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In many countries, certain people are said to go in for human sacrifice.

A whistleblower has stated that a wealthy mining company "carried out human sacrifices in the boardroom whenever it planned to expand."

The whistleblower says that he was requested to snatch mentally backward people off the streets, so that the mining company he worked for could rehabilitae them.

The whistleblower says he later discovered that these mentally backward people had been killed.

The police say they have found skeletal remains.

A baby's bones are among the remains of bodies that have been unearthed.

A police spokesman said that they are investigating the role of a man who allegedly led the rituals. 

Another 'witness' says he saw sacrifice / 'human sacrifice': Family seeks probe into child's murder / Businessman used the mentally ill as human sacrifice / Charges of Human Sacrifice for Baron

The mining company PRP Granites  is owned by Indian oligarch Pinnathevar Palanichamy, who is worth at least £2billion.

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I think you should do some more in-depth research on human sacrifice. Its something that occurs worldwide and fairly often within occult circles

At 22 September 2015 at 12:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

the tamil black magick tradition is mentioned serveral times here: http://www.starfirepublishing.co.uk/Nightside_of_Eden_moredetails.htm
if want to understand these crimes be warned, this is absolutely dark stuff

At 23 September 2015 at 14:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Famous and rich people is real crazy monster type Addams family: http://yournewswire.com/cannibal-professor-says-he-cooked-women-and-made-pies-out-of-them/
Professor son of father- famous lawyer and mother-professor, created sect and worse...

At 23 September 2015 at 15:40 , Anonymous No More Myths said...

Ritual Human Sacrifice in the Bible

(Why does God want me to burn animals and humans?)

The Bible, especially the Old Testament, is filled with numerous stories of animal and human sacrifice. God, we are told, likes the pleasing aroma of burning flesh. Animal sacrifice is much more common than human sacrifice, but both occur and are "pleasing to the Lord".




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