Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Justin Meek (left), friend Sam Wiggins (centre) and brother Jacob Meek. dailymail.

According to the dailymail, 'Dylann Roof', just before the 'shootings', was staying in a large, well equipped trailer.

The trailer is in Red Bank, in South Carolina.

Reportedly, staying with 'Dylann' were Joseph Meek, Justin Meek, Jacob Meek and Sam Wiggins.

Joseph Meek

Roof "spent his days drinking and playing video games with Joey Meek, an old friend from Knoll High School with whom he had recently reconnected."

Reportedly, Joseph Meek had been in trouble with the law and was on probation.

The well equipped trailer.

RUSS WINTER writes about the 'Arrest' of Dylann Storm Roof: The Hoax that Keeps On Giving

Russ writes:

The arrest of 'mass murderer' Storm Roof in Shelby, N.C., some 247 miles from Charleston, took place 14 hours after the 'crime' in a manner that was calm, cool and collected...


Russ writes:

While all this is going on Thursday, June 18, at 11:07 a.m. the George Soros-funded Southern Poverty Law Center tweets bizarre, posed photos...

Rita Katz who was reportedly the brains behind various fake Osama bin Laden videos. "She served in the Israeli Defense Forces."

Russ writes:

The original Dylann Storm Roof photos were first tweeted by ... Rita Katz at 7:37 AM on the 18th.

Her hoaxster web site, called SITE had the photos up at 6:57 AM.

For more on this operative see. She is usually first to press on almost all the frauds against Muslims, Bin Laden videos, etc (see)...

Russ writes:

The post-arrest version of Storm Roof is much better looking and presentable than the SPLC-sourced photos...

Is this even the same person?

I have a sneaking suspicion that Roof's persona will show tremendous remorse, denouncing the influences on him, and that will be the script...

(Boston Marathon bomber, who has a relation in the CIA, apologizes: 'I am sorry for the lives I've taken') (Boston terror suspects uncle was married to CIA officer's daughter)

In a real process, family survivors are given their say at sentencing and parole hearings not at bail arraignments.

Par for the course that these actors are already at the advanced grieving stage and “forgive” young Roof...

Russ writes:

Meanwhile, we have not seen one photo or image of an actual crime.

The church itself was reopened for Sunday services - a mere three days after 45 rounds were fired and nine people were allegedly slain.

Details on the funerals are sketchy, especially on the subject of open versus closed caskets. Note that 68% of funerals in the U.S. are open casket.

Russ writes:

It would take a highly trained, skilled assassin (using a 45-caliber pistol) to get nine head shots and a 100% kill-to-wounded ratio on individuals scrambling for their lives.

There are no details on wounds and trajectories available. The MSM has made zero effort to describe this crime or its details.

Continued here: 'Arrest' of Dylann Storm Roof: The Hoax that Keeps On Giving


  1. Charleston, SC Active Shooter Dates Changed

    Believe the original dates were 6/15/15 to 6/19/15, but that has been changed to a week earlier, so it wouldn't fall into the SC shooting date.

    You've got the original on your site somewhere, but this shows that somebody didn't like the real dates getting out.

  2. regarding UK's ongoing child abuse scandals...
    told ya'll... THE NATIONAL CRIME AGENCY! ;D

  3. I've shot a .45 caliber pistol several times. Great gun, close-up and if the target isn't moving, if it is, then it's not very accurate.

  4. SSRI drugs always involved-but only white males seem to go berserk. Intentional? Dr. John Iuilio knows- "SuperPredator"- a shadowy figure in every administration since Reagan.......

    1. Total lies, Dorner, Orgeon, FSU, Navy Yard shooting hoax all black false composites, Roof doesn't exist he is not arrested it didn't happen get over yourself

  5. And do SSRI's enhance/affect MK programming in some way?

  6. Charleston Shooting: Evidence of Stagecraft

  7. My childhood teachers said comic book tales were a bad influence but as usual they were wrong. Turns out a comic book understanding of the world conferred a rare understanding of the propaganda potentials that were in their infancy.

  8. Autism doctor dies in Shelby:

  9. Look at the size of "Dylann Roof" in the dashcam arrest video... Roof is taller than all 4 cops! I thought he was supposed to be 5'-9" 120 lbs.? He looks more like 6 ft. ,170 lbs.

  10. Muslims and white people both demonised globally by the Zionists.