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Indigenous Residential School Children Were Used As Test Subjects For Medical Experimentation

'Scholars have estimated that, prior to the ‘discovery’ of the Americas by Europeans, the pre-contact era population could have been as high as 100 million people.

American anthropologist and ethnohistorian Henry F. Dobyns estimated that more than one hundred and twelve million people inhabited the Americas prior to European arrival.

The former Kamloops Indian Residential School is seen on Tk’emlups te Secwépemc First Nation in Kamloops, B.C. on Thursday, May 27, 2021. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Andrew Snucins

Missing residential school records: Vatican won't release documents, feds destroyed files

'While the Vatican has refused to release residential school records, it isn’t the only body suppressing the racism and abuse experienced within these institutions.

'The Canadian government destroyed 15 tons of paper documents related to the residential school system between 1936 and 1944, including 200,000 Indian Affairs files.

'From the age of four, Mike Cachagee attended three separate residential schools in northern Ontario. But there are few records to prove it...'

'When Morris Fraser first met Richard Kerr in the 1970’s at his clinic in the Royal Hospital in Belfast, he instructed Richard to remove his clothing and allow him to take photographs of him naked...

'A transatlantic network was at work of perverts in influential positions in Europe and the U.S...

'Many of those tasked with ensuring malpractice be rigorously probed and rooted out, were or are themselves, in reality, ‘compromised’ at length...'

 “Trust me, I’m a Doctor”- A closer look at the ‘Celebrity Psychiatrist’ closely linked to Kincora Boys Home and British Intelligence.

It is not just in any one country.

'Epstein victim Maria Farmer alleges that: Trump, the Clintons, Dershowitz and the Rothschilds were all involved in sexual offences against minors and that Ghislaine Maxwell has threatened with links to the Rothschild Family and Secret Service Agencies. She claims there were “thousands” of victims (5 girls a day).'

'Maria Farmer, a victim of sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein, has revealed the string of high-profile politicians and influential figures that were frequently seen at the Epstein mansion, where a long-running string of sexual offences is believed to have taken place. People involved included, US President Donald Trump, Epstein attorney Alan Dershowitz and both Bill and Hillary Clinton.'

This is from here

In Jersey, parts of the grounds of the childrens home yielded bone fragments.

"Excavation of the chambers supported charges of horrific torture and murder of children going back to some time before the 40's.

"Investigators found numerous children's bone fragments, nearly 40 teeth, and blood remnants.

"One chamber contained a concrete bathtub splattered with blood.

"An incenarator contained bone fragments and teeth, indicated that children's bodies were dismembered and burned in the underground chambers."

"Organized abuse of children in state care is all too common and often associated with satanic ritual abuse and mind control programs." 

Haut de la Garenne. "The expert in the UK who had examined the first bones we sent (which included a piece of child's tibia) said that they were very likely the bones of a juvenile human, they had been burnt shortly after death and buried shortly after burning."

The Jersey child abuse scandal is reported to involve the Zandvoort network. 

(Jersey stinks of Zandvoort / aangirfan: Jersey children raped, tortured, murdered and burned in ...)

Words scrawled on the walls of a torture chamber at Haut de la Garenne.

Neilly Free Mind alerts us to -

'One of my sexual abusers at that time was the Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau. 

'Pierre Trudeau is a professed Jesuit. Now the Jesuits are an intelligence arm of the Catholic Vatican. There is a criminal faction within these Jesuits.'

'Many independent investigators and occult researchers are claiming that almost all of the recently revealed "pedophilia holocaust" which has plagued the Catholic explained through satanic practitioners who have hidden within Catholic ranks.

Here are a couple of sources: LINK LINK

Occult survivor and ex-Illuminist "Svali" tells of being taken into the basements of the Vatican for satanic rituals. 


'Ex-Jesuit Malachi Martin has been one of the best sources on the subject of Satanism within the Vatican and within the Jesuit organization. 

'A quote from Martin: “The Roman Catholic organization carried a permanent presence of clerics who worshipped Satan and liked it; of bishops and priests who [participated in sexual perversity and pedophilia]; of nuns who performed the “Black Rites” of Wicca, and who lived in lesbian relationships..."

