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King Milan

In her book King Milan and Lady Churchill, Dragoslava Koprivica writes that Winston Churchill's father was the King of Serbia.

Serbia is at the centre of Yugoslavia.

Winston Churchill's mother got around, and she had a two-year sexual liaison with King Edward VII.

Winston Churchill, his mother and the philandering Prince

Jenny Jerome and young Winston. 

Churchill's mother was Jenny Jerome (aka Jenny Jacobson)

Jenny's father was Leonard Jerome, the Jewish owner of the New York Times.

He changed his name from Jacobson to Jerome.

Leonard Jerome was a close friend of August Belmont, the American representative of the Rothschilds.

Lord Randolph Churchill.

Jenny Jerome was married to Lord Randolph Churchill, who was reportedly gay.

There was talk of homosexual liaisons during Lord Randolph's frequent visits to Paris. 

Churchhill's mother met Milan Obrenovic (above) while studying in Paris.

Author Dragoslava Koprivica says that Churchill tried to cover up the love affair by altering his mother's diaries.

Milan Obrenovic became the King of Serbia.

According to Dragoslava Koprivica, memoirs, diaries and letters show that Winston was the child of the Serbian king Milan Obrenovic (1854-1901).

At the Yalta Conference in 1945, Churchill reportedly wanted the Communists rather than the Serb monarchy to run Yugoslavia.

"Because of Churchill's policy, Stalin humorously asked (paraphrasing) 'Did one of the Serbian monarchs personally step on your toe?'"

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

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I'm not convinced. Take a look at Sir Randolph and Winston in the above photos for example. Note the ears and the sleepy eyes. If ever a son looked like his father, there's no better illustration that the above photos, imo

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Ear shape is not hereditary. In any case, I think he looks more like his mother.


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