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The rich elite, the top families, have the support of the CIA, the Mafia and the Vatican.

Professor Paul L. Williams has written Operation Gladio: The Untold Story of the Unholy Alliance Between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia

The Washington Book Review

According to Paul L. Williams:

1. In 1942, US Intelligence recruited Lucky Luciano, a Mafia drug lord.

They allowed him to build up his empire and sell narcotics in the USA.

(Reportedly, the CIA is heavily involved in running the drugs trade, on hehalf of the rich elite)

2. During World War II, Allen Dulles, who became boss of the CIA, met various Nazi officials in order to maintain an alliance.

(Dulles was a Knight of Malta. People linked to the Knights of Malta include Reinhard Gehlen (Nazi), Heinrich Himmler, Franz von Papen (Hitler enabler) Fritz Thyssen (Hitler’s financier),  David Rockefeller, members of the Bush family, Rupert Murdoch...)

3. After World War II, the Vatican helped to finance the CIA's false flag terror operations.

NATO is a tool of the Pentagon.

4. After Nixon became president in 1969, Henry Kissinger got his assets in Italy to carry out various terrorist attacks.

This was the CIA's Operation Gladio.

The aim was to keep the rich elite in power and to discredit any opponents of the rich elite.

In 1969, CIA assets arranged for a bomb to go off in a bank in Milan.

Seventeen people died.

Within an hour, three bombs exploded in Rome.

The opponents of the rich elite were blamed for the bombings.

The average Italian knows more about the CIA than the average American.

14,591 acts of terror took place between 1969 and 1987.

491 people died and 1,181 were injured.


5. The CIA's terror attacks took place in other European countries from 1965 to 1981.

The USA tried to kill De Gaulle.

De Gaulle then denounced 'the secret warfare of the Pentagon' and expelled the European headquarters of NATO.

(The CIA-NATO terror attacks still continue)

A child victim of the Marc Dutroux child abuse gang who reportedly worked for the security services.

In Belgium, assets of the CIA randomly killed people in a supermarket.

(Meanwhile, the CIA and its friends were running child abuse rings so as to control the top people in Europe)

The Nazi General Pinochet of Chile.

6. In Latin America, in the 1970s, the CIA and the Vatican launched Operation Condor in order to crush anyone who opposed the rich elite.

The Vatican's Opus Dei got the support of Chilean bishops for the overthrow of the government of President Allende.

"In 1971, the CIA began shelling out millions to the Chilean Institute for General Studies (IGS), an Opus Dei think tank, for the planning of the revolution."

The Pope was fully behind the purging of clerics who opposed the rich elite.

Under Chile's General Pinochet, hundreds of thousands Chileans disappeared.

Osama bin Laden, who reportedly was close friends with the CIA and MI6.

7. FBI whistle blower Sibel Edmonds said:

"Between 1996 and 2002, we, the United States, planned, financed, and helped execute every major terrorist incident by Chechen rebels (and the Mujahideen) against Russia.

"Between 1996 and 20002, we, the United States, planned, financed, and helped execute every single uprising and terror related scheme in Xinjiang (aka East Turkistan and Uyhurstan).

"Between 1996 and 2002, we, the United States, planned and carried out at least two assassination schemes against pro-Russian officials in Azerbaijan."

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At 14 May 2015 at 14:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent. Gladio is proof positive that Governments fake terrorist attacks. No one can argue that it ain't so. It's therefore the ideal wedge to split people from their otherwise unshakable belief that "there's no way the government would do that to its own people".

At 14 May 2015 at 14:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"In 1942, US Intelligence recruited Lucky Luciano, a Mafia drug lord. They allowed him to build up his empire and sell narcotics in the USA."

Another illusion demolished. And how long have the CIA types been working their evil? It didn't all start in the 1960s eh?