'Kabbalists have accomplished a major infiltration of the Catholic church (if, in fact, they weren't in on the very founding of Catholicism itself).'

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Tracking the Syndicate Through History

Evelyn ACHILLE de Rothschild

'World War Two in its entirety was a concoction of the super-rich...the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Merovingians, and so on. It was contrived and financed by globalist elites from the very outset. 

'Hitler's war machine was built from the ground up through the joint efforts of Prescott Bush and Fritz Thyssen...both of whom were top hirelings of the blueblood occult class.'

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Tracking the Syndicate Through History.


Murder by Decree: The Crime of Genocide in Canada. “The Indian Residential Schools”

By The International Tribunal for the Disappeared of Canada, May 31, 2021

Seven aboriginal leaders died after naming the killers of children :

Virginia Baptiste, died suddenly January 29, 2004 of unstated causes while in hospital
Louis Daniels, died suddenly February 4, 2006 of unstated causes while in hospital
Harriett Nahanee, died February 24, 2007 shortly after her release from prison
Johnny “Bingo” Dawson, died December 6, 2009 after a police beating
William Arnold Combes, died February 26, 2011 after a lethal injection in St. Paul’s Hospital
Ricky Lavallee, died January 23, 2012 after severe blows to the head and chest
Harry Wilson, died April 4, 2013 of unknown causes

1. Our research has established that the crimes represented a deliberate campaign of depopulation.

2. The primary agents responsible for this genocide were the Canadian federal government and the Crown of England, the Vatican, and Roman Catholic, Anglican and United churches of Canada.

3. During the 107 year period of the residential schools’ operation, the perpetrators were routinely protected by both government and church officials.

4. Native children began dying in droves the very first year the residential schools opened in 1889.

5. The enormous mortality was the result of institutionalized germ warfare. 

6. The ongoing high mortality rate was also caused by a continual denial of regular food, clothing and proper sanitation to children interned in the schools, amidst a regime of routine and systemic rapes, beatings, tortures and killings: conditions that continued unabated for over a century, from 1889 to 1996.

Kent Monkman.

7. Despite these murderous conditions, attendance in the residential schools was made mandatory for all native children under a federal law enacted in 1920. Significantly, all government medical inspection of the schools was terminated that same year.

8. In the decade that followed this institutionalization of mass murder, special laws were passed across Canada that a) allowed the involuntary sexual sterilization of any residential school child, b) denied Indians the right to hire a lawyer or bring a case into court, and c) made the churches that ran the schools the legal guardian of the children.

9. Despite the death or disappearance of at least 66,000 children in these schools over a century and numerous statements of eyewitnesses to killings, not a single person has ever been charged or tried in a Canadian court for the death of one of these children.

10. The Canadian government and the Catholic, Anglican and United churches have engaged in a continual and illegal obstruction of justice for decades to conceal and destroy the evidence of their residential school crimes. 

They have done so by obliterating school records, silencing and killing eyewitnesses and survivors as well as in-house whistleblowers, destroying the remains and mass graves of children who died in the schools, and constructing a false narrative about the schools. 

This enormous falsification and cover up culminated in an official whitewash of their genocide established by them known as the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” (TRC), which censored and misrepresented the residential schools genocide from start to finish.

11. Extermination of indigenous nations is not only continuing but is expanding because of its continued importance to the resource extraction-based Canadian economy.

Both foreign capital and domestic politics require that Indians in Canada continue to be made landless, impoverished and eradicated, and profited from in the process.

Click here to read the full report. More details from


Canada is associated with mass murder?

Kamloops indian residential school in Canada.

Kamloops Indian Residential School Survivor On The Queen’s Alleged Connection To Missing Children

“I was just eight, and they’d shipped us down from the Anglican residential school in Alert Bay to the Nanaimo Indian Hospital, the one run by the United Church. 

"They kept me isolated in a tiny room there for more than three years, like I was a lab rat, feeding me these pills, giving me shots that made me sick. 

"Two of my cousins made a big fuss, screaming and fighting back all the time, so the nurses gave them shots, and they both died right away. It was done to silence them.” 

