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Former boss of the London area police, John Stevens (left)

Lord Greville Janner, suspected of massive child abuse, is friends with top police officers and top people in the security services.

Greville Janner, Paul Boateng, David Blane and Michael Jackson.

Janner, the former President of the British Board of Jewish Deputies, has been friends with the former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police John Stevens.

In 2005, Stevens became chairman of a intelligence organisation called Quest alongside some of the top Jewish figures from the City of London as well as a former Director of Mossad and a former deputy director of the CIA.

Greville Janner update | The Occidental Observer by Francis Carr Begbie

Janner has "groomed senior police officers on behalf of various Jewish organisations."

Community Security Trust - Jewish militia.

John Stevens, Greville Janner and Gerald Ronson (of the 1991 Guinness financial fraud) have all sat on the advisory committee of the Community Security Trust.

The Community Security Trust is a private investigation agency run out of the British Board of Jewish Deputies.

It has been chaired by Gerald Ronson since he left prison.

It has "a physical street presence" and is involved in undercover and infiltration work. 

It has close working relations with the police and UK government.

Lord Stevens's career "has blossomed since he took a close interest in the welfare of the Jewish community."

In 1995, a booklet on the Greville Janner case was sent to TV companies, newspapers and Members of Parliament.

The booklet described how a child resident of a care home, Paul Winston, had been abused by top people.

Paul has stated that he was taken to bed by Janner.

The booklet was ignored. 

Janner was made a Lord.

NB - Aangirfan is not necessarily in agreement with all the articles written at The Occidental Observer.

Lord Carey, previously Archbishop of Canterbury, with Janner


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Porn, adware found on former FBI web domains

At 31 May 2015 at 14:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr. Joseph Mengele, known as the "Angel of Death", visited my childhood family home in Northern Westchester County, New York State, during the 1950s. Based on testimony from certain of my relatives (some now deceased) I have reason to believe that it was Mengele (in league with others among his accomplices) who was responsible for the eugenics experiments, and some of the psychiatric abuses perpetrated upon me personally as well as other family members.

CIA MK Ultra Program: The Ultimate Evil

Recent harassing on bottom page:

At 1 June 2015 at 01:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The comment above reminded me of the Frank Olsen story about psychiatric CIA brain washing experiments on humans. Frank Olsen was a doctor and patriotic Christian American who wanted to help his government to fight communism. It was believed that the Chinese and Russians had advancements in biological weapons. Dr Frank Olsen was a bacteriologist and he did animal experiments on anthrax and other biological and chemical weapons.

Eventually in the early 1950's he was sent to Germany to do more research. He came back a changed man. The CIA were apparently using LSD in massive dosages along with inhumane interrogation techniques. The interrogators were called the rough boys. When Frank Olsen went home he was not himself and seemed very disturbed. He then confided in only one colleague and said to him that he Sean people being tortured to death. The CIA along with ex Nazis were doing this. The CIA became concerned that Frank Olsen may become a whistle blower.

During the Korean war some of the captured American soldiers renounced capitalism and said that the United States had used biological weapons in North Korea. It was soon discovered that these soldiers had been brainwashed by the North Koreans. The US government considered them to be traitors and the CIA considered them to be excellent human guinea pigs for their own experiments. Some of these Americans were allegedly being tortured at the German concentration camp that Frank Olsen attended. But did the US government actually use chemical weapons in North Korea? This was something Frank Olsen knew too much about.

The CIA became concerned that Frank Olsen that Frank Olsen may talk, so one day a CIA agent took him to the 13'th floor of a hotel and apparently Frank Olsen commuted suicide by throwing himself through the plate glass window onto the street below. The police soon closed the case with a verdict of suicide. Frank Olsen's son recently found out that his father had been pumped with LSD prior to his death.

There seems to be limits to the suffering that psychopaths can cause. Watch the documentary below.

Code Name: Artichoke - Conspiracy Documentary

At 1 June 2015 at 02:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quest also have a finger in the sporting pie. Pure specculation on my part but one wonders if the footballing world has recently been advised on matters of integrity.( FIFA had been going to vote on booting out Israel prior to recent "revalations" and a co-ordinated media attack.) Post media / FBI circus FIFA have tempered their actions.

From his Quest bio -- Stevens

Lord Stevens has conducted major inquiries into security breaches in Northern Ireland, the death of Diana, Princess of Wales and Premier League football transfers.

Eddie Marshbaum
Head of Sports Integrity/Strategy
Eddie joined Quest in 2011, having practiced corporate, commercial and sports law for four years at international law firm, Jones Day. Eddie works in Quest’s sporting integrity and security team, offering strategic advice to clients in the sporting world. Clients include sporting federations, bid committees for upcoming major sporting events, police and military experts, and clients from the commercial sector operating in the sporting world.


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At 1 June 2015 at 08:57 , Anonymous Greg Pearson said...

Excellent post. I noticed your disclaimer about Occidental Observer- funny how excellent material can be found on sites which narrow-minded dualistic agenda-based people would dismiss out-of-hand as worthless- the cobbling together of disparate, disjointed elements against a common foe is a successful strategy- this foe being Talmudic Jewry/Freemasonry, their weakpoint being their apparently unquenchable psychotic appetite for child abuse/sacrifice. All hands on deck, the enemy of your enemy is your friend- don't let prejudices divide us against the greatest threat humanity has ever faced or we're all dead, or worse......

At 1 June 2015 at 09:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first blog listed: barbarahartwell vs cia

Is full of info, has many direct accusations towards agencies and researchers, is written by a fromer CIA Agent, coming from two generation of high-ranked CIA. I looked at it, but the info is very deep.
She goes against many false allegations in other sites about all of this.

I just scratched the surface, but I highly recommend to look at her blog.

At 1 June 2015 at 11:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

From that site:


The fbi's extreme and apparently extended for life intentional infliction of mental & physical trauma on this Target of the fbi's inhumane and felonious covert operations (as I have documented for 25 years) are assaults (on and will never be forgotten by) all mankind. The evil doers whom I describe compound their sins associated with the unconscionable attacks by enjoying and profiting from the suffering that they impose; such subhuman and heartless psychopathology in their hearts are the hallmarks of the twisted and sick fbi and are noted by all who endure USA' s abhorrent murders, imprisonment, and torture operations globally.


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