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Jesus found the healed man in the temple and said to him, "Sin no more, so that nothing worse may happen to you."

The England football team's former coach Glen Hoddle once argued that disabled people are disabled because of events in a previous life.

Hoddle - disabled

Jesus healed a blind man.

Jesus's disciples asked him, "Who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?"

"Neither this man nor his parents sinned," said Jesus.

Jesus did not condemn the woman caught in adultery, but he instructed her to sin no more.

K'tut Tantri (1898–1997), born Muriel Stuart Walker, was a Scottish American woman who claims that she was tortured by the Japanese while living in Japanese occupied Indonesia.

K'tut Tantri believed that in a previous life she had been a torturer.


"Each lifetime has a focus, a purpose and affords a soul a variety of lessons... 

"When the lessons are learned, and sometimes they are not, the soul moves onto the next level of awareness and continues until it can grow enough to leave the cycle of reincarnation."

- Elizabeth Joyce

Thirty years ago, German doctor Rüdiger Dahlke and German psychotherapist Thorwald Dethlefsen wrote a book called The Healing Power of Illness.

The book argued that sick people aren't just innocent victims of disease but are responsible for the illnesses they take on.

Dahlke says: "We have to get to know what that disease means in our lives, what it wants to tell us. A disease presents a task and when we perform the task, we heal the body."


Can we change 'reality'?

The video below suggests that we can.



Anonymous left the following comment on the post "THE MEANING OF LIFE":

It seems people are catching-up with the “Block Theory” of our current state?


Considering that we, and everything, is really 'space', at the nucleic-level, and doesn't exist until it's observed, there are many paradoxes?

Even then the physical nucleic ‘structure’ apparently vibrates, so there would be many frequencies that if not in-phase, would generate many ‘universes’ to ‘phase’ in and out of?

I never really understood Mouni Sadhu’s comment, “As I sit here outside of time, [in the ‘Now,’] looking at my watch...” until recently when many sources ‘re-found’ the ‘Now’ concept.

To be totally present in the now, devoid of thought, it’s postulated earthly-time ceases?

This makes me wonder at Tolle...


  1. Taking a gander at once famous Christian Glen, he’s not one for knocking out theology, discerning and incisive or otherwise eh - nah disrespect. His esoteric views (at the time?) that; ‘some people have not been born like that for a reason. The karma is working from another lifetime’ - I assume where influenced by his pal at the time, Eileen Drewery. There’s a bible verse or two that could be construed to suggest something along these lines but not if quantified/understood, from Gen. to Rev and/or read - I believe - with God’s present dynamic assistance.

    I’m not sure Eileen ever claimed/named herself ‘Christian’ and today is said to be a ‘handy healer; Ray Parlour's personal stylist’. Good luck to her. Not that her or Glen’s views on Christ are necessarily invalid for being from another... (I nearly wrote... “lifetime”) - perspective, i.e. outside the camp of church. Nevertheless, the view that sickness and disabilities are from God, is blatantly un-Jesus. That God creates pain on purpose, is maybe a knocked-out implication by his sincere followers without a blink, but mine eyes bulge with frustration at this misread/understanding. Usually it’s buried in the use of ‘mystery’ but I don’t want be caught suggesting there isn’t a - in my mind convoluted and woefully inconsistent - way of somehow maintaining, this doesn’t contradict the ‘God of love’. It’s held by a thankfully declining evangelical number who’d also undoubtedly believe in, eternal conscious punishment, and not just for ‘some’ people but many and most. (Oh language, language, context and unpack the pagan influence, family. Pur-lease...). Contemporary theology at best comes from a - barely arguable - progressive revelation and/or at least, ever-more rigorous grappling with what the Bible honestly aims to communicate. Of course, there are dangers that there can also be a forgetting and letting go. Without sounding like I don’t accept genuine debate and possibly respect others, regardless of what I consider blocks in their thinking: to teach the logical outworking would by necessity expect God to not only be complicit in pain and suffering but have an underlying acceptance and passivity. This has got to be the Gospel upside-down. And those who hold sickness is Job-like activity ongoing, stopped at Malachi and the Law in their ways of reading. It’s a kind of theological claim it’s a divine false-flag.

    On the way to get developed up. God - and Aangirfan - willing, will start logging in here for a link soon as. Then I’d like to keep a bit more shtum in m’always picking-up-on-Jesus in comments and engage, for example here, in the broader question about reincarnation and such, and not in an obvious dialectic. Y’nah, lay off theological conspiracies around Biblical error. More explore and open with other perspectives.

    'Michael Owen is a goalscorer - not a natural born one, not yet, that takes time' said Glen. There’s a searcher into the unknowns eh. Currently he’s in Spain running what seems to be a useful, get-them-back in the top-clubs, football school. I’m a-football but if I was interested it would be local and certainly non-Premier. Glen was at least honest enough to speak out his deeper views on life. As though all the hissing-critics of the time have none themselves that would bring namby-pamby PC outrage.

    If at all was a problem due to genuine offense, this was never Glen’s intention and anyway how is someone offended, that a previous life, caused damage in ‘this’ one? This is obviously at times a biological fact. He risked ridicule and for sparking questions and debate - hats off to him, and for these kind of posts. Where freedom of public speech ends and crime might begin is a difficult to map issue but as we know, we’re under attack and this website and collaborators, are part-why we’re holding back the darkness. Light up...



  3. 3-Year-Old Remembers Past Life & Identifies His Murderer

    The Boy Who Lived Before - Documentary

    This is a really good British made documentary. 47 minutes long.

  4. things dont exist until observed and the particle model is perfect and can never be changed because if cells have nuclei atoms must have them too

  5. we should be very careful not to blame the victims

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