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Rosemary Clooney, who was bipolar.

Any kind of extremism or extreme event can lead to poor mental health.

Think of the sexual repression in Saudi Arabia and the Wahhabis' bouts of rage.

Think of the kids who are sexualy abused by adults and the high level of mental illness suffered by such kids in later life.

Connie Francis, who was bipolar.

I can think of 'John' who was groomed and sexually abused by a male teacher at the age of six. 

Apparently John 'repressed' the abuse; his wealthy family were reportedly unaware of the abuse.

As a teenager, at a different school, John voluntarily had sex with various boys and teachers.

As a young adult, John began to experience rage. 

One might imagine that, subconsciously, he was enraged with his parents and perhaps enraged with his own failures.

John was diagnosed as being bipolar.

John has now come to terms with his problems.

He has done this by talking to people about his traumas and writing a book about his traumas.

Vivien Leigh was bipolar.

"Emotional abuse experienced in childhood, especially in children aged 5 years and younger, confers an increased risk for bipolar disorder, new research shows."

Emotional Abuse in Childhood Linked to Bipolar Disorder

Sometimes a mother is separated from her young child due to illness or divorce; or a mother has emotional problems which affect the upbringing of the child.

Various dramatic events can temporarily alter the chemistry of the brain.

Such events include the death of one's partner, the loss of one's job, the loss of one's home or some kind of traumatic sexual situation.

When the victim eventually comes to terms with these difficult events, the brain chemistry can return to normal.

The rage resulting from sexual and other traumas, is not always directed against the people and institutions that may have caused the problems in the first place.

"Instead, the rage is generally directed at helpless victims who are sacrificed to the sick gods of guilt, shame, and ignorant pride."

Sexual Repression.

Nina Simone was bipolar.

Anonymous wrote:

"The real battle is the fight against the (so called) evil in your own nature.

"To acknowledge that these monsters in your dreams are part of you.

"And once you see this ... you have the power to change yourself."

Britney Spears is bipolar.

If we look at the following list of people who have been bipolar, we may see that part of their problem is sex - either repressed sexual feelings and/or uncomfortable feelings about indulgence in certain types of sex.

And part of the problem is traumatic events.

List of people with bipolar disorder.

Alexander Hamilton, a founding father of the USA, was born out of wedlock, and orphaned as a child.

Hamilton had a three-year affair with Maria Reynolds while paying her husband James Reynolds blackmail money to maintain secrecy.

Alexander Hamilton

Hans Christian Andersen was reportedly a repressed homosexual.

Hans Christian Andersen was a gay virgin.

Charles Pierre Baudelaire frequented prostitutes and contracted gonorrhea and syphilis.

He wrote: "I think that the unique and supreme delight lies in the certainty of doing 'evil' - and men and women know from birth that all pleasure lies in evil."[40]

Ludwig van Beethoven loved his nephew Carl. Beethoven's father was a monster.


Winston Churchill liked boys and young men.


Charles Dickens liked boys.

Acording to Françoise Dupeyron-Lafay (The Forms and Functions of Language in David Copperfield):

"Cannot homosexual overtones be heard in David's admiration, and even 'love' for Steerforth, or in his comparing himself to a submissive female character, Scheherazade, reading to the sultan ?" [17]
Charles Dickens.

As a small child, Ernest Hemingway was dressed as a girl.

Ernest Hemingway frequently wrote about men who loved boys.

For example, in A Simple Enquiry, an Italian major unsuccessfully tries to seduce a young lad. (Ernest Hemingway)

Truman Capote called Ernest Hemingway "the greatest old closet queen ever to come down the pike"

(Conversation with Robert Jennings in 1968 - hemingway wore dresses)

Abraham Lincoln used to sleep with young men.

Abraham Lincoln

Mark Twain liked both boys and girls.

Mark Twain and boys and girls.

Isaac Newton never married, but he did have a close friendship with the Swiss mathematician Nicolas Fatio de Duillier

When Newton was three, his mother remarried and went to live with her new husband, leaving her son in the care of his maternal grandmother. 

The young Isaac disliked his stepfather and maintained some enmity towards his mother for marrying him.

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At 13 October 2015 at 01:44 , Anonymous Ed(tor) said...

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At 13 October 2015 at 02:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

'"And once you see this ... you have the power to change yourself."'

