Friday 26 June 2015


All smiles after the false flag attack?

On 26 June 2015, 'a false flag attack, in the style of the CIA's Operation Gladio', took place at an American-owned factory near Lyon in France.

Why France?

France's lawmakers backed motion to recognize Palestinian state.

Reportedly, the attack involved:

Two men in a car.

A decapitated head, 'covered in Arabic writing', being hung on a fence.

Small explosions causing injuries to factory workers.

A man 'known to security services', arrested at the scene, telling officers he was a member of ISIS.

ISIS is reportedly run by the CIA and its friends.

The attack took place at the headquarters of the American owned Air Products, in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, near Lyon.

Two men were seen driving into the main gate soon after 10am, before driving around in circles throwing gas cylinders around the main yard.

Witnesses say the men were carrying Islamist flags.

One of the men jumped out of the car, according to 'local prosecuting sources', and then 'decapitated a man'.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.


In 1947, France's Interior Minister Edouard Depreux revealed the existence of a secret army in France codenamed "Plan Bleu".

The aim of this army was to carry out false flag operations, in order to promote the agenda of the rich elite.

By 1949, NATO had various secret armies, all part of the CIA's Operation Gladio.

The former director of France's spy service DGSE, admiral Pierre Lacoste, said in a 1992 interview with The Nation, that certain elements from the network were involved in terrorist activities against de Gaulle. 

François de Grossouvre was Gladio's leader for the region around Lyon in France until his alleged suicide on April 7, 1994. 






On 26 June 2015, there was a false flag attack at Port El Kantaoui, near Sousse, in Tunisia.


Reportedly, at least 30 people were killed.

In early May 2015 there was an influx of Jews to Tunisia.

The official reason was a Jewish pilgrimage to a synagogue in Tunisia.

"Some 500 are expected in Djerba for the two-day religious festival from France, Israel, Italy and Britain, according to the organizers."

Tunisia hosts Jewish pilgrimage .

Mossad has offices in Sousse, Djerba and Tunis.

Mossad bolsters activity in Tunisia.

In Port El Kantaoui, the gunmen arrived at the beach on an inflatable boat.

The attackers first opened fire at tourists on the beach.

They then entered the Imperial Marhaba Hotel and began firing from the machine gun that they carried in an umbrella case. 

They also carried grenades, according to witnesses.

The Riu Bellevue Park is also believed to have been attacked.

Reportedly, one gunman was killed.

The attacks in both France and Tunisia could indicate an attempt by the USA and its allies to mould public opinion before launching a full scale invasion of Syria.

Jacob Walles (blue shirt) with his fellow Jews.

On 20 February 2015, in Tunisia, "the US ambassador was expelled from the presidential palace."

Reportedly, US Ambassador Jacob Walles angered Tunisia's President Beji Essebsi when Walles tried to pressure him into accepting a US military base in Tunisia.

Reportedly, President Essebsi not only expelled Walles from his residence but also refused a request to have a phone conversation with President Obama.

Tunisia: US ambassador expelled from the presidential .... / Massacre in Tunis | crimesofempire.

On 18 March 2015, tourists in Tunisia were hit by a group believed to be working for the CIA and Mossad.

Tunisia shooting: At least 17 killed at Bardo Museum in Tunis

In 2010, we predicted a coup was coming in Tunisia, but were ignored by the big bloggers.


In 2002, the CIA and its friends reportedly carried out a false flag attack on Djerba in Tunisia.

The CIA, Mossad and the Djerba Bombing..

Left to right: Général de Division Rachid Ammar (Chief of the Army, Tunisia) shaking hands with General Raymond Henault (Chairman of the NATO Military Committee). 

Reportedly the CIA has many assets within the militaries of Tunisia and Egypt.

In 2010, the CIA toppled Tunisia's moderate leader Ben Ali


In 2010, the CIA/NATO/Mossad false flag operation, in Tunisia, began the Arab Spring.

The official story of the death of Mohamed Bouazizi, the street vendor, is fiction.

The CIA put the Islamists into power.

The Islamists then provided the CIA with fighters for ISIS, for the CIA's fight against Assad in Syria.

Tunisia has provided the largest contingent of fighters - well over 3,000 - to ISIS.

CIA recruiters pay between $1,000 and $3,000 to prospective fighters, a huge sum for an unemployed Tunisian.

The Islamists allowed the Mossad to increase its activity in several Tunisian cities.

Report: Mossad bolsters activity in Tunisia

Tunisia, under President Ben Ali (above), was a Moslem success story.

It was liberal, run by technocrats and relatively prosperous.

In December 2014, former Ben Ali ministers won the elections in Tunisia and got back into power!

Now, the CIA and Mossad seem to be hitting the moderates once again.

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At 26 June 2015 at 04:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's a "Jewish" stage play...all day...everyday

Isaiah 13:14 - Hosea 1:11 & Matthew 13:39-43

Jesus commands the Tares be put into the Fiery Furnaces...of TRUTH



At 26 June 2015 at 06:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another hoax/false flag. Rita Katz workin overtime

At 26 June 2015 at 07:28 , Anonymous wiggins said...

Is that 'our old friend' Rita Katz in the above picture? She seems to be everywhere these days. Bizzy,bizzy,bizzy..................

At 26 June 2015 at 07:50 , Anonymous wiggins said...

Yep.....Rita says itz a take....on to Tunisia.

At 26 June 2015 at 12:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Incidently...Morocco is a stronghold of crypto Jewry.....Not a coincidence that Churchill and his mates showed up there during WW2.
Nor is it a coincidence having films based their featuring Bacall and Bogart in Casablanca.Then there are all the Jewish pederast travelling there from Europe.Then there are the Jewish pop stars like the satanist Mick Jagger.
You could confidently state the very upper strata of this North African country is composed of crypto Britain and the US....thus there are no "colour revolutions".....
Once the Jew establish themselves in a country it is very difficult to remove them...because the "disappear" by pretending not to be Jews....
They even return to countries they have been forced out of.....Russian Jews have poured into Germany in the last 30 years.When their influence is overwhelming they even get the host people to pay for the settlement of the new invaders!.
Algeria and Tunisia no doubt have numbers of these "alien beings"....they obviously do not yet have the control as found in Morocco....yet.


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