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In the 1930's many of the top people in Europe and America, such as the Duke of Windsor and Henry Ford, were fans of Hitler.

"The most popular thriller-writers of the time, the likes of John Buchan, Sapper and Dornford Yates, cast Jews - and especially Russian Jews - as their principal villains."


However, the top people in Europe and America were not necessarily opposed to certain elite Jews, such as the Rothschilds.

The top aristocrats and the top Nazis often had Jewish blood in them, thanks largely to intermarriage.

John Buchan, who was briefly Britain's spy chief, was a supporter of Zionism, and was on close terms with Chaim Weizman, the first President of Israel.

British toffs.

The top people feared those Jews who wanted to topple the existing aristocracy. 

Thus they tended to prefer Hitler to Stalin.

Not all of the top people were fans of Hitler.

Churchill, whose mother was Jewish, came to the conclusion that it would be desirable to have a war against Hitler's Germany.

The British fans of Hitler included the Dukes of Westminster, Wellington, Windsor, Buccleuch, Bedford, Marlborough and Hamilton plus Lord Redesdale, Lord Londonderry and Henry 'Chips' Channon.

Prince Philip's sister Sophie met and admired Adolf Hitler.

Three of Prince Philip's sisters were married to senior Nazi officers.


The British in India.

Sophie was photographed at Goering's wedding, on the top table with Hitler.

Sophie's husband Prince Christoph of Hesse was head of the SS in the Air Ministry.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor were photographed meeting Hitler in Munich in 1937, when Edward was said to have given a Nazi salute.


Germans stabbed in the back?

The elite appear to be divided into factions. 

1. In the 1930s, one faction within the American elite saw Britain as the enemy. 


Zionist Menachem Begin became chief of the Zionist youth movement Betar in Poland. Reportedly, Begin and his Betar members wore brown shirts and used the fascist salute. (Cached )

2. In the early 1930s, the Zionists supported Hitler. (The Zionists in bed with the Nazis

"In 1933, the Zionist Federation of Germany sent a memorandum of support to the Nazi Party. 

"The World Zionist Organization 'became the principal distributor of Nazi goods throughout the Middle East and Northern Europe'." (Cached

"Himmler's SS cooperated with the Haganah, the Zionist underground military organization in British-run Palestine. 

"Reportedly, Himmler's grandfather was Jewish." (Himmler relative marries Israeli - Israel News, Ynetnews / eichmann was jewish l 

Spies: Blunt, Maclean, Burgess and Philby

3. In the 1930s, there was a faction in the UK which was working with Soviet Russia. 

Many of the top people in Soviet Russia were Jewish, and Soviet Russia came to share secrets with Israel. 

According to The Biggest Secret of World War IIVictor "Rothschild was Churchill’s mentor; he made Churchill’s decisions."Top British spies who were reportedly working for Soviet Russia include: Victor Rothschild, Kim Philby, Anthony Blunt, Roger Hollis, Donald Maclean and Guy Burgess. 

According to a new source' (EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: Soviet spy and courtier told colleagues he was ...), Blunt told his colleagues he was the illegitimate child of King George V, by his mother, Hilda Blunt. 

According to T. Stokes (Sir Anthony Blunt): "Blunt and F. B. I Chief J. Edgar Hoover both subscribed to the theory that the Jewish underground, the 'Sanyanim', supported Russia through World War two."Blunts colleague and fellow traitor Kim Philby actually married Litzi Friedman, a Jewish underground runner for Soviet Intelligence..." 

"Blunt would insist that the mysterious death in 1941 of the king’s brother, the Duke of Kent, was a murder on Churchill’s orders, as he was trying to make peace. 

"It was long rumoured that the unusual resemblance between Blunt and Edward VIII was because they were half brothers. 

"Reportedly, Anthony Blunt claimed Nazi party funding came from the same Jewish banks that supported the allies."(Cached

Prince George, Duke of Kent, and gay Nazi?

4. In the 1930s, one faction within the Anglo-American elite backed Hitler. 

They bankrolled his election and helped build the Nazi war machine. 

The aim was to get a war going between Germany and Russia. 

"Through much of World War II, secret channels of communication were maintained between the British royal family and their pro-Hitler cousins in Germany, by Lord Mountbatten, through his sister Louise, who was crown princess of pro-Nazi Sweden." 

Royal Nazis and the Scottish connection 

Hitler and Stalin 

5. In 1939, in the Anglo-American world, there was an anti-Nazi faction which sided with Russia. 

And there was an anti-communist faction who sided with Germany. 

In 1939, the German Nazis and the Russian communists made the Nazi-Soviet Pact. 

They split Poland between them. 

Russian oil fueled the German planes bombing Britain in 1940. 

Churchill and his Jewish mother. Who was his real father?

6. In 1932, Churchill considered forming an alliance with Hitler.? 

By the late 1930s, Churchill led the faction which supported the idea of a war against Hitler. 

One opponent was Prince George, Duke of Kent (1902-1942), the fourth son of George V, and younger brother of Edward VIII and George VI. 

In 1939 George was elected Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England. 

"British Intelligence removed Prince George... via a staged plane accident. (Royal Nazis and the Scottish connection)"Prince George was ... perceived to be a central figure in a British Nazi conspiracy against his brother, the King, and Churchill." 

The French - forced to hand their empire over to the USA? 

7. After World War II, various factions came together. 

After World War II, the U.S. military brought a large number of the top German Nazi scientists to the United States. 

