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In 1987, one of the alleged VIP gang, top Conservative Harvey Proctor, pled guilty to having sex with boys below the age of consent. 

In 2014, Nick was interviewed by the police.

Nick is described as being a well-spoken, middle-aged man.

Detective Superintendent Kenny McDonald said:

"Nick has been spoken to by experienced officers from child abuse teams and experienced officers from murder investigations.

"They and I believe what Nick is saying is credible and true."


In 1978, one of the alleged VIP gang, MI6 deputy boss Sir Peter Hayman, left a package of child abuse related materials on a London bus. In Hayman's apartment, police found 45 diaries describing sexual activities with children children, activities with prostitutes, articles of female clothing and obscene literature. 

Nick says that at the age of about seven, his stepfather, a military man, sexually abused him.

He says that his stepfather then farmed him out to a VIP child abuse ring.

Among the many children reported to have been murdered by the VIP gang is Martin Allen (above).

Nick named as members of the child abuse ring:

Former Prime Minister Edward Heath,

Former Home Secretary Leon Brittan 

Former Conservative member of Parliament Harvey Proctor

Former Chief of the Defence Staff Lord Bramall

Another former top general, General Sir Hugh Beach

The former head of MI5, Sir Michael Hanley

The former head of MI6, Sir Maurice Oldfield

In 2015, brothel madam Myra Forde stated that she had supplied Edward Heath with young lads. 

Nick says that, at the Dolphin Square flats in London, Harvey Proctor strangled a boy to death.

Another boy was killed in the presence of a Conservative minister.

A third was deliberately run over by a car in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey.

Bramall and Thatcher.

Some of the abuse and torture 'took place at the Carlton Club in St James’s Street' and at Elm Guest House.

Nick says that he was flown to Paris in a private plane and then sexually abused in France by members of the Saudi Royal family.

James Reeves was born in 1946. 

Up to about the age of 7, James was in foster care. 

James writes: 

"I can remember their names - the Porters... 

"I can remember standing on the kitchen table, just a cloth nappy on, being abused by women and grown up children.

"I can remember being locked in some cupboard for hours every day..." 


From about the age of 7, James was in a children's home called Beecholme, in Banstead, Surrey. 

James writes: "My next memory is Beecholme, Jasmine house. 

"I was taken there by a woman who handed me over to the House Mistress of Jasmine House. 

"That woman who took me to Jasmine House was my mother. 

(The next time we would meet was when I was 12.) 

"I was shown into a dining room, stripped naked, and beaten on my bottom hard by the House Mistress, Miss Cullen. 

"I was then taken into a large bathroom with 2 baths end to end. 

"The bathroom was crowded with other naked boys and girls...

James writes:

"After the bath, we were marched out up the stairs to our dormitories.

"It must have been not more than 20 minutes later, I remember being pulled roughly out off my bed by a man who took my nightshirt off and took me downstairs. 

"I was told to face the wall, opposite a room which was occupied by people...

"I was slapped hard on my bare bum... 

"I was then blind-folded and taken into that room and sexually assaulted by 2 people. 

"One tried to bugger me, but stopped when I screamed. 

James writes:

"Next I remember something hard being put in my mouth. 

"I was crying and shaking with fear...

"I was told to suck on the thing in my mouth, but was whacked round the head. 

"I heard one person say 'He’s no good – his teeth are digging in'... 

James writes:

"Miss Cullen used to put her chair in the middle of the dining room floor and call us boys to stand in line. 

"She then would one-by-one strip us and spank our bottoms hard in front of the girls. 

"This happened every night after tea, 7 days of every week... 

"I never saw men in the house during the day, only at nights when they used to
take me downstairs and repeat their abuse... 

James writes:

"One day I was told I was leaving, to be taken to another children’s home. I was picked up by car by a LCC Social Worker. I was driven to Hutton children’s residential home, in Shenfield, Essex...

"Whilst there somehow some of us were invited to the Billy Cotton Band Show Christmas party, which was shown on BBC television...

"There was Russ Conway, a woman singer and my abuser Alan Breeze... 

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If you were a victim of abuse at Beecholme,Please visit the Facebook page Of Beecholme Survivors Group.We are here to help.


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