– Jasper Jospeh, a sixty four year old native man from British Columbia, speaking while his eyes filled with tears. 


'Residential schools in Canada were set up by the Canadian government and administered by churches; this system can be traced back to the 1830s.

'Indigenous children were forcefully taken from their parents and indoctrinated into Euro-Canadian and Christian ways of living.

'The goal, on paper, was to assimilate them into mainstream Canadian society.

'The residential school system officially operated from the 1880s into the closing decades of the 20th century.

'Children in these schools were subjected to hard labour, were murdered, physically and sexually abused, and often went missing.

'These children were also subjected to many medical and nutritional experiments.

Kevin Annett wrote -

Murder by Decree: The Crime of Genocide in Canada: A Counter Report to the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission”

'This Counter Report reveals -  Over half of Indian residential school children began dying the very first year these church-run facilities were opened – 

'This huge mortality rate continued unabated for over a half century because of deliberate practices of germ warfare according to a prescribed monthly “death quota” – 

'Evidence of these crimes and their intentional nature has been continually destroyed by the RCMP and the Catholic, Anglican and United Church since at least 1960


In an earlier book “Unrelenting”, Kevin Annett tells the story of William Coombes. 

'William Coombes was resident at Kamloops Indian residential school in Kamloops, British Columbia, in 1964, when the school was visited by the Queen and Prince Philip. 

'Coombes claims that after taking the children on a “picnic” down to a popular local spot known as Dead Man’s Creek, ten of his classmates were separated from the group and taken away by the Queen and Prince Philip. None of these children were seen again.

'It is a matter of public record that the Queen did visit Canada in October 1964 for the Centenary of the Confederation Conferences in Ottawa. 

'There is no record of her visiting the Kamloops school during this time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she didn’t. She also visited the city of Kamloops in 1959, while the residential school was still running.

'According to Coombes, a testimony given to Annett -

'I am a survivor of the Kamloops and Mission Indian residential schools, both run by the Roman Catholic Church. 

'I suffered terrible tortures there at the hands especially of Brother Murphy, who killed at least two children. I witnessed him throw a child off a three story balcony to her death. He put me on a rack and broke some of my bones, in the Kamloops school basement, after I tried running away. I also saw him and another priest burying a child in the school orchard one night.

'In October, 1964 when I was 12 years old, I was an inmate at the Kamloops school and we were visited by the Queen of England and Prince Philip. I remember it was strange because they came by themselves, no big fanfare or nothing. But I recognized them and the school principal told us it was the Queen and we all got given new clothes and good food for the first time in months the day before she arrived.


'The day the Queen got to the school, I was part of a group of kids that went on a picnic with her and her husband and some of the priests, down to a meadow near Dead Man’s Creek. I remember it was weird because we all had to bend down and kiss her foot, a white laced boot.

'After awhile, I saw the Queen leave the picnic with ten children from the school, and those kids never returned. We never heard anything more about them and never met them again even when we were older. They were all from around there but they all vanished.

'The group that disappeared was seven boys and three girls, in age from six to fourteen years old. They were all from the smart group in class. Two of the boys were brothers and they were Metis from Quesnel. Their last name was Arnuse or Arnold. I don’t remember the others, just an occasional first name like Cecilia and there was an Edward.

'What happened was also witnessed by my friend George Adolph, who was 11 years old at the time and a student there too. But he’s dead now.'

Unknown comments

'According to Kevin Annett - The Kamloops school was an early location for INVOLUNTARY STERILIZATION PROGRAMS which according to survivors and government sources began as early as 1929 and continued until well into the 1970's ... 

'The National Defense Research Board in Ottawa and the National Defense Medical Center in Toronto CONDUCTED EXPERIMENTS ON GENERATIONS OF CHILDREN at the Kamloops school, often with fatal results [Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Bayer, other pharmaceutical companies] ...  

'A particular focus of these grisly experiments at the Kamloops school was the TESTING OF EXPERIMENTAL VACCINES on native children ... - 

The Allan Memorial Institute is located in Montreal in Quebec.The Institute is known for its role in the CIA's Project MKUltra, an initiative to develop drug-induced mind control. MKUltra experimentation was undertaken by its founding director Donald Ewen Cameron.

