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Robert Fleeting was a 24 year old serving with the Royal Airforce Force, at RAF Benson in Oxfordshire in England.

Apparently he was murdered.

Apparently, there was a cover-up by the military and by the police.

"Robert came from a loving family based in East Kilbride in Scotland...

"He was engaged to be married and had just given his fiancé a substantial amount of money to buy her wedding dress.

"On the evening of Saturday 3rd September 2011, Robert and some of his Fire-fighting comrades went to nearby Henley for a night out where they were joined by some medics from the same base.

"The following morning (Sunday 4th September 2011), Robert was found hanging in his room."

Justice For Robert - Home

Justice For Robert - Home

According to the official version of events, Robert Fleeting committed suicide.

This was the verdict of the coroner.

However, an autopsy revealed that Robert had suffered trauma to his anal passage.

This fact was not revealed until after Robert had been cremated.

Robert had other injuries as well.

Three types of DNA were found on the noose used in the hanging.

The content of alleged suicide notes were "not consistent with Robert's handrwriting or wording."

Justice For Robert - Home

Justice For Robert - Home

Justice For Robert - Home

The Deepcut rapes.

Most Military Leaders are Sadistic Gays?

An army of sadistic homosexual child rapists?.


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who is Edward Fleeting??this is about Robert .Fleeting...typo error??


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