Saturday 19 December 2015

Iraq War Veteran Speaks Out

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At 20 December 2015 at 01:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like the old Fall song; "Repetition repetition repetition..." Why do we have to suffer the same shitey Christmas songs every year? Same modus as Fox CNN BBC etc. Car boot burgers for all. I have enormous faith in the country that gave Alcoholics Anonymous to the world. Come on America!

At 20 December 2015 at 01:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's that line out of Festen when Christian (!) asks his father why he raped his own children. "BECAUSE THAT'S ALL YOU WERE GOOD FOR".

At 20 December 2015 at 13:39 , Blogger wiggins said...

Here you are....enjoy this.

At 20 December 2015 at 23:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vince Emanuele is great. I saw this a few years ago and saved it in my favorites then I saved thousands of things in hundreds is folders and could never find it. It's one of the most powerful things I have seen.

Most people probably see our world as normal, but as Vince Emanuele says, lots of people are traumatised by work. I was doing 12 to 14 hours a day, 5 days a week with 10 or more hours on Saturday.

I was a top engineer with very high level qualifications. I did 11 years of college and I got all top grades. I was the only electrical / electronic engineer in the company, where everyone else was a mechanical engineer, but I had to know a lot of their stuff as well. And everything was run by computers so I had to know about all the software and computers too.

Eventually i started flagging and my hours as my time spent at work went to 60 to 70 hours. Years ago the managers were human and more or less friendly, now it was aggressive style management. Then some managers started saying that I did not know what I was doing and that I took too long. They were very bolshie. I was a bit of a perfectionist so this got to me and I ended up just working harder. And if a job took me too long I worked clock out and work for nothing. I then found out that other people were doing this as well, for the same reasons. They felt they weren't good enough. One eventually went off fur three months with stress.

Our company nearly got closed down because the service was so bad, and we were told that we were the worst performer. Then the higher management panicked and started spending loads of money where before they would not spend anything. So they hired another electrical engineer and also brought in a top fourth year apprentice from another depot. But the apprentice started doing 50 hours a week, the other electrical engineer was doing 70 hours a week, and I cut my hours and was still doing 56 hours a week. But the work just kept piling up. So much for me being too slow and doing too much overtime.

But I had been on my own for years doing far too many hours, then just going to bed and sleeping and then going back to work again and I was now burnt out. I hurt everywhere and had developed fibromyalgia. I was eventually medically retired as I became unable to work anymore.

At 21 December 2015 at 00:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So people think our world is normal, and they passively get on with it. I'm retired so I go for mindful walks now for therapy. In the mornings the roads are choc a block with cars crawling really show. I mindful walk during the day and evenings too, and the traffic hardly ever lets up. I go to the shops are people are working hard all the time.

Guys keep ringing me up from my old company desperate because of the problems that can't sort out. It sort of fucked my old company when I left. I had 40 years experience in my trade.

I was at dinner with the family yesterday and my girlfriend's sister's husband was telling me how he starts at work 7 am every day and goes on until 6 in the evening and the work is non stop. And he never has tea breaks or dinner breaks, he has to eats his lunch while he works. He now suffers from chronic indigestion. I didn't tell him that if it goes on long enough it can cause stomach cancer. A big killer in our world.

Now millions of people in Britain everyday are going at it 24/7, with machines and automation are going flat out 24 hours a day too. And this is happening in every country all over the world chewing up all of the world's resources. The whole planet is just one big giant factory going ten to dozen daily year in year out. Vast tracks of forest are getting mowed down by bulldozers. Our environment being destroyed.

This isn't right, something has gone wrong. The one percent are creaming it in, and the mindless ordinary conservatives are all pro the work ethic, and get all fascist about people who don't want to work in boring jobs, for crap money, doing shit hours for mega rich good for nothing wankers.

At 21 December 2015 at 00:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wrote this on my tiny mobile phone, so it is full of mistakes that I have missed. Some words are missing and others get accidentally left in which should have been taken out. But most people will get the gist of it, if they read it.

At 21 December 2015 at 04:07 , Blogger Anon said...

Merry Christmas!


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