Friday 1 May 2015


French soldiers have been raping young boys.

The latest example is from the Central African Republic.

A recent report details "the rape and sodomy of starving and homeless young boys by French peacekeeping troops who were supposed to be protecting them at a centre for internally displaced people."

A UN aid worker has been suspended for leaking the report.


The UN and the military are known to be heavily involved in child abuse.

Charity worker Paula Donovan says: "The regular sex abuse by peacekeeping personnel uncovered here and the United Nations' appalling disregard for victims are stomach-turning, but the awful truth is that this isn't uncommon." 

UN staff have been linked to child abuse scandals in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kosovo, Bosnia, Haiti, Burundi and Liberia....


The boys in the Central African Republic described how they were raped in return for food and money. 

One 11-year-old boy said he was abused when he went looking for food. 

A nine-year-old described being sexually abused with his friend by two French soldiers when they went to a checkpoint to look for something to eat.

In the USA and UK it the military who are said to run the top child abuse rings.



  2. And to add to that military-industrial complex there must be those mechanism's that foster the kind of apathy that would serve as buffers that keep a certain segment of it's population just at the below median level of intellect, belief and superstition, to be used as cannon fodder for their wars. A good example would be from the Prussian modeled, Rockefeller funded school system in America to the Clergy urging 'nationalistic duty' in one of your earlier articles Aang. ( )

    Hey, speaking of clergy and schooling, apparently, and allegedly, some teachers and clergy have caught on to this scam and seem to find awful ways to capitalize on this situation. Although this site was created for the sole purpose of further independent investigative reporting, using only public information and a healthy dose of speculation, the purveyor's of 'Hampstead Research', are being attacked as if they were committing the crimes the children allege happened to them, when from the beginning this effort had to have been born from a very sincere, pained and concerned person as any sane and rational person would naturally be. Some of you remain adamant that nothing could have been occurring within the Hampstead burg, yet two major motion pictures loosely based on some of the strange occurrences in London ( and I mean very loose: Hot Fuzz and World's End ) many many testimonies of clergy, schools and military involved in satanic and sex trafficking here from Aangirfan, and a community steeped in Occult folklore for centuries, and you STILL want to play devil's advocate in all of the forum's. Well, I believe that Jacqui and their crew are doing a wonderful job of uncovering what has been going on in Hampstead, with Ricky Dearman, and the two children that are still in foster care over this horrible debacle. I believe these people saw an injustice being done and only picked up where the police left off (and SHOULD have investigated further according to the research these people have uncovered, here is a synopsis of what they have uncovered thus far:

    That alleged cult members know one another
    That there was/is (at least) one business irregularity
    That alleged cult trafficker parents had travelled, or could travel professionally to the child trafficking areas named by the children
    That there is some contact between alleged parent abusers and alleged teacher abusers
    That alleged cult members are working inside Hampstead churches in positions to do with children – and the Church
    A woman named Polly works at New End school, knows alleged CCPS abuser, Anna Maria Maguire and seems to work in a network of LAs
    A man who may be related to Polly posts over-candid pics of his children on Facebook
    A woman named Marlene has contacts in Angola and has an unusual Facebook profile that might well fit a trafficker
    There really is a man named Dan at the lock shop (we know more about him but we can’t let that out)
    That there is an estate agent named Galyna Upson who travels back and forth from Ukraine
    That there was a CCTV camera outside the Church: the footage could have been released but was not
    That alleged abuser Maria Yilmaz has a best friend who is a pornographer and may be a dark occultist
    That previous Hampstead Parochial head “Mission priest” Simon Atkinson was carousing in New York
    That Ricky Dearman could well have been using his computers for child pornography.


  3. The latest from Jacqui's 'HR', this very well written and produced video by Don Albahaca:

    When Ricky Met Vicky


    1. Dear ASolo,
      I just wanted to put you straight on one thing as I have been blocked from saying this many times on Hampstead Research's site.
      The suggestions that RD is involved in illegal online activity in VID 17 here
      are completely spurious and amount to false allegations based on poor logic or misunderstandings or confirmation bias at best.
      Evidence is here
      see my comment near the end.
      It seems that Hampstead research is unwilling to admit this. I wonder why.
      best regards

    2. I wonder if this is where Aangirfan stands on the matter as well if they chose this comment over the the one I submitted previous to the one above that did not show up?


    3. And, like Jaqcui stated, she has no idea about the complex IT lingo you were using and is relying on her teams research and the fact that her lawyers are comfortable enough with the information to consider using it as evidence. I guess if the information is spurious and in error that will be determined by another court. And just as well as so many other thousands of computer experts even you could be wrong. Thanks though.


    4. Did you actually follow and read what I posted? I assure you it is not at all complex or technical. Even you can verify it yourself.
      Watch the video
      Hampstead Research basically said that "predictive analysis software" says it, so it must be true. But the links they were following were paid for ads and nothing to do with such software. The links are completely unrelated to anyone.
      Go investigate, if you want.
      I have no idea of the views of aangirfan.
      It is certainly true that Hampstead Research has blocked all of my posts which is why you have not heard of this before. I really do not know why they would not show this. Probably because they do not want to admit an error.
      best wishes,

    5. Aang must have just been being funny waiting on posting that comment, you two girls can be jokesters too huh lol. Lots of love ladies!


    6. And to the techie, I dont mean to disparage your research, but I hope that you are wrong because THEY (meaning Jacqui's HR) are pretty sure that it is viable information. I personally have a mental block when it comes to IT and dont have the patience for it so everything you say might as well be in zwahili. Let's hope you are simply a weekend techie and wrong. Anywhichway, what percentage would you consider your hypothesis to be in the right?


    7. uummm 100%... ;-)
      the whole vid 17 was based on "predictive analysis software" and what is used on that site - is clearly not that. As I said, you can verify for yourself. You don't need to be a techie. The links 'recommended for you' are just paid for adverts for other sites which are offered no matter what site you do your initial search on. It is that simple. Try it. You get the same cycle of links to click on offered to follow no matter if your initial site search is for, or even 8-)

      If that is not clear, you can watch the video made which shows this - maybe that is easier to understand.

      best wishes

    8. Ok... thank you for the detailed response and for taking the time to make it clearer, sincerely.



  5. What's happened to the shirlz007 blog? Its been cleaned out!

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