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Sir Martin Sorrell was paid almost £43m last year.

Sorrell is the boss of WPP, the multinational advertising and public relations company, which has its registered office on the island of Jersey.

Sorrell was born in London to a Jewish family, whose ancestors came from Russia, Poland and Romania.[4] 

Sorrell's father, Jack, was a first-generation Jewish immigrant, whose ­own parents came from what is now Ukraine.

Sorrell's sons were educated at Arnold House School, in London.

Sorrell never missed a school ­parents' evening.

Martin Sorrell of WPP - / Arnold House School 

"Described as 'The Bilderberg of Advertising' by the Guardian, #WPPStream is the WPP (un)conference hosted by Sir Martin Sorrell (CEO, WPP) and Israeli investor Yossi Vardi." 

Sorrell has been a member of Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission, reportedly.

The 2005 Trilateral Commission Membership List

When WPP bid for Ogilvy Group in 1989, David Ogilvy called Sorrell an 'odious little shit'. 

In 2007, Sorrell sued two former Italian business associates because of a blogpost describing Sorrell and a ­colleague as "the mad dwarf and the nympho schizo". 

In 2005, when Sorrell and his first wife Sandra divorced, Sandra accused Sorrell of having 'marginalised' and 'dehumanised' her.

Martin Sorrell of WPP -

In 2008, Sorrell married Cristiana Falcone, an Italian whom he met at the World Economic Forum.


So, how important is Sir Martin Sorrell?

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At 14 June 2015 at 12:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few years ago we were told to fill in job recording sheets at work. It greatly increased stress because you always had to keep busy. Some jobs take far too long and some can be very quick, so you decrease the time on the long jobs and increase the recorded time on the jobs that are quick. Because we use job recording sheets we have some room for leeway.

Anyway, it won't long before the technology is cheap enough for even my stingy company to be able to afford it and so soon someday soon we will have tiny electronic devices pinned to us recording precisely where we are and for how long. Then meeting a colleague and stopping for a quick chat will become a thing of the past. Humans are social creatures and have a need to socialise so work will become even more unpleasant and boring.

We were all told that the threat of Big Brother came from communism, but who would have thought that it would first occur right here in the free west?

At 14 June 2015 at 23:41 , Blogger Franz said...

Actually it was guys like Ford and Taylor who brought us Big Brother.

In the name of "efficiency" and "time and motion studies" they found out how much they could force people to do. At the same time they took their insanely out-of-proportion earnings to set up tax-free foundations and organizations that lied, propagandized and otherwise defrauded people into thinking the whole problem of the world are labor unions and nations that take their borders seriously.

Communism simply slowed down the death wish that capitalism was born with.

The whole idea of finance capitalism is to control the world more completely than any ancient emperor, without having one shred of the responsibility an actual leader would have.

It's nutters and it's destroying the world. But as long as their paid-for think tanks and churches do their bidding, capitalism, like cancer, will continue to plunder till only roaches will survive.

Jack London tried to warn everyone in his most neglected novel, The Iron Heel. It's still worth a look. London knew where things would end up.

At 19 June 2015 at 23:14 , Blogger Kathy Mayes said...

So agree Franz. Then add cost accounting and MBAs into the mix. People's labor is only valued as a commodity. That means slaves and robots are the most efficient and thus, the most valuable.


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