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Dauntsey's School, in Wiltshire in the UK, is a private co-educational boarding and day school.

It is popular with Foreign Office and military families.

A boy, aged 17, has been arrested for asking boys at Dauntsey's, some as young as 11, to post sexual images of themselves online.

42 pupils were targeted in the 'sexting' scam.

Jonathan Dimbleby at Dauntsey's 

Parents fear that some of the photos may have been sent to child abusers.

Staff discovered what was going on and immediately alerted police and social services.

Headmaster Mark Lascelles said: 

'We educate pupils about online risks but there's very little we can do to stop the use of social media such as Snapchat. It is accessed via the 3G or 4G mobile phone networks or from home. 

'It wouldn't be possible through the school's own internet service.

'There were 42 pupils who had contacts but considerably fewer actually posted images.' 


Dauntsey's School Lord of the Flies performance

Samantha Smith, chairman of the school's parents' association, said parents had been fully briefed and were 'very happy' with the school's response.

Dauntsey's chair of governors is Richard Handover (above)

He was vice-chair of the charity Kids Company

Kids Company staff 'knew about sex abuse incidents' .

Richard Handover's children, Sasha and Jamie Handover, were both on the payroll at Kids Company

Recent visitors to Dauntsey's have included Lord Boyce (above), former Chief of the Defence Staff, Jonathan Aitken and Lord Green, formerly boss of HSBC.

Dauncey's school is in Wiltshire.

Wiltshire Police is at the centre of allegations that it failed to investigate former Prime Minister Ted Heath for sex offences in the 1990s.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.


Former Chief Inspector Howard Groves was investigating a child abuse ring with links to MPs.

Groves told The Mail on Sunday: ‘I remember we were called to a meeting and told by a senior officer that if we found any establishment figures involved, the investigation would be stopped.’

The operation was led by Met Commander Trevor Lloyd-Hughes, who died in 1986 amid claims of soliciting male prostitutes. 

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