At 13 October 2015 at 03:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Things have come along way over the years with mental health science. It wasn't long back the pharmaceutical companies were bashing it about faulty genes causing all our mental illness and personality quirks. They kept saying how they had founds genes for this and that, but the research could never be replicated. All they wanted to do was sell their horrible drugs, by the £billions.

The newspapers will make it front page news whenever a gene was supposedly found for depression, psychoses, or anxiety, but when would never mention anything when newer research proved this not to be the case.

Hans Eysenck was a professor of psychology who the rich adored, and he adored them. He believed that 99% of our personality was inherited and there was nothing we could do to change things. He wrote the book, The Inequality of Man, where he said the ruling class and the mega rich had got to the top because of their exceptionally intelligence, cleverness, astuteness, greatness, etc., and this was due to the genes they had inverted.

The rich loved Eysenck and made him a celebrity and world renowned psychologist, except he was 99% wrong on everything. The fact that many of the mega rich probably got there by insider dealing, shady deals, and outright crime is never considered.

Then they found the short serotonin gene which they said caused depression, except 85% of the population had it. The fact that it may have been a more elegant and modern version of serotonin gene was not considered. Later research overturned all these findings. And CBT has been overturning psychiatry's genetic determinism theories.

The human genome projects was supposed to isolate all genes for all illness except they could not find any genes for mental and emotional problems. So they said that it was the wrong combination of good genes which produced mental illnesses, but even this was shown not to be true. So now they are searching amongst the bits and scraps of genes, but they've almost run out of places to look, and the effects here are going to be negligible anyway.

But it gets worse, antidepressant drugs may actually be causing an epidemic of depression and anxiety. G A Fava, an Italian professor of psychiatry noticed that when he started treating people with antidepressants they kept coming back with more depression after a few months, where before, when he used psychotherapy, he never saw them again. So he wrote to the American Psychiatric Association asking them to do research on this, but the AMA weren't interest and never did any research. Drugs were big business.

Papers by Dr. GA Fava, long-time critic of antidepressants

"Now Antidepressant-Induced Chronic Depression Has a Name: Tardive Dysphoria'

It now looks likely that all psychiatric medicines may make the illnesses they treat worse in the long run to some degree. For acute and severe illness they may help if used very sparingly for short periods of time, although some researchers feel that more research is needed.

Robert Whitaker: Anatomy of an Epidemic

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At 13 October 2015 at 03:52 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 13 October 2015 at 03:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nina Simone's daughter reveals abuse at the hands of her mother in shocking documentary

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At 13 October 2015 at 04:06 , Blogger James R said...

Apologies to be off topic Aangirfan but has anyone been able to visit Jim Stones site recently? I have been unable to visit for many days and if I wait long enough it came up as the web address with the word circumvent in it.
I am assuming that there is not a plot against Australians viewing the site but thought I would check.

At 13 October 2015 at 04:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very depressed, shy, and anxious people were told that their condition was inherited, and that they had a physical illness. Some found relief in this 'medical model', because they said that it wasn't their fault that they had difficulties and lots of personal problems. It was an illness in the brain, a biochemical imbalance, like diabetes, they were told.

Other people, though, were terrified that they might not be able to get better because psychiatrists had told them they had faulty genes. Being told they had a genetic flaw which made it difficult for them to cope with life, unlike their luckier friends and colleagues, made them feel even more inadequate and unhappy. Some psychiatrists even said that these very unfortunate people lacked joy juice. Imagine that as a life sentence? !

Psychologists continued to treat people with psychotherapy with good results. They said that many of these had difficult early life experiences which needed to be worked through. Many had been physically abused as children as well as being neglected.

But top psychiatrists hit back, saying that these people were born without enough joy juice, serotonin, and so were not lovely and fun babies to be around. They said their parents neglected, abused, and didn't love them because they were simply miserable and unlovable babies to begin with. And when they went to school, the psychiatrists argued, they were not popular with other children either, because they lacked fun and joy juice. This was why lots of these people are lonely, they said. But antidepressant drugs can correct the faulty biochemical imbalance improving the lives of these naturally depeessive people.


Professor Reuven Feuerstein was less known than Eysenck, and was his polar opposite. They fought with each other about the role of genes in mental illness. Feuerstein would get severely brain damaged children and get them to play special games he had invented which made them think in a creative way which repaired their brains. Some of these children were considered imbeciles but went on to university to get good degrees. And he could greatly help and cure many schizophrenics too. He did pioneering work which is still being used today.