At 14 May 2015 at 14:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Adults now high in Liverpool organised crime organised boys games in a Knowsley wood in the mid 1960's. Split into two groups they would play a war game using air rifles and air pistols, bows and catapults. The call shout password was Gladio.

At 14 May 2015 at 18:34 , Anonymous No More Myths said...

The Church of Christ involved in any wrongdoing?

The Astronomico-theological Lectures of the Rev. Robert Taylor

Of particular note, page 45, The Unjust Steward:

At 15 May 2015 at 01:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Six days of the Condor 1974 book about CIA drug snuggling
Three Days of the Condor 1975 film of book CIA controlling oil fields in the middle east for destabilisation and future invasion. End of film
Higgins defends the oil fields plan, claiming that there will be a day in which oil shortages will cause a major economic crisis for the country, and that Americans will want the government to use any means necessary to obtain the oil. Turner says he has told the press "a story" (they are standing outside The New York Times office), but Higgins questions Turner's assurances that the story will be printed.

At 15 May 2015 at 04:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simply an amazing find Aangirfan. You and others have been shouting this kind of stuff for years here and elsewhere... How long will it take for enough of us to wake up to be able to prevent an apocalypse? At least God will know those for a lack of trying.


At 15 May 2015 at 12:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In your 'RIGGED UK GENERAL ELECTION' - MAY 2015 column I relayed the finding that Nick Crane, Genesis P-orridge, Psychic-TV and 'Throbbing Grissle' were given permission to film a video for their music within the confines of ChristChurch in Hampstead.

Here is the original article documenting that proof:

"Locations included The Hell Fire Club caves 300ft. underground, Christ Church in Hampstead, and Caxton Hall. The album is full of sounds designed to exploit the 3D effect. It’s an amazing experience on headphones.”

As I quote from "The telephone line interference gives way to the glorious clarity of a solo choirboy singing ‘Always is Always’, a song penned by the murderer of psychedelic innocence: Charles Manson, and much sung by his adopted family of waifs and strays."

“I’m the devil, and I’m here to do the devil’s business.” –Tex Watson, Manson Family

Laurel Canyon is an extremely interesting place with a very particular covert history to put a recording studio. During the 1960s, an extremely interesting assortment of pioneer rock musicians, singers and songwriters suddenly begin to gather in Laurel Canyon as though summoned there by some unseen Pied Piper. Gram Parsons; The Mamas and Papas; Buffalo Springfield; the Byrds; the Monkees; Steppenwolf; Crosby, Stills and Nash; Neil Young; Frank Zappa; Jim Morrison, Alice Cooper; Jimi Hendrix; CHARLES MASON & FAMILY all found their way to Laurel Canyon.[9] All of these parties were of particular interest to the CIA-MK ULTRA covert war against Rock and Roll.

Another infamous resident of Laurel Canyon was U.S. Naval Intelligence Futurist and Science Fiction writer, Robert Heinlein. Heinlein at 8775 Lookout Mountain Avenue was just down the road from the U.S. Military Intelligence Top-Secret Lockout Mountain Laboratory (below) on Wonderland. During WWII, Heinlein led a top-secret special project of technical (science fiction) writers for military naval intelligence to bridge America’s gap between the occult and science. (Among the science fiction writers Heinlein recruited for the special project were Isaac Asimov, John W. Campbell, Jr., George O. Smith, Murray Leinster (Will F. Jenkins), L. Ron Hubbard, L. Sprague de Camp, and Fletcher Pratt).

Back around to Laurel Canyon in 1947. After the formation of Operation Paperclip that secretly brought thousands of Nazis into the United States, the Army Air Corps (1352d Motion Picture Squadron) secured a 21/2 acre house on Wonderland Park Avenue and turned it into a –top-secret electrical fenced movie production house indentified as the Lookup Mountain Laboratory. It is claimed that it was perhaps the world’s only completely self-contained movie studio. With 100,000 square feet of floor space, the covert studio included sound stages, screening rooms, film processing labs, editing facilities, an animation department, and seventeen climate-controlled film vaults. It also had underground parking, a helicopter pad and a bomb shelter.

