Thursday 19 March 2015


In 1988, a young policeman called at a house in Stockport (Manchester area) after a complaint that the occupier had been committing a sex act in his window in front of a newspaper boy.

Inside the house, the young policeman found Member of Parliament Sir Cyril Smith (above), a police officer in civilian clothes, a known dangerous child abuser and two teenage boys - one a runaway from a children's home.

According to the young policeman: "There seemed to be a party going on, with two young lads there...The boys, aged about 14 to 15, were drunk.

"One was missing from a children's home."

The young policeman was "ordered by top officers at Greater Manchester Police to keep quiet about the incident.

"The young policeman was threatened with the Official Secrets Act."

The young policeman received an anonymous call from an unnamed man who said to him: "keep your mouth shut."

Sir Cyril Smith was not investigated. The dangerous 'known child abuser' was given a caution.

Cop who 'found Cyril Smith in sex beast's home with teen boys told to forget what he saw'

Don Mackintosh, who died in mysterious circumstances in 2014.

The young policeman's 'mentoring officer' was Don Mackintosh, who was in charge of all the young police officers.

Don Mackintosh sexually abused young boys over more than ten years.

Don Mackintosh 'assaulted two police cadets.'

There is a belief that MI5 and its friends run the top child abuse rings.

MI5 child abuse cover-up allegations.

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At 19 March 2015 at 02:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 19 March 2015 at 02:45 , Blogger dognamedblue said...

the more you hear about Stockport the worse it gets
from the murders at the hospital where I was born
from the church that tried to take me off my mum when I was born that was investigated for CSA
getting my head smashed in when I was four, they did that kinda thing to illigitimate kids back then
to lord knows what else will come out

operation cloud have seemed to have done all they are prepared to do even if I think they should and could do more
what did that judge say? if you believe the witness then it has to be a guilty verdict

At 19 March 2015 at 03:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

(Something completely different - just because in Germany it' s very actual:

j )

At 19 March 2015 at 03:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Police cover ups still continue..

At 19 March 2015 at 03:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 19 March 2015 at 03:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 19 March 2015 at 03:56 , Blogger James R said...

So the Official Secrets act would have to be rewritten extensively or completely abolished because it surely was not written so that some MI person could threaten an honest police officer for doing his job in order to protect whatever vile predator the MI has been tasked to protect. Stating the obvious I know but it is beyond a joke. Kafka, Orwell, had nothing on the madness of modern Britain.
It is like upside down world over there or something. I love when the Labor MP Jim Hood names Brittan in the Commons (class fascism is embedded in everything in Britain even the names of the Houses of parliament) and some Tory hero stands up and says in the most wonderful plummy accent "How dare you cast aspersions on the noble Lord" I genuinely pity the people who have to live amongst them just as I pity the people of Palestine having to live alongside the Jewish supremacist low lifes of Zion.

At 19 March 2015 at 08:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Aangirfans,
do you have any inside stories about this happening in Sweden

At 19 March 2015 at 08:46 , Blogger Haze said...

In the past few decades we have had Operation Care, Enamel, Pallial, Clifton, Cayacos, Fairbank, Midland, Fernbridge, Yewtree and several other police operations investigating institutional child sex abuse and still not one Member of Parliament has been arrested and charged.

At 19 March 2015 at 09:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

cold case unit is to investigate claims police released MP Cyril Smith after child pornography was found in the boot of his car

At 19 March 2015 at 10:04 , Blogger Anon said...

Dear dognamedblue,

Many thanks for the comment. Always very pleased to hear from you.

- Aangirfan

At 21 March 2015 at 00:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 24 March 2015 at 00:35 , Blogger Fungus the Photo! said...

Excellent work, as usual!

This is clearly established for decades all over this Georgian Colony. There have to be better ways of controlling the mob? Greed is always at the base of this corruption.


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