'The Kamloops center was a traditional hotspot of CULTIC ACTIVITY 

'An extensive CHILD TRAFFICKING NETWORK operated out of the Kamloops center, as in many other Indian residential schools ... 

'Body disposal at the Kamloops school involved either incineration or interment in secret graves ... - ... Of the thirty nine Kamloops survivors interviewed by our investigators, all of them described undergoing the following tortures ... 

'a) routine rape and beatings ... b) denial of regular meals and proper food, c) unheated, dirty and unventilated dormitories, d) being locked in closets or a special underground prison for days without food, e) exposure to those with tuberculosis in their dorms and cafeteria, f) no regular medical care, g) constant death of children around them, h) immediate punishment for speaking their language including from beatings, imprisonment, denial of food, and tortures like having needles shoved through their tongues, penises and hands, and i) regular forced labor ...'

8 Jun 2012 – "Edward Heath, Prime Minister from 1970-74... was a frequent visitor to the Haute Garrene childrens care home on Jersey." ...

18 Apr 2012 – Corrupt Jersey policemen try to block Jersey child abuse and ... Jersey- Channel TV names top people caught up in the child abuse scandal ...

11 Feb 2012 – Savile was a regular visitor to a number of institutions such as one on the 'child-abuse island' of Jersey where children were allegedly tortured ...

25 Jun 2009 – Aubin is the first and only person to be convicted as part of the police investigation into historic child abuse on the island of Jersey. (Sentencing ...

27 Feb 2008 – "Figures connected to Jersey's establishment are among those accused of abusing children in the Haut de la Garenne care home, the island's ...

5 Aug 2012 – "Edward Heath, Prime Minister of England from 1970-74... was a frequent visitor to the Haute de la Garenne childrens care home on Jersey." ...

22 Nov 2008 – Child abuse in children's homes including Haut de la Garenne, Jersey..... Jersey, Bryn Estyn and Belgium - are we to believe... Know what's ...

21 Oct 2009 – A sex abuse victim at Jersey's Haut de la Garenne children's home "told how ... (Jersey kids' home Haute de la Garenne Sex abuse victim Carl.) ...

1 Sep 2011 – More than 200 children who lived at Haut de la Garenne have ... Jerseysocial worker Simon Bellwood was sacked in 2007 after speaking out.

24 Nov 2008 – Recently Bill made a documentary called 'Sun, Sea and Satan' about theHaut de la Garenne children's home in Jersey where children's bones ...


3 Nov 2009 – NOBODY CAME - the story of brothers abused in a Jersey care home. At Haut de la Garenne, "Robbie finds himself in a nightmarish world of ...

1 Jun 2008 – In May 2008, Jersey police charged Michael Aubin, 45, with alleged offences relating to the former Haut de la Garenne children's home in ...

Prime Minister Heath, frequent visitor to Jersey.

25 Feb 2008 – Paisnel, the Beast of Jersey, visited Jersey's Haut de la Garenneorphanage dressed as Father Christmas during his reign of terror in the 1960s ...

14 Jul 2008 – THE ZANDVOORT NETWORK, JERSEY, DUTROUX, PORTUGAL... Haut de la Garenne 1940. The Jersey child abuse scandal is reported to ...

aangirfan: Jersey; top people; a cover-up?

4 Mar 2008 – "Wilfred Krichefski, a senator in Jersey's government and chair of several committees, allegedly regularly visited Haut de La Garenne to abuse ...

29 Feb 2008 – Mr Denning, 49, said he suffered sexual abuse at the Haut de la Garenne home in St Martin, Jersey, from the age of five until he was eight.

6 Mar 2008 – Colin Tilbrook, who died 20 years ago, was the boss of Jersey's Haut de la Garenne care home in the 1960s. Tilbrook had a foster daughter ...

3 Aug 2008 – aangirfan: THE ZANDVOORT NETWORK, JERSEY, DUTROUX, ...


12 Nov 2008 – Mr Denning, 49, said he suffered sexual abuse at the Haut de la Garenne home in St Martin, Jersey, from the age of five until he was eight.