The lab conducted secret experiments and shot military training films and documentaries here until the clandestine studio was decommissioned in 1969 [22] most likely after or just prior to the August 8 Tate-LaBianca Massacre. The savage, grizzly and cold blood murders of 6 white people at 10050 Cielo Drive in Benedict Canyon, just a couple miles to the west of Laurel Canyon, had been originally blamed on Black Nationalist, the Black Panther Party for Self Defense (Helter Skelter)[23]


At 15 May 2015 at 12:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The road to the U.S. Military Top-Secret Lookup Mountain Laboratory should almost face Rubin’s studio mansion on Laurel Canyon Blvd. When fascist rock star David Bowie wante to delve into Kabalism (the religious mystical and magical system of Judaism), he just happened to seek out Rick Rubin and Houdini’s Mansion.

Channeling the Nazis, David Bowie & SS Lighting Bolt

Bowie had been doing loads of cocaine in the mansion when he saw himself as a modern day incarnation of Merlin, The Magician, of King Arthur’s Knightly Round Table, dabbled in grey magic and assumed the identity of “The Thin White Duke,” a decadent, Euro, disco vampire.[24] At Wewelsburg Castle, Himmler had also channeled, Merlin. Undoubtedly, Rubin and Bowie had been involved in preforming secret SS metaphysical occult rites of Reichsfurhrer Heinrich Himmler.

This is the backdrop of Rick Rubin’s secluded haunted studio mansion compound in Laurel Canyon, the perfect setting to secretive recruit, train, indoctrinate, program and initiate vessels for Lucifer’s Servants, and CIA-MK ULTRA. Its “… foundation is said to have been riddled with secret passageways, tunnels, and hidden chambers. Similarly, the grounds of the estate were (and still are) laced with trails leading to grottoes, elaborate stone structures, and hidden caves and tunnels.


At 15 May 2015 at 12:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In England, Genesis had been an early neophyte of the Scholar and High Priest of the Left-Hand Path, William S. Burroughs[30] and the “Dream Machine” developer, Brion Gysin.[31] Burroughs was alleged to have been a CIA/MK ULTRA assassin and handler of an international ring of dissociative identity disorder satanic abused children.

Many of the Tenets of Genesis’ TOPY were based upon the satanic teachings of Robert DeGrimston, founder of the Process Church of the Final Judgment. During the 1990s, Genesis revived the Process Church.

Kevin Coogan, an expert investigator of the far right, identified Genesis’ Throbbing Gristle, the early post-punk group (Black Metal), with glamorizing the Nazi SS and Goebbels’ Ministry of Propaganda through art and music to spread Nazism, anti-Semitism, fascism, racism, Satanism, sado-masochism, and Wotan-Odinist ancestor worship supposedly as a means of shocking themselves and others out of the mundane, linear mindset.[41]

One of the biggest producers of Black Metal Rock appears to be Rick Rubin. Rubin is connected to Love and Rockets,[42] Trouble,[43] Danzig, Slayer, Metallica, System of a Down,[44] Dirty Little Rabbits,[45] Black Sabbath,[46] and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Blood Sugar Sex Magik.[47]

In February 1992, while Genesis was in Nepal, a British TV documentary accused Genesis of Satanic (pornographic) child abuse from a Psychic TV performance-art video taken from his home. British police seized Genesis’ possessions and threatened to imprison him if he returned to England.[48]

In 1995, Genesis was found holding up at Rubin’s haunted mansion on Laurel Canyon Blvd channeling with the group, Love and Rockets, when a fire broke out. In 1998, Genesis was awarded $1,572,000 in damages for injuries sustained in the fire to fund a new dark passage with the Luciferian Conspiracy.


At 20 October 2015 at 20:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

something to ponder:

At 18 July 2016 at 07:37 , Blogger Wanda Lyon said...



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