Sunday 15 March 2015


Undercover policemen have infiltrated most things.

In the UK, police helped a bosses' cartel 'in a huge blacklisting operation in the construction industry'.

Peter Francis, a former agent with London's Metropolitan Police Special Demonstration Squad, has now told a meeting in Parliament that he spied on firefighters, teachers and postmen - as part of his undercover duties.

EX-SPY COPPER ADMITS UNION INFILTRATIONS 14 MAR 2015 / Undercover whistleblower Peter Francis.

He said that members of the National Union of Teachers (NUT), the Communication Workers Union (CWU), Unison and the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) as well as the National Union of Students (NUS) had been targeted.

Last week it was revealed that SDS officer Mark Jenner had been sent into builders' union Ucatt.


Engineer Dave Smith said that 'coercive arms of the state' saw their role as supporting big business.

He said: "Trade unions and peaceful campaign groups are viewed as the enemy."

The police spied on "National Health Service whistleblowers."

Unison general secretary Dave Prentis said: "The revelation that union members were spied on by undercover police officers simply because they belonged to a union is shocking."

CWU general secretary Billy Hayes said: "Once again the secret state is revealed...

"More transparency on such matters would perhaps have avoided some of many miscarriages of justice, including Hillsborough and the Jimmy Savile cases.

Some police officers entered long term-relationships and even had children with activists.

BUSTED! Canada Supports the 'Islamic State

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At 15 March 2015 at 13:05 , Blogger Haze said...

What the Savile affair has taught us is, that we should listen to children when they make claims of systematic sexual abuse. No matter how outlandish, or who is accused, it should be investigated. Suspects should be questioned, evidence should be sought.

We have also learned in the post-Savile era that the authorities responsible for the protection of children and investigation of such crimes, cannot be trusted. The social services, the council, the police, the church, the courts and ultimately the government have all been complicit in a cover-up spanning at least fifty years, which has resulted in thousands more blighted lives.

How can victims report this crime to the same paedophile ring abusing them and expect justice?

If you take it to the top, the further up you go, the more wicked the system becomes. We had 'dignitaries' like Lord Boothby rubbing shoulders with the psychopathic Krays and Lord Brittan associated with sadistic murderers like Sydney Cooke. The names of the high and mighty are mingled with the lowest of scum, people who are not fit to be our peers, far less rule over us.

They have willfully allowed paedophilia to be 'woven into the fabric of society' and we know who deftly holds the needle. It's time to begin unraveling this fiendish tapestry, stitch by stitch...

At 15 March 2015 at 13:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 15 March 2015 at 13:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This site is full of amazing info and I now know how mad and evil the aristocracy can be. Going all around the web this week was an unconfirmed report that the UK was going to nuke Russia, but there was a leak and Russia prepared for the attack by getting it's rockets out which stopped the bombimng.

Apparently Russia has more advanced technology than the US and its stealth nuclear bombs can easily bypass the US Star Wars missile defence shield system, and so boom, we could have all been gone.

Because I know how mad and evil the western ruling elite really are I got very upset about these reports. Hopefully they're not true, but throughout history the ruling class has started many wars which have killed millions of people. And Churchill blanket bombed Germany with prosperous bombs incinerating millions of innocent ordinary happing go lucky people like you and me.

The modern ruling class aren't any less evil today, just look at what they have done to the middle east.

At 15 March 2015 at 19:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israel - a maior ameaça à espécie humana:

Israel tem cerca de 400-500 ogivas nucleares ilegais ativas apontadas para todas as capitais da Europa e Oriente Médio.

Exército dos EUA confirma armas nucleares israelenses

BBC: As Armas Secretas Nucleares de Israel - parte 1 de 5

"Armas nucleares de Israel são ameaça mais séria para o Oriente Médio"

Falar de ElBaradei sobre armas nucleares israelenses

"Nós poderíamos destruir todas as capitais europeias"

At 15 March 2015 at 19:52 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

many of the boys from my own orphanage went to the police and complained of being sodomised, the police said no one will believe your word against the likes of greville janner michael barrymore etc go away and forget it.
many of these boys in later life got solicitors letters saying retract what you said or you will be sued for everything you have and go to prison for making false statements. I know plenty of ,men who at care home and orphanages were "got at "with homosexual abuse and now remain silent

At 16 March 2015 at 02:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Respectfully, if you can get them to speak out once again please do so (carefully and to the right people), the tide IS turning, at least as far as public awareness is concerned. And we have the internet now.

At 16 March 2015 at 04:13 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said!! thank-You for a voice that tries and see's that which we the people(and the innocents) are made to live in this completely insane world.i wish more of the planet would take a stand against this horror!

At 16 March 2015 at 08:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this isn't the definition of a fascist run country I don't know what is.

At 16 March 2015 at 11:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

YEP can see it in the Hollie Greig case


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