The code name for this operation was Project Paperclip. (MENGELE, MOSSAD AND THE CIA ) 

The Americans now use the same methods as the Nazis, in order to run their empire. 

The philosophy behind Operation Northwoods, Operation Gladio, and such terror events as 9 11 is the Nazi philosophy. 

The CIA's MK ULTRA torture of children is a Nazi-style operation. 

The Nazis were financed by the Bush family and similar American oligarchs. 

After World War II, the fascists and Zionists got together in groups such as Bilderberg. 


Who was really behind the assassination which started World War I? In 1914 there were people within the ruling elite of Austia-Hungary who - (1) wanted an excuse for a war to crush Serbia (2) would not have been unhappy if Franz Ferdinand and his wife were to be assassinated. (aangirfan: Who really killed Franz Ferdinand?) "Leading members of the Black Hand apparently met with French and Grand Orient Freemasons at the Hotel St Jerome in Toulouse in January 1914 to arrange the assassination in Sarajevo..." - The Occult Conspiracy by Michael Howard. (The Biggest Secret - Chapter 11)

According to Wikipedia: 

Both before and after his marriage, Prince George had a long string of affairs with both men and women, from socialites to Hollywood celebrities. 

Intimate letters from the Duke to Noel Coward are believed to have been stolen from Coward's house in 1942. 

He was also extremely close to Henry "Chips" Channon. 

The Duke of Kent is said to have been addicted to drugs (notably morphine and cocaine), and reportedly was blackmailed by a male prostitute to whom he wrote intimate letters. 
Another of his reported sexual liaisons was with his distant cousin Louis Ferdinand, Prince of Prussia; traitor and art historian Anthony Blunt was reputedly another intimate. 

The Duke reportedly was part of a ménage à trois with Jorge Ferrara, the bisexual son of the Argentine ambassador to the Court of St. James's, and drug-addict Kiki Preston. 

Prince George, Duke of Kent - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

Experiments on animals - fascism at work. Big corporations are not kind to animals. 



aangirfan: Factions within the US government. 

John Amery - bisexual Jewish Nazi 


aangirfan: PYRAMID OF POWER 

aangirfan: GIRLS ETC. 

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    At 20 July 2015 at 12:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Queen Elizabeth Nazi Salute

    London (CNN)The Sun newspaper has sparked a furor in Britain by releasing decades-old footage of Queen Elizabeth II -- then a young girl -- giving a Nazi salute as she played with her family.

    Buckingham Palace criticized the newspaper's decision to publish on its website the private family film, which was shot around 1933, when the future Queen was only about 6 years old and as Adolf Hitler had just risen to power in Germany.

    "It is disappointing that film, shot eight decades ago and apparently from (Her Majesty's) personal family archive, has been obtained and exploited in this manner," a Buckingham Palace spokesman said.

    The print version of the Sun, Britain's best-selling tabloid newspaper, published a still image taken from the footage -- showing Elizabeth alongside her mother, her 3-year-old sister Princess Margaret and her uncle, who would later be crowned Edward VIII -- on its front page with the headline, "Their royal heilnesses

    At 20 July 2015 at 22:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The Bush family are definitely crypto jews.

    At 21 July 2015 at 01:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


    At 21 July 2015 at 09:29 , Blogger Vincenzo Ferraro said...

    At 21 July 2015 at 09:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The "zeig heil" images of HM were taken at Balmoral. I think she will, ritually, be staying there at the moment. The news of Diana was heard there too, as was, allegedly, the referendum result - when she purred down the 'phone.

    Your link to Royal Nazis and the Scottish connection is a 404.

    I find hard to believe that the Sun would publish these images without some consultation. It came in the same week as another of doddery Philip's curious comments.

    Slowly slowly catchee monkeys.


    At 22 July 2015 at 23:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    "Everyone knows about it.
    From the Queen of England to the hounds of hell".

    Aangirfan, I'll say it yet again:

    More important than the message is the messenger.

    These images of the Queen of England have been around for a very long time. A little girl doing something idiotic because she sees other idiots doing it.

    So why did Ruprecht Murder decide to publish them just now in The Sun?

    Elizabeth II, like Elizabeth I, lives in very interesting and pivotal times.

    As Elizabeth I oversaw the advent of a monstrously evil global Empire of the City and the establishment of the Caymans as a base of international privateering.

    So Elizabeth II may well be witness to the demise of this evil empire. The seemingly all-powerful hedge funds of the Caymans, the offshore registries in Jersey and the financiers of the City of London are being quietly surrounded, edged to the abyss.

    One thing I found fascinating in Knuth's Empire of the City is the tradition that the British sovereign must bow before crossing the threshold into the City of London. You know, before the boundary dragons whose shields bear an inverted cross. Statues symbolic of something beyond Nazism, Zionism and other isms. The root of all evil.

    The queen may be honorary head of the Pilgrims Society, but she is not in charge. And she must realize: she is gambling with her immortal soul.

    Even now, an army of ghosts walks among you Western plutocrats.

    You think you are safe in your Upper East Side coops? In Bedfordshire? In St James? On the board of News Corporation?

    "Soon I found it was in my name. It was in the words I spoke."

    We shall see.

    First you think it's laughable. Hahaha.
    Then maybe remotely possible. Hmm.
    Now an unsettling suspicion: plausible.
    Slowly rising blind terror: probable.

    But when it's too late, when it's certain:

    That you plutocrats are are masters of nothing.
    Mere fabricated protagonists in this drama.

    At the end, too frozen in horror to kick or scream as you are dragged to down hell.

    To get what you have given.


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