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I meet Adolf Hitler in a restaurant in Bariloche, in Argentina.

Adolf orders spicy melon soup, fondue tomatoes, gazpacho, forest mushrooms and creamy chocolate with hazelnuts and truffle.

As we wait for the food to arrive, Adolf recalls a time during World War I when he was eating his dinner in a trench.

He says: "Suddenly a mysterious voice seemed to be saying to me, 'Get up and go over there.' I moved twenty yards. There was a sudden explosion in the part of the trench I had just left. I was saved by some kind of supernatural force."

Our soup arrives and Adolf lifts his spoon with a shaky hand.

August Kubizek

I remind Adolf that when he was aged 17, and with a friend called August Kubizek, he heard a mysterious voice telling him that he would be the saviour of Germany.

Kubizek said it was as if Adolf was possessed by a demon.

"Well," says Adolf, "Dietrich Eckardt, of the Thule Society, taught me how to communicate with mysterious forces."

I say to Adolf that, according to one of his followers, he used to "wake at night with convulsive shrieks and shout for help." It is as if he has encountered a demon.

"Yes," says Adolf, "I hear voices. But I have been given powers."


I ask Adolf about his father, Alois Schickelgruber, the illegitimate son of a female servant, Maria Anna Schickelgruber.

Maria Anna became pregnant while living as a servant in a Jewish household.

Hitler's nephew, William Patrick Hitler, and Adolf's lawyer, Hans Frank, claimed that the father of Alois was a wealthy Jew.

Adolf says: "A Jewish man did pay my grandmother money, because he was tricked into believing he was the father of Alois. Alois gained the help of important people and became a government official."

Alois chose a Jew as Adolf's godfather.

According to Hitler's friend Reinhold Hanisch Hitler boasted of having rich Jewish relatives.

Our fondue tomatoes arrive and Hitler tucks in.

Alois enjoyed alcohol and reportedly had sex with his pre-teen cousin, Klara Poelzl, and with a teenage waitress, Franziska Matzelsberger.

Alois's first wife Anna died under mysterious circumstances.

Alois then married the heavily pregnant Franziska Matzelsberger.

Alois then got his young cousin Klara Poelzl pregnant.

Franziska then died in mysterious circumstances.

Alois Jr. was the son born to Alois by Franziska.

I ask Adolf what happened to Alois Jr.

"He was placed in a concentration camp where he died," says Adolf.

Klara Poelzl

After the death of Franziska, Alois married Klara Poelzl, his cousin and adopted daughter.

Klara was the mother of Adolf Hitler.

I ask Adolf about his mother.

"She used to call my father 'Uncle'", says Adolf.

"Alois used to beat Klara," says Adolf. "And he would sometimes beat me until I lost consciousness.

"And he beat my sisters Paula and young Klara. Both Paula and young Klara became mentally retarded."

And siblings Ida, Otto and Edmund died in mysterious circumstances.

Adolf's mother Klara dressed Adolf to look like a little girl, perhaps to please Alois.

Adolf frequently slept with Klara.

The waiter brings the gazpacho to the table.

Adolf - centre.

Adolf like to read about America and became a fan of the policy in the USA of killing off the American Indians in 'reservations'.

Both at home and at school Adolf became known for his fits of rage.

Adolf behaved in a sadistic manner towards his teachers and his fellow pupils.

At the age of 15, Adolf was expelled from school.

After the death of Alois, Klara and her family moved to Linz, the third largest city in Austria.

Before long, Klara too was dead.

"I wept for Klara," says Hitler.

August Kubizek

Adolf was friends with August Kubizek and they developed a "romantic" and "intimate" relationship.

They both moved to Vienna.

They slept together.

Adolf sometimes spoke to Kubizek of his admiration for the Jewish people, and yet Adolf  joined the Anti-Semitic League.

Adolf explains: "I had Jewish friends in Vienna, but at times I was antisemitic. I was being conspired against by hidden forces. Kubizek on the other hand managed to graduate from the Conservatoire."

 Adolf was rejected by the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts.

Adolf ended his love affair with Kubizek.

I remind Adolf that he once fancied a young girl called Stefanie.

"I used to watch her from a distance," explains Adolf, "but that was all."

According to Kubizek, Adolf fantasized about kidnaping and killing Stefanie.

According to Kubizek, Hitler's homosexuality "had long been one of his problems."

Adolf met Reinhold Hanisch and they went together to live in a hotel, the Mannerheim, which catered exclusively to gay men and their gay lovers.

I asked Adolf what happened to Hanisch.

"They say I had him murdered," says Adolf, "But he died of a heart attack while in detention in 1937."

And what about Josef Neumann, a wealthy Jewish homosexual who used to come to the Mannerheim to find young men for sex?

"We were very good friends, for a short time," says Adolf.

