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Teddy Sagi (bottom right) who is linked to gambling machines, porn sites and Camden.

Anonymous brought our attention to Teddy Sagi, a billionaire Jew who has business interests in the Hampstead-Camden area of London and beyond.

"In 1999, he invested in a company called Unlimited9, which was involved in setting up ­pornographic sites...

"As well as a luxury home in Central London, he has properties in Cyprus, Berlin, Israel and the U.S

"Recently, Sagi raised his profile further in Britain with the purchase of London's iconic Camden Market for £400 million..."

In 1983, Sagi's brother Ronen was convicted of ­murder.

Teddy Sagi has spent time in jail for fraud.

Teddy Sagi, jailbird pornographer behind Britain's crack ....


In 2006, it was reported that two of the partners in porn-site builder Unlimited9 "were suing Teddy Sagi, Elad Cohen and Moshe Ginsburg at a Tel Aviv court, alleging that the three defrauded them out of their shares in the successful company, and stole its content, its business operations and its books to boot."

Camden, which includes Hampstead.

Teddy Sagi owns all the main markets in Camden, in London - Stables Market, neighbouring Buck Street Market, Camden Lock Market and canal side site Hawley Wharf

He has also bought Utopia Village in Primrose Hill.

Israeli billionaire and gambling tycoon buys Camden Lock Market / Israeli billionaire and owner of Camden markets adds to 11 acre empire in borough

Above we see Pixie Geldoff at a party organised by Teddy Sagi at the Gilgamesh restaurant at the Stables market in Camden.

Northern Cyprus

Teddy Sagi is reported to have invested large sums in both parts of Cyprus.

He is sponsoring a school in Larnaca which bears his name and has established "Cyprus's first synagogue".

"One major Israeli player in North Cypriot gambling is Teddy Sagi."

Dervis Eroglu by Armagan Orki 

According to an article about Cyprus by Wayne Madsen, dated 19 April 2010:


1. In April 2010, Turkish Northern Cyprus elected a new president, the hard-line right wing Dervid Eroglu.

2. Turkish Northern Cyprus is used by Jewish 'gangster tycoons', who are involved in casinos and money laundering.

North Cyprus has always benefited from the quiet support of Israel.

3. Israelis run hotel-casino complexes in North Cyprus.

The proceeds can be laundered into funding Ergenekon activities (false flag operations) in North Cyprus, as well as mainland Turkey.

Turkish Northern Cyprus

4. In the late 1990s, Ariel Sharon and his family began to make casino deals on the West Bank and in Cyprus.

Israeli casino flights now fly to North Cyprus.

5. One major Israeli player in North Cypriot gambling is Teddy Sagi.

In 1999, Sagi and three other Israelis started Playtech, a provider of on-line gambling software.

"Sagi is a convicted stock fraudster, having been convicted of fraud in the 1996 'Discount affair,' a stock manipulation scheme."

In 2009, Playtech Cyprus, Ltd. began providing casino equipment to a new Bucharest casino owned by Africa-Israel Investments, Ltd, owned by Israeli multi-billionaire Lev Leviev.

Northern Cyprus

6. The North Cyprus connection to Ergenekon (false flag ops) was highlighted in 2006 when an armed clash broke out between gangs loyal to two casino owners in Northern Cyprus.

One of the parties was reported to have been Yasar Oz, a suspect in the Ergenekon network.

Yasar oz was exposed in the Susurluk car crash incident in 1996, in which documents related to Ergenekon first surfaced.

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At 18 April 2015 at 14:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good grief, thanks, Aang - respect. Great info from the professionals you are. That joins a few dots.

We are not worthy :)

At 18 April 2015 at 14:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember reading in a newspaper article once which said how the Germans hated the Jews because they saw them as meek, feminine, and very unaggressive. Now I was brought up to see all Jews like this, you know, like Woody Allen and that really lovely guy, Noam Chomsky. But now I discover that they always had a hard core right wing Nazi style element that has caused everyone a whole load of trouble and for a very long time.

Now I'm not racist or xenophobic. Most Jews are easy going and liberal and many of them hate Zionism just as much as we do, and if we want to defeat Zionism then we need to keep these people on our side. By Zionism we mean the fascist criminal element that has been always nothing but organised crime.

Some people on the right accuse people like Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein of being Zionists but they are using the term very broadly indeed and are being disingenuous. Yes, both Norman Finkelstein want the Jews to have a homeland and no half decent person would disagree with that. And yet, at the same time, no decent person would support someone pinching someone else's land either. This is getting circular, but hopefully you can see what I’m getting at.

Years ago all Jewish soldiers were made to read a book on psychology which spoke how people can sometimes despise other people if they appear to be weak and useless.

If an aggressor subjugates another race and humiliates them then the victor will often despise the people who he has subjugated. They then see these people as dirt and then they become even more barbaric towards those they have subjugated. The Nazis did this to the Jews and what this book on psychology was trying to say to the soldiers to not was to not do this to other people either.

If someone does a horrible thing to another people their mind will split and their ego will say that they did nothing wrong. No one wants to feel that they are bad and so if a bully beats someone else up he will usually say that that the person deserved it, i.e., it wasn't his fault but the other person's fault. In this way the Nazis blamed the Jews, but now the Zionists Jews blame the Palestinians and everyone else who doesn't agree with them.

The real point I'm making here is that all the propaganda that was installed in me throughout my childhood about the Jews being passive and helpless was complete and utter BS. Their ruling class - their leaders that is - were just as fascist and criminally insane, and as monstrous as any other ruling class that has walked the Earth. The Romans, anyone?

Our enemy are the psychopaths that rule over us, not any particular race. Most folk want and try to do good, but the ruling class were capable of 400 years of the slave trade which was the worst holocaust ever known in history, except the European slaughter of the native American Indians was just as bad. In one generation most, that is millions of them, were wiped out, and about 19 out of 20 perished, including women and children too, where they were hunted down and slaughtered like wild animals for sport. The propaganda to cover this up was that European diseases killed most of them. We have trouble seeing our own evil.

At 18 April 2015 at 14:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bar Refaeli's current fiance is another Jewish "business man", Adi Ezra

At 18 April 2015 at 16:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Chosen Ones. So dishonest they'd even pick their own pockets.

At 18 April 2015 at 22:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bar Refaeli would make the perfect plant in neo nazi type outfits...because the idiots would not have a clue she was a jew.
At least Goebbels had the appearance of a jew to help them out.Had Germans spoken out about the club footed little monster they would have been targetted by "aryans" directed by crypto jews like Himmler....and no,it is not a coincidence that Himmler's close relative married an Israeli.

At 19 April 2015 at 15:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You almost right - Woody "Alien" is not good man, he is crazy bad guy - cause his doughter.

At 29 April 2015 at 22:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yet another happy accident while reading this blog: NOW I know why I lost money on the online casino websites and concluded they were rigged. LOL.


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