Preview of "Let in the Light" "A new documentary featuring the work of Dr. Reuven Feuerstein.

At 13 October 2015 at 07:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's about 5 million people in Scotland including children. In 2014/15, 814,181, close to a fifth of the entire population, were prescribed anti-depressants.

In Scotland they have began a new programme of a "named adult" to act for every child. It's still being implemented. One such "guardian",a teacher covering 200 pupils has been convicted of "child abuse".


At 13 October 2015 at 09:04 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a tragic story about Vivien Leigh. You can be the most beautiful person in the world, be famous, be very talented, be very wealthy, be married to the next most beautiful person in the world and still be terribly unhappy.

I can understand why, though, it's human nature to be a bjt dissatisfied and always want more. The scientists and psychologists who developed Acceptance and Commitment Therapy ACT found this out in their research.

There's a number of reasons why humans have dominated the Earth. Social community group effort, very high intelligence, and a an insatiable desire to want something more. A bigger house, a better job, a better car, better sex, etc. This drove us to achieve many great things, although we're often not entirety happy with it for long.

ACT is a mindfulness based therapy. I have found that mindfulness helps me cope with dissatisfaction and boredom. I might drink alcohol to have a good night, and feel bored if I don't, but with mindfulness I find it surprisingly easy not to drink. And when I go to bed I'm usually pleased that I didn't.

The world can seem fairly nice when I'm mindful. There's still a craving for drugs, or intoxicants, but I think why try to make it better, to run away from how I feel, when it usually doesn't help in the end. I still enjoy a pint with my friend at the pub occasionally, though.

When I try to change unpleasant feelings I usually get more unhappy, or dissatisfied. But sit with it, then it's often not so bad. I have fibromyalgia and I'm new to mindfulness. I find it interesting.

At 13 October 2015 at 10:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson. His father groomed the almighty 'Jackson 5' in a shady way to bring them up into the show business.

Also, an unconfirmed but possible hypothesis is that he was castrated.

At 14 October 2015 at 08:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 14 October 2015 at 18:30 , Blogger JBlog said...

Of course there are many more names that could be added to the list - in the acting world Rita Hayworth and Peter Sellers spring to mind, in the literary world D.H. Lawrence, Dylan Thomas, Sylvia Plath, Anthony Burgess. Though each "case" is also individual and unique, there would seem to be a common thread in terms of deprivation (or over-possessiveness) of maternal love.

The psychoanalyst Ronald Fairbairn wrote one of the first major essays about the subject, entitled "Schizoid Factors in the Personality" (1940). Among the characteristics he identifies are: "(1) an attitude of omnipotence, (2) an attitude of isolation or detachment, and (3) a preoccupation with inner reality."
Role-playing and exhibitionism are also argued as being part of the personality's make-up, and "it would be difficult to exaggerate the importance of the element of secrecy."
Ronald Fairbairn was Nicholas Fairbairn's father. The son was rejected by his mother, and so the father's writing may be the more astute as a result of personal experience. His work was also influenced by J.H. Driberg, author of "The Savage as He Really Is" and "At Home with the Savage", works which are partly concerned with the colonial control of black magic in Africa. J.H. Driberg was Tom Driberg's older brother.

Re: Andersen and Dickens - they admired each other's work, and Andersen made a prolonged visit to Dickens' home, overstaying his welcome.

At 15 October 2015 at 03:42 , Blogger James R said...

Thanks for response but the address was not the problem, I stupidly must have copied an old version of the site from my history to here but I access that site via bookmark and for around a week I could not access that site but now I can again. I also noticed during that time that I was being sent to a Web page that was that seemed definitely to have been inserted by outsiders.

At 15 October 2015 at 09:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Put into your browser.Takes you direct to JimStone.

At 24 October 2015 at 13:55 , Anonymous said...

Hi Anon,

First off, I came across your site and wanted to say thanks for providing a great resource to the mental health community.

I thought you might find this bipolar disorder fact sheet helpful for your readers, as it shows symptoms, treatment and stats about the disorder:

Naturally, I’d be delighted if you share this embeddable graphic on , and/or share it with your followers on social. Either way, keep up the great work Anon!

All the best,

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At 10 November 2015 at 23:21 , Blogger Unknown said...

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At 23 November 2015 at 02:43 , Blogger Unknown said...

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