24 Jun 2012 – aangirfan: JERSEY CHILD ABUSE COVER UP; VICTIM SENTENCED.... What with the Mick Gradwell Haut de la Garenne child abuse cover ...

24 Feb 2008 – Paisnel, the Beast of Jersey, visited Jersey's Haut de la Garenneorphanage dressed as Father Christmas during his reign of terror in the 1960s ...


19 Apr 2009 – The former Jersey children's home at the centre of child abuse reports is called Haut de la Garenne. In 2006, the commanding officer of the ...

20 May 2010 – A sex abuse victim at Jersey's Haut de la Garenne children's home "told how ... (Jersey kids' home Haute de la Garenne Sex abuse victim Carl.) ...

26 Oct 2009 – Warcup claimed that no children were murdered at the Haut de la Garenne children's home on Jersey. (nona-people: Warcup and Gradwell ...

18 Jan 2009 – Jersey Police searched the former children's home called Haut de la Garenne and found what they believe is a skull fragment. The police have ...

4 Apr 2008 – It would appear that Wilfred Krichefski, a senator in Jersey's government who 'regularly visited Haut de la Garenne to abuse boys until his death ...


25 Sep 2008 – The Jersey police claim there is insufficient evidence. The Sea Cadet force used Haut de la Garenne.

27 Feb 2008 – Jersey child abuse - A SERVING police officer is being investigated ....the Arab world · Philip Martin Bailhache and Haut de la Garenne in .

9 Mar 2008 – About 100 victims' accounts concern Haut de la Garenne, while another 60 claim to have been abused elsewhere on Jersey. One victim claims ...

18 Apr 2010 – Jersey's Haute de la Garenne children's home (where children were reported to have been tortured and murdered) was closed in 1986.

6 May 2009 – 'It is becoming clear that children at Haut de la Garenne (on Jersey) were sent on holiday to children's homes in England which were also ...

24 Jun 2011 – Islington children were reportedly sent to Jersey, the island linked to child.... More than 200 children who lived at Haut de la Garenne have ...

24 Apr 2008 – "Jersey Police said Mr Harper, 56, would retire in August whatever the progress of the Haut de la Garenne probe." -Jersey home officer to step ...

27 Aug 2010 – Jersey's Haute de la Garenne children's home (where children were reported to have been tortured and murdered) was closed in 1986.

1 Mar 2008 – Jersey, Dutroux and cover-ups. Photo - Haut de la Garenne 1905 (First pictures inside 'Colditz' care home as police find secret ...) In 1990, two ...

3 Feb 2011 – Photo - Haut de la Garenne (First pictures inside 'Colditz' care home as... historic child abuse in Jersey, chief minister Senator Terry Le Sueur ...

1 Jan 2011 – Frank Walker was Chief Minister of the 'child abuse island' of Jersey ... of child abuse centred on the former Haut de la Garenne care home.

1 Dec 2010 – Islington children were reportedly sent to Jersey, the island linked to child.... More than 200 children who lived at Haut de la Garenne have ...

13 Nov 2008 – On Jersey, 'there were no bodies, no shackles, no dungeons'. ... in the costume and mask he used to wear, made visits to Haut de la Garenne.

28 Sep 2008 – Recently Bill made a documentary called 'Sun, Sea and Satan' about theHaut de la Garenne children's home in Jersey where children's bones ...

26 Feb 2008 – Paisnel, the Beast of Jersey, visited Jersey's Haut de la Garenne orphanage dressed as Father Christmas during his reign of terror in the 1960s ...

3 Aug 2008 – Paisnel, the Beast of Jersey, visited Jersey's Haut de la Garenne orphanage dressed as Father Christmas during his reign of terror in the 1960s ...

18 Jan 2009 – Child abuse in the UK: Jersey, Kincora, North Wales... Edward Paisnel, the Beast of Jersey, was the son of wealthy Jersey landowners.

19 Oct 2008 – The Beast of Jersey - one of many on Jersey? Haut de la Garenne 1940. The Jersey child abuse scandal is reported to involve the Zandvoort ...


