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Mark Lester and Prince Jackson

In the UK, the inluential Jewish politician Greville Janner wrote to Michael Jackson to congratulate him on being cleared of child sex charges.

The letter was given to Michael Jackson's friend Mark Lester, who, as a child actor, starred in the 1968 film Oliver! 

However, Mark Lester did not pass the letter on to Michael Jackson.

The Sun on Sunday.

Janner (left) Jackson (right)

Greville Janner wrote: 'I was so very pleased at the news of your acquittal. What a terrible time you have endured.

'I hope that you will return to London and that I should have the pleasure of seeing you once again ... so good luck and all best wishes. Yours, Greville.'

Mark Lester says of Janner and his letter:

"What he said was inappropriate. No one should congratulate Michael on being cleared let alone a QC and peer. 

"It's as if he's saying, 'Well done, you got away with it'."

The UK's Daily Mail 'falsely' reported that former child star Mark Lester had allowed his son to share a bedroom with Michael Jackson.

Paris Jackson (right) in 'Satanic' red and black.

Paris Jackson would appear to be the victim of CIA-Mossad mind-control.

One of Paris Jackson's recent drawings, with mind control imagery. Michael Jackson. "A hexagram with all-seeing eyes and a bloody knife. 666 in the pool of blood."

NASA ran a mind control program involving gifted children called 'Space Kids.'

Uri Geller was reportedly involved with a group of NASA Space Kids called the 'Gellerings', who were subjected to intensive hypnosis and trauma based mind control.


Geller and Jackson

CIA brainwashing is reportedly used to produce sex slaves for the elite.

Paris Jackson

CIA brainwashing is reportedly used to produce sex slaves for the elite.

Uri Geller and Esther Rantzen.

Esther Rantzen is linked to the the Jimmy Savile child-abuse scandal.

Jimmy Savile was a close friend of Israel, and reportedly worked for the security services.

Uri Geller and Greville Janner. Greville Janner, VIP child abuse, mysterious death

Paris Jackson was born in 1998, in Beverly Hills, California.

Her biological mother is Debbie Rowe, who signed over custody of Paris to Michael Jackson.

Mark Lester and Prince Jackson.

After Michel Jackson's death in 2009, Paris and her brothers came under the legal care of their grandmother, Katherine Jackson.

Paris Jackson would appear to have found out about CIA-Mossad mind control.

In early June 2013, Paris was hospitalized after she "cut her wrists with a kitchen knife and took as many as 20 ibuprofen tablets."

On 13 July 2013, Paris was released from the hospital but was transferred to an 'undisclosed
 residential treatment center'.

Michael Jackson next to an all-seeing eye.

Paris Jackson drawing. Symbol of the Order of the Eastern Star, part of Freemasonry.

Michael Jackson and satanic imagery.

Spot the mind-control victims.

A Paris Jackson drawing of the symbol of Freemasonry, which is reported to be linked to Satanism and mind control.

A fractured skull with sealed lips doing the mind control sign of secrecy.

Micheal Jackson | Conspirazzi

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At 14 June 2015 at 09:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Klaus Kinski "One should judge a man mainly from his depravities. Virtues can be faked. Depravities are real".

At 14 June 2015 at 09:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In a recent Aangirfan post there was a radio article where this guy read out an actress's memoirs. She said that you only get the top on Hollywood if you are prepared to do anything sexually for the people above you in the top positions. Many musicians are very talented and get to the top because of their ability, but many others have to rely on the music industry to do it for them, write their signs, get the best producers, etc.

Apparently Mxxxxxx was very good at pleasing those above her, she would do anything. I'm not sure if I am allowed to name the person, and it could be a false accusation, but it seems very plausible. I bet there was lots of drugs at those parties, and then people lose their inhibitions.

At 14 June 2015 at 15:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm often interested in how stars from years ago look nowadays, so I looked up Mark Lester. He's done pretty well, although he looks fairly average now. From that search came Jack wild and as a kid I thought he was fabulous.

Below is a video made in 2005 of Jack Wild. Crikey! What happened to him? He later died of throat cancer caused by alcoholism and heavy smoking. I had a couple of pints tonight - again. shit!

Jack Wild interview 2005.

Jack Wild (1952-2006)

At 14 June 2015 at 22:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...
Articles by Uri Geller

Larry King is supreme among America's interviewers. . .

We discussed the CIA's psychic spy program, which had been publicly revealed a few months earlier, and my lecture at the Capitol building: I had been summoned to Washington to address senators and national security council members, in the unbuggable Strong Room.

The conversation hurtled in a series of high-speed twists and snaking turns, from the Star Wars nuclear shield to my belief in alien intelligence, from my friend Ed Mitchell's lunar mission to my assertion that space would become a tourists' playground within two decades

pic of Uri Geller with Mark Lester at his wedding

Hanna wept buckets, of course. There's nothing more moving than a wedding, and Mark Lester's marriage to Lisa Crooks, at Cheltenham's gorgeous Pittville Pump Room, was as touching as it was spectacular.

Mark, the renowned osteopath who was the child star of Oliver!, lookedstaggered by his own good fortune. His four lovely children from a previous marriage were angelic, and his bride, a children's psychiatrist, wore a blue dress that seemed imbued with magic as she stepped from a white Rolls Royce.

I was asked to say a few words, and I spoke from the heart: Mark is a lovely guy, and I wish him and Lisa all the happiness in the world. And of course, we all sang: "Consider yourself, at home! Consider yourself, one of the family!"

At 14 June 2015 at 22:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another perennial child, the original star of Oliver, Mark Lester, joined Hanna and me for lunch and a stroll along the banks of the Thames. We talkedabout Michael Jackson, of course, but mostly we just walked in companionable silence. He’s one of the easiest people to relax with, because he knows when to let a silence do the talking, instead of filling it with words.


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