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Jeremy Thorpe by Michael Bloch - to be published by Little, Brown on 16 December 2014

Are all the top politicians secretly boy-loving murderers?

MICHAEL BLOCH has written about the double life of Jeremy Thorpe, the former leader of the UK Liberal Party.



According to Bloch:

1. Thorpe was a childhood friend of the former UK Prime Minister Lloyd George.

2. Thorpe was educated at Eton.

He had sexual relationships with other boys.

On one occasion he tried to 'force his attentions' on a younger boy, Michael Haslam, in the toilets.

King's road - Howard Grey - Photographer.

3. Eventually, Thorpe entered politics.

Thorpe admitted to a political colleague that he had picked up Bill Shannon, a rent boy, in the King's Road in London.

4. Thorpe picked up a number of young lads, including the sons of Lords, in various locations.

5. On visits to Africa, as is the case with so many Members of Parliament, he liked to screw young Blacks.

San Francisco - Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino

6. On trips overseas, Thorpe liked to pick up hotel barmen.

7. In the USA, Thorpe enjoyed the gay life of San Francisco.

8. Thorpe once took a handsome young working-class lad with him when he visited Lloyd George's daughter Lady Olwen Jones.

National Liberal Club

9. Thorpe was active in the National Liberal Club and the Reform Club.

At the National Liberal Club, some young male staff were available for gay sex.

At the Reform Club, Thorpe mixed with the gay members who included top lawyers and civil servants.

10. Thorpe was a visitor to the Standard, a pub on Piccadilly Circus which had young soldiers who acted as rent boys.

11. Thorpe was member of parliament for North Devon.

In North Devon, Thorpe had sex with young male farmers.

Henry Upton

12. Thorpe had an affair with the gay Henry Upton, heir of Viscount Templetown.

When they first met, Upton was 31 and Thorpe was 19.

Thorpe spoke to Upton of  his ambitions to become Prime Minister and marry Princess Margaret.

Upton's philosophy was that "one should surrender to one's inmost desires, and that the normal rules did not apply to the great ones of this world."

In India, Upton lusted after the boys of a school where he became the gym teacher.

In Australia, Upton molested young boys and was briefly sent to prison.

Thorpe accompanied Upton to Poona (Pune) in India.

In Poona, Upton had a 'harem' of Anglo-Indian boys.

Upton also had a large collection of whips and claimed to be a member of the murderous 'Thugee' cult.

Back in England, Upton got a job at a prep school, 'where he soon got into the usual trouble'.

Thorpe decided to end his friendship with Upton.


Upton chartered a motor cruiser on the Sussex coast.

The boat was found run-aground near Chichester.

There was no sign of Upton and he was never seen again.

The art expert David Carritt suspects that Thorpe may have organised Upton's murder.

Thorpe was in control of Upton's affairs between 1952 and 1954.

Carritt believes that Thorpe stole some of Upton's money.

According to Carrit, Upton discovered this theft and was threatening to blackmail Thorpe.

According to Carrit, Thorpe "arranged for a couple of handsome toughs to join Upton on his boat and dispose of him at sea."

Carritt began an affair with Thorpe around the time of Upton's disappearance.

Read more: dailymail

Jeremy Thorpe was accused of trying to murder his 'rent boy' Norman Scott.


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Jimmy Savile, Jeremy Thorpe and boys from care homes.


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