Adolf then went to live with Josef Greiner, who was a fan of the Mannerheim.

Adolf's war record reportedly describes him as a "pederast".

Adolf later appointed to positions of power child abusers such as Ernst Roehm and Julius Streicher.

I ask Adolf about the Hitler Youth.

"I used to spend a very great deal of time with the boys of the Hitler Youth," explains Adolf. "I believe that intimate touching of young boys leads to the transfer of certain energies or rays."

Hitler is reported to have had sexual relationships with Rudolf "Fraulein Anna" Hess and with Wolfgang "Bubi" Foerster.

Hitler with his nieces Angelika 'Geli' Raubal and Elfriede 'Friedi' Raubal

I ask Adolf about Geli, the daughter of his half-sister, Angela.

"Geli came to live with me," responds Adolf. "I was very sad when she died."

The Nazi Party's Otto Strasser said that Adolf forced his niece Geli to urinate and defecate on him.

Geli died in mysterious circumstances in Adolf's apartment.

Adolf moved to Munich in 1913 and by 1921 had become the leader of the German Nazi Party.

When he addressed the masses, Hitler appealed to the secretly gay side of German men.

American psychoanalyst Walter Langer reported: "In regarding his audience as fundamentally feminine in character, his appeal is directed at a repressed part of their personalities.

"In many of the German men there seems to be a strong feminine-masochistic tendency that is usually covered over by more virile characteristics but which finds partial gratification in submissive behavior, discipline, sacrifice, and so forth."

I asked Adolf about the secret of his success in addressing rallies.

"I understood the feminine character of the masses. These Germans are like women. They want clearness, decision, power, and action. Like a woman, the masses fluctuate between extremes..."

Hitler's personal body guard was composed entirely of gay men.

I asked Adolf if he could tell me who, in the early days, was the typical Nazi.

"Julius Streicher," said Hitler.

Streicher reportedly like to beat and rape boys. He reportedly wrote stories about the ritual murder of children.

It is time to finish off the creamy chocolate with hazelnuts and truffle.

Hitler -

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At 15 April 2015 at 12:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting that while perusing my other websites I run into the perfect illustration for the point above. If you look at this painting by Jon McNaughton in the following link:

You will see the new model of the American woman as the United States Government would like to see them, as the new fodder for war. This painting not only contains an historic representation of the future of American women but it also serves another purpose, as we have been being desensitized and softened (or hardened as is the case with power idealized females) for the arrival of our new female POTUS - the ever duplicitous and conniving Hillary Clinton as she just announced her run for the Presidency. The same format was used to exploit the black race in getting Obama into office as well, with very promises held. (Mind you I am all for equal pay and rights for woman and equality for all races, but these people play on our prejudices like a fiddle).

And some other observations and comment made at the above link:

Indeed that painting above is highly stylized in propaganda techniques and does even contain a hidden 'pentagram' or 'American Star' imbedded within it's dimensions.

The entire nation of America has been transformed into an apathetic, race baiting, prejudice bunch of hypocrites by a comprehensive program of mass mind control that was implemented in America shortly after the fall of Nazi Germany. The mercenaries were moved over here to complete phase two of the 1000 Year Reich. The exact same template was used on the German Weimar-Republic between the years 1925 until 1938 when the 'Great War' broke out. Miscreants and criminals were intentionally created in order to bring chaos and disorder of the republic of Germany to facilitate it's eventual collapse. The same has been done in America for over 70 years now.

Start with Bill Cosby I, II, and III in the following link and understand the importance the revelation of Lookout Mountain Laboratory in the Hollywood Hills has for the implications of the future. Hollywood, as well as every other form of social and economic forum America had, has been infiltrated by Nazi's, Satanists and Occultists and have indeed created a Matrix in which there is little possibility for escape.


At 15 April 2015 at 13:42 , Anonymous Dublinmick said...

Reblogged-too good not to mirror.

At 16 April 2015 at 00:17 , Anonymous Dublinmick said...

Not too seem reduntant but hey Hitler was a Rothschild. It is pretty simple really.

At 17 April 2015 at 18:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"....the kind of apathy that it took to allow for the elimination of 1 to 6 million human lives between 1938 and 1945 in Nazi Germany. Our nation has been subtley transformed into a nation of miscreants and criminals so that when the time comes the 'people' will have no problem with an incinerator in their back yard getting rid of the 'trash'."

That's a load of trash. Government propaganda tells lies as always.
Nazi propaganda told lies. The German people didn't learn the truth.
After 70 years of Zionist propaganda, re-education and research of history forbidden, they still have not learnt the truth about what really happened. The goal of World War I and II was to defeat and destroy the German Kaiserreich, to basically genocide the German people (Churchill: "Germany must be destroyed!") It was not about fighting naziism, it was about destroying a competitive nation.


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