  1. Recall earlier this year-- Canadians at Niagara Falls border w/ signs, begging America for help? Trying to escape to American side?
    When Canadian Parliament agenda was leaked last OCT 2020, most dismissed it. Most Americans seeing this were perplexed and totally bewildered.
    Greyhound buslines just suspended all routes in Canada, cease operations. Why?
    We know Trudeau has agreements w/ Chinese military along our northern border. Now Canada got most vaxxed, the Global ID monetary ID chip for NWO Region 1 (North American Union) can be further consolidated, w/ China "UN Peacekeepers" called in. Canada prototype for Western 1st world demolition.
    Canada prototype for western 1st world democracies



  4. United catholic church?

    false Christian front?

    It might help - Many people will not give up the Faith because they know who is behind it and what they are.

    Having said that, I don't have this Faith.

    There are just things that are hidden, misinterpreted, transformed. Then they worked for a long time to make different versions.

    After all, the writings target them well. They had to find another robe that gives the appearance of goodness.
    The habit does not make the Monk as it is said.


    'One of my sexual abusers at that time was the Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau. Pierre Trudeau is a professed Jesuit. Now the Jesuits are an intelligence arm of the Catholic Vatican. There is a criminal faction within these Jesuits.'

    There were Jesuits Freemasons. They must still exist.(?)

    (Trudeau is wearing a red rose, François mitterrand (France) made it the effigy of his party)

    Trudeau is also mentioned in this section:

    New Age (?) globalists (?)

    by One World Religion


    Peace be upon these children.

    Tk y



  7. Check this out and spread the word!



  10. Exactly how ancient?

  11. This is big

  12. @PhillipsBarrie:

    Keir Starmer's donor, Sir Trevor Chinn (left) at an event he co-hosted in 2018 with Israeli ambassador Mark Regev (second left) Rothschild and Tony Blair. Trevor Chinn for years funded anti-Corbyn efforts.



    It should be noted that the photo in your post of a boy captioned 'Master Evelyn de Rothschild' -- while fascinating -- is *not* a photo of Queen Elizabeth II's current financial adviser SIR Evelyn de Rothschild.

    Instead, the small boy in your photo -– whose full name is Evelyn ACHILLE de Rothschild, and who is long deceased -- was Sir Evelyn de Rothschild's *uncle*.

    Evelyn ACHILLE de Rothschild's brothers included Anthony Gustav de Rothschild. In turn, Anthony Gustav's progeny included Queen Elizabeth II's financial adviser Sir Evelyn de Rothschild.

    Apparently, Evelyn ACHILLE died as a young man fighting in Palestine in 1917.

    So, evidently Evelyn ACHILLE'S brother, Anthony Gustav, wanted to memorialize his deceased sibling. Therefore he recycled the name 'Evelyn' for his son born in 1931 -- the man who now advises Queen Elizabeth II (and, reportedly, Ghislaine Maxwell).

  14. Buckingham Palace banned ethnic minorities from office roles, papers reveal

    Documents also shed light on Queen’s ongoing exemption from race and sex discrimination laws

  15. Sex trafficking survivor MARIA FARMER'S spring 2001 art collection:

    [Warning: disturbing graphic images]

    1. The first picture is Maria's figurative portrayal of Britain's Jacob Rothschild. Maria alleges that Lord Rothschild is high up in the alleged transnational Zionist crime network whose subordinates allegedly tortured her and many others over a sustained period.

    2. The second artwork depicts George Soros, 90, and Greta Thunberg, 18.

    3. Vicky Ward and Ghislaine Maxwell

    4. Alan Dershowitz

    5. Ghislaine Maxwell, Leslie Wexner, Jeffrey Epstein, and possibly/probably French national Jean-Luc Brunel

    6. 'The Setiles' - Various alleged psychopaths and/pr criminals operating within or on the margins of the alleged transnational Zionist crime network.

    As can quickly be deduced from the highly distressing and shocking nature of Maria's collection, the artist remains very understandably traumatized by the heinous sexual & psychological abuse to which she was subjected by the alleged child abusing, sex trafficking, Zionist crime syndicate.

    Maria's continued psychological suffering elicits great sympathy from normal people, even as Maria herself has an excellent, razor-sharp recollection and understanding of what was allegedly done to her, by whom, and for what sadistic and political-criminal purposes.

