Thursday 7 July 2016


We choose; we have free will.

"Ultimate reality is consciousness."

According to Amit Goswami, a theoretical nuclear physicist:

"Consciousness is the ground of all being... Our free will is real...

"Reality is not two things - God and the world - but one thing, consciousness."

The problem of evil can perhaps be explained by looking at the equation 0 = +X -X.

When there are created 'things', we get dualism.

In other words, when we have 'hot' we also have 'cold'.

When we have 'good' we also have 'bad'.

We could perhaps see 'God' or the 'Ulimate Reality' as being '0', and the world as being +X -X.

Or we can see 'Reality' as being '0' which can be +X -X.

"The mystics of all the great traditions agree that all distinctions are imaginary and that the Ultimate Nature of Reality is non-dual."

The Mystical Core of the Great Traditions

The Taoists would argue that there is always Yin and Yang.

There is only a problem if there is a lack of balance.

Of course the mystics would also say that Ultimate Reality is much more complicated than we normally imagine, and that Ultimate Reality cannot be described in words.

Dr. Ian Stevenson:

"Twins in Sri Lanka.

"We did testing that showed they were identical, yet they were markedly different in their behaviors and physical appearance. 

"One twin began to talk about a previous life as a Sinhalese insurgent, said he was shot by police in April 1971. Anyway, his family laughed at him, so he shut up and nothing could be verified about what he said. 

"The older twin talked copiously about the previous life of a young schoolboy. He made several specific statements that ultimately checked out. He said he lived in a place called Balapitiya and traveled by train to a school in another town called Ambalangoda. He made comparisons between the families' property. 

"He referred to an aunt, by name, who had cooked chilies for him. 

"Perhaps the most astonishing thing was that when the two families met, the boy pointed to some [writing] in a wall that turned out to be the name of the deceased boy he was remembering. The subject said he had made that when the cement was wet. No one in the deceased boy's family had noticed it before."

Conversations/Dr. Ian Stevenson.


The Self-Aware Universe - Amit Goswami

Jack Schwarz practiced mind over matter.

He could put a long sail-maker’s needle through his arm without injury. 

"He also displayed his ability to regulate his body's blood flow by causing the puncture hole in his arm to bleed or stop bleeding at will... 

"According to Schwarz, he could also see people’s auras, which allowed him to gauge their physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental conditions."

10 Amazing Examples of Mind Over Matter.

David Seidler "eliminated his cancer through meditation and imagination...  

"He spent the two weeks leading up to his surgery envisioning a clean, cream-colored, healthy bladder. 

"When Seidler went in for his pre-surgery biopsy, the doctor was stunned to find a distinct lack of cancer..." 

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At 2 August 2015 at 03:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Smashing post, Aangirfan. Much to wonder.
I get the consciousness bit: our subjective be all. And anyone pumping genuine free will, I'm on the hallelujah's. But jumping to all in all, opposites have to be, all is one. Nope. Back the free ways, there is a kind of dualism, an unequal to God, incomparable, invasive, unwanted evil, where self gets over and above God-conscious living. This isn't God's will. This isn't a created or imaginery opposite. God see's all the distinctions.

At 4 August 2015 at 09:52 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can anything that exists be other than God's will ?

At 11 July 2016 at 04:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not according to the inimitable Mulla Nasruddin ...

(Most highly recommended, to anyone who hasn't read stories about him).


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