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German Nazi Adolf Heusinger organized the Koriukivka massacre - a mass murder of 6,700 residents of Koriukovka (then a village) in Ukraine on 1-2 March 1943.

Adolf Heusinger later served as the first Inspector General of the West German armed forces, from 1957 to 1961.

He was appointed Chairman of the NATO Military Committee in Washington D.C. where he served until 1964, when he retired.

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UK Blames Saudi Arabia After Hackers Trace ISIS Accounts To UK Gov’t



A group of anonymous teen hackers traced a group of terrorists’ social media accounts to the British government, but further investigation revealed the accounts are actually tied to Saudi Arabia.

Calling themselves VandaSec, the group communicates primarily through social media and targets child predators online in addition to Daesh (the Arabic acronym for the group also known as the Islamic State, ISIS or ISIL). On Dec. 14, they told The Daily Mirror that they’d traced at least three Daesh Twitter accounts which they hacked back to IP addresses belonging to the Department of Work and Pensions, the division of the British government which administers unemployment and disability assistance.

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Thats some important info:

"The Moscow " Goebbels Diaries"

There are other episodes discussed here which encompass both documentary frauds and what Trevor-Roper termed "unchecked human testimony." (H.R. Trevor-Roper, "The Last Days of Hitler", New York, 1947, p. 197, notes)

The collapse of the Soviet Union may have seen the temporary end of Russian expansionism, but it did not see a termination to an incredible outpouring of documentary forgeries which have plagued the historical world since the beginning of the Twentieth Century.

Russian historical experts working for the NKVD and its successor, the KGB, conducted, and still are conducting, a prolific forgery factory in Moscow. These products have sown dissension and confusion in the ranks of legitimate historians and journalists. The former are more difficult to delude, but the latter, eager for sensational material with which to reap profits, are extraordinarily careless in assessing the accuracy of offerings from Muscovite document peddlers.

Aside from extensively rewriting their own history, Russian forgery experts spent most of their time in producing material designed to delude, confound and mislead their perceived enemies, both domestic and foreign. Much of this began after the Second World War with extensive rewriting, editing and deliberate forgeries of German military and political documents designed to embarrass the United States and its client, the West German government, as well as to elevate the image of their own regime.

Faked reports dealing with the purported death of Hitler began the deluge and these were followed by endless papers concerning the fate of Martin Bormann who the Soviets claimed was living somewhere in the West, probably protected by the insidious Americans. The same creative writers also heavily edited and enhanced the records of German Army Group Center, captured by their military units, when that entity was overrun during the war.

The purpose of this exercise was to supply proof that German General Adolf Heusinger, nominated for a high NATO position, had been involved in war crimes on the Eastern Front during the course of the war. The KGB intermingled original, relatively unimportant documents with doctored or completely invented papers, released these through their agencies in the West and awaited the results. Fortunately, other period copies of the original documents were safe in German and American archives and comparisons quickly disclosed the fraudulent nature of the Heusinger attack. (See Security and reduced tension: On the occasion of the 70. birthday of general (ret.) Adolf Heusinger. 4 August 1967. Markus-Verlagsgesellschaft, Cologne 1967.)

Many documents were prepared over the years in the event that they might be needed for a future propaganda assault and then left secure in Soviet archives."

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A hoaxer's criminal message


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There's a pretty good summary of the Nazi atrocities through the conquered areas of Eastern Europe in a book by Richard Rhodes called 'MAsters of Death', it's pretty much a body count listing. Worth a read if you're in any doubt as to whether the Nazis were bad guys.

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And of course the Soviet perpetrators of the Katyn Woods massacre wanted the Germans to be tried at Nuremberg for that atrocity. History is the victors' account of events, and there is usually much to be hidden on the part of all participants in war.


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