    Maria's visual and verbal testimony against those whom she accuses of perpetrating and conspiring to rape, torture, traffic, and more, is devastating because much of it is corroborated by the flight logs of Epstein's private jet; compelling circumstantial AND photographic evidence; the sworn testimonies of multiple other complainants and former employees and friends of the accused; and the details of Jeffrey Epstein's police files and criminal conviction, etc.

    Maria's spring 2001 'outlaw art' collection is viewable here:

    'The Setiles' can also be viewed in large format:

  16. Unknown commented

    RONALD LAUDER IS REELECTED AT THE HELM OF THE WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS Re-elected President of the World Jewish Congress: Ronald Lauder. Chair of the Governing Board: David Rene de Rothschild ---------------------------------------- NOTES: (i) Journalist Whitney Webb has described how *former US Ambassador to Austria* Ronald Lauder was ideally placed to issue Jeffrey Epstein's (otherwise inexplicable) Austrian passport. (ii) Lynn and Evelyn de Rothschild are very close indeed to Ronald Lauder. Indeed, Lynn has served with Ronald Lauder on the board of Estée Lauder Companies Inc; as well as on the board of the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation. Moreover, the pair have both been members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). We also associate the CFR with humanitarians including: Jeffrey Epstein, Henry Kissinger, George Soros, David Rockefeller, Larry Summers, Edgar Bronfman, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Bill Clinton, and Rupert Murdoch - to name a few. Meanwhile, Evelyn de Rothschild and Ronald Lauder have both served on the International Board of Governors of the Peres Center, Israel.

  17. Re Catholic Church
    Peter was never in Rome. The Catholic Church was founded by Simon the Sorcerer:


  19. Celebrity psychiatrist Dr Morris Fraser
    A closer look at the convicted pedophile linked to:

    - A New York City pedophile network

    - ROY COHN

    - Fred Ferguson

    - The CIA

    - Belfast's KINCORA and Royal Hospital

    - British Intelligence

    - The BBC

    - Holland



  22. Polish film-maker Patryk Vega has done an 87-minute documentary on paedophile rings taking children to be horrifically abused, for the pleasures of the wealthy

    Here is the film, 'Eyes of the Devil', with English subtitles ... nearly a million views so far

  23. AANG,when you gonna make an article about the millions of Asian children abused by their own parents, abandoned and homeless in the streets of India etc etc etc ?











  34. It is always worth asking 'Why now?' when a story previously only on 'alternative' websites, is suddenly trumpeted by the mass media and government

    The mass murder of especially native-american children in Canadian schools, is a decades-old story. As Henry Makow notes:

    "Kevin Annett has been drawing attention to this genocide for three decades only to be met with ostracism and hostility"

    Makow then provides an article by Annett pointing to this whole sorry history

    But Makow also gives his view as to why this story is suddenly official and blasted in media

    Makow says this is in order to
    (1) take people's minds off the covid-lockdown-vaccine scams
    (2) serve the currently very active globalist agenda saying white people are intrinsically racist, evil etc, as seen especially now in the USA with their 'anti-racism' training ordering whites to confess their 'intrinsic' racism etc

    Makow calls Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau 'Fidelito', in the common view that this younger Trudeau is Fidel Castro's biological son, and indeed he quite looks like Fidel at a comparable age, as visible in many photos

    Makow writes;

    "But to get everyone's mind off the covid scam, Prime Minister Fidelito Castro and the lapdog media have revived this story saying "a mass grave" containing 215 bodies had been found at the Kamloops residential school. This [also] feeds into his racist anti-white globalist agenda."

  35. Canada had some sort of whitewashed Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which you can read about here.

    But things are changing. What was hidden in darkness now is being brought out into the light.

    There is a book about this continuing Canadian Holocaust. You can read the chronology to get an idea of what happened. And what now hopefully will cease.

    Same sort of thing happened to the original citizens of other places:

    Trying to obliterate a people, take their land.

    Stealing their children.

    We came there, made a camp nearby.
    They were building a long fence.
    My dad was a white man working on that fence.