Friday 18 September 2015


The casino operating unit of Caesars Entertainment filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on January 15, 2015.


Tunisia shootings

'Dark days' for Tunisian tourism

Malaysia Airlines 'technically bankrupt' .

Kenya tourist numbers down by a quarter so far in 2015 .

Egypt mistakenly kills Mexican tourists.

Bangkok bomb: Deadly blast rocks Thailand capital.

Series of attacks in Turkey.

France sends extra police to Channel Tunnel.

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At 18 September 2015 at 15:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

And on the other end of the spectrum Apple is sitting on $203 billion dollars;
Google, appx $70 billion;
Berkshire Hathaway appx 50 billion;
General Electric appx 130 billion.... and on and on.

Someone can correct me if I'm mistaken, but I believe very little (if any at all) of the cash being hoarded by these mega corporations has been subject to American income taxes. Because, like that great humanitarian Leona Helmsley famously said, 'only the little people pay taxes'.

At 19 September 2015 at 03:11 , Anonymous brabantian said...

EU Migrant 'refugee' crisis facts that EU leaders are hiding
(1) Most 'Syrians' etc now invading Europe were living among fellow Muslims in Turkey quite ok for several years
(2) Recently, Erdogan's Turkey & US-Nato decided to 'Release the Kraken!', telling hundreds of thousands of Syrian etc campers their support will be cut, & they should / must 'go to the EU' & assisting them with directions & transit to EU & not to Arab-Muslim countries with same religion, language, culture as most migrants
(3) Merkel & EU leaders know all this but are hiding this, back-hand supporting 'Syrian refugee crisis' in order to
- (a) Overwhelm EU border countries in order to assist EU dominance & economic exploitation by Germany along with oligarchs, France, UK
- (b) Begin major wave of destroying EU middle classes by overwhelming & crashing EU social benefit systems, impoverishing EU for better oligarch exploitation-control
- (c) Begin major wave of destabilising EU societies via culture conflict with aggressive foreign males & insertion of many jihadis groomed by US-Nato-Israel in recent past, fostering ethnic hatred & 'terror' to detract from oligarch exploitation
- (d) Give pretext to Nato-USA-Israel plans to bomb-attack-destroy Syria, because
-- (i) Syria supplies & supports Lebanon's Hezbollah which defeated Israel in battle
-- (ii) Syria's secular tolerant multi-religious polity is target for destruction by chaos-seeking Nato-USA-Israel
-- (iii) Syria gives important Mediterranean naval base to Russia
-- (iv) Syria is in path of Qatar-Saudi-Nato pipeline dreams to shunt aside Iran & Russia

At 19 September 2015 at 22:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tourism may create dangerous feelings of personal freedom, uncontrollably broaden knowledge and perspective and perhaps most perilously promote cross cultural understanding leading to a disastrous realisation of our common humanity.


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