Friday 1 May 2015


Imagine that you are in an unselfish mood, you buy a lottery ticket and you win millions.

Being in an unselfish mood, you happily give all the money away.

Imagine a group of 20 handicapped schoolgirls on a holiday trip.

19 of them are in an unselfish mood and are having a wonderful time.

One of them is not having a wonderful time because she is concerned about her handicap and because she is not getting her own way.

Terence Gray (1895-1986) - pen name Wei Wu Wei

According to Terence Gray:

We should not grasp for pleasure and the avoidance of pain.

Bliss comes when we stop grasping for pleasure and the avoidance of pain.

"We are not number One, the first of all our objects, but ZERO ."

"The man who has transcended his false 'me', no longer identifies with his suffering."

Terence Gray was a Taoist-Buddhist philosopher and writer.

He was from an Irish family but was born in England,

He travelled throughout Asia.

Wei Wu Wei, alias Terence Gray (1895-1986) - Terebess / wei-wu-wei-biography / weiwuwei.8k


Gray wrote:

"Are we not wasps who spend all day in a fruitless attempt to traverse a window-pane - while the other half of the window is wide open? ...

You should "disidentify yourself with the ego, by realising its unreality, and by becoming aware of your eternal identity with pure being...

"Doctrines, scriptures, sutras, essays, are not to be regarded as systems to be followed. They merely contribute to understanding. They should be for us a source of stimulation, and nothing more... Adopted, rather than used as a stimulus, they are a hindrance.


Gray wrote:

"Play your part in the comedy, but don't identify yourself with your role! ...

"When you kick a man when he is down - do you realise that you are kicking yourself?

"Give him another kick - if you deserve it!

"Reality alone exists - and that we are. All the rest is only a dream, a dream of the One Mind, which is our mind without the 'our'."

* * * * *

Why are you unhappy?
Because 99.9 per cent
Of everything you think,
And of everything you do,
Is for yourself -
And there isn't one.

* * *

Wei Wu Wei, alias Terence Gray (1895-1986) - Terebess




  3. Wei Wu Wei's words bring solace and calm to the heart and mind.We need more like him in this troubled planet

  4. Obviously Wei wei had plenty of time to waste cooking up impractical ideas.Over 50% of the populace wouldn't have a clue what he was harping on about....particularly those who would "kick a man while down".Can you imagine a football 'ooligan checking himself just prior to putting the boot in on a rival Wei wei saintly philosophy rings in his ears...."you are kicking yourself".
    So the only people who may think Wei Wei was worthy of consideration would be the last people who would contemplate puttin' the boot in...
    In other words get real.

    1. AHA!

      "Real" in this case... meaning not seeing "the other half of the window is wide open".

      The ideas are not impractical. The hive-mind of our culture wants us to grasp, be frustrated, unhappy, nervous. Repeated tests have shown that unhappy people buy more stuff they don't need.

      So how really do we "get real"?

      I refuse to be frustrated for plutocrats anymore. Terence Gray was right.

  5. You absolutely rock, Aangirfan! Thank you for all the great reads xx

  6. I think "not identifying with your self" and "destroying the ego" is extreme.

    I don't need to do something like that in order to stop seeking pleasure and to stop avoiding pain. All I do is look around and see that idiots standing in line to buy a new iPhone are just hypnotized consumerist puppets.

    I see that technology is a never-ending forced march to constantly seek the avoidance of labor and the embracing of ease. And I know that will end in the destruction of everything the technophiles seek to possess.

    And I see this as "I": an individual who was made to be separate from the Oneness or the Source. I was created by a Creator. I am a being in my own right.

  7. who wants to destroy the ego? the ego?
    who tries to identify with the self? the self?
    who tries "not to identify" with the self or the me? the me?
    who talks about a Me and God - creates duality?
    who says "I'm a separate identity"? or "I am not a separate identity" believes in what he sees superficially ... and
    who believes in dreams or in a creation or even free will?
    the ego?
    so one question reminds.
    what is the ego? what is that which embraces its "own" projection, clames to be a body - clames to be a me or the so called I?
    so is the O or ego or this me simply an idea? a sound? a concept? simply a word or a bundle of thoughts?
    i was in search of myself and found no-thing. so I can't answer the question but I know, terence did a great job.

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