Friday, 31 July 2015

Geoengineering And The Dying Of The Trees


  1. Personally I have problems with the theory of Chemtrails and similar machinations. Our societies function only with plenty of people working and acting for the Matrix. The idea that the Matrix would subject their own supporters indiscriminately to harmful treatment, does not make sense. Would assume, that the stress of many plants in California must originate from the long endured drought.
    The climate warming alarmism is actually suffering a major set-back, now when the arctic ice is massively increasing and hampering the supply of goods to northern Canadian ports, as even reported by MSM..

  2. Debunking Chemtrlal Theory.

    The CIA started up crazy conspiracy theories in the 60's so that they could do their horrible stuff and then people would say, oh, that's just another conspiracy theory.

  3. Netanyahu-"When we are done with America, it will dry up and blow away."
    Trees in my area are starting to look like this

  4. Funny, I was visiting the wine country of Paso Robles in California today, and I noticed the same thing about the Manzanita bushes---I thought it was strange they looked so stressed.