightly locked down. - Anyone trying to contact me should do so from a 'clean address' - i.e. NOT one that's used for sending out newsletters etc.

  11. Mr. Quinn, I wish I had not bothered. I over estimated you, assuming - and I am, that this is the same Mr. Quinn. Somehow, just somehow, I believe it is :

    @ 12.52, comment by 1984x5, see Mr. Q's "replies".

    @ 1:39pm comment by Edmund North - see Mr. Q's "reply".

    @ 12.58pm comment by Edond North - see Mr. Q's "reply":

    "Got a hidden past have we? Wait until the day you get pulled for drink driving (again!) and the polis take a DNA swab from you.....then the schect is really going to hit the fan. The countdown begins,...."

    Makes one wonder, makes one kick oneself for...


  12. I cannot see the comments attached to that newspaper article... And in any case they are irrelevant as there are no comments from ME in any way, shape or form there...

    Personally, I really couldn't care less what cameras Edinburgh city council put where - I've nothing to hide. Other than ferrying members of the family in and out to their places of work and study in Edinburgh I rarely go near the place... And almost-never bother to even get out of the car!

    I'm certainly not interested enough in the place to read the 'Evening News' let alone comment on one of their articles...

    And no, I have no "hidden past" as you put it. Nor have I ever been convicted of any offence of any kind in my entire life - not so much as a parking ticket... Nor even a library book fine!

    The Police are absolutely welcome to 'pull me over' whenever they like... All papers in exceptional order...

    And I don't know if drink driving is a habit of yours (deflection and projection) but, as the last time I had an alcoholic drink in public was 2011, pulling me over on suspicion of 'drink driving' will really only leave them with egg-nog on their face... As they will then find themselves facing not only a press-card holder with curious understanding of 'reasonable cause' and an 'Advanced Driver' tag on his licence. But someone who will be asking their inspector for a written explanation of their actions...

    If you were a little-better researched you'd know that I handed my own warrant card back in over 26 years ago; so they have my prints. - And more recently I've produced work for both the old Central Scotland and Strathclyde forces...

    No "schect", no fan...

    Although there IS another little Chihuahua-owning nonce(and friend of Mitchell) of this parish who will remain well in my sights 'till I see him locked up where he belongs. - And he's needin' to get his auld lying fishwife of a mother back on her lead!


  13. HA HA HA ima see daft people

  14. Hi

    Quinn says above that he only comments in his own name...clearly that is not the case as shown here