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UK Conservative leader Edward Heath, Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe, Labour leader Harold Wilson.

The giant child abuse ring within the London government dates back at least to the time of Winston Churchill, Harold Wilson and Jeremy Thorpe, and possibly dates back to the time of Walpole or even Alfred the Great.

Former Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson with Sir Jimmy Savile, supplier of boys to the elite.

Michael Bloch has now revealed how the top people protected Jeremy Thorpe, the leader of the UK's Liberal Party, when he was accused to trying to murder his former rent boy, Norman Scott.


The top people did not want their own links to rent boys to be revealed.


Jeremy Thorpe by Michael Bloch to be published by Little, Brown on 16 December 2014 

It has been widely reported that Edward Heath and Jeremy Thorpe used rent boys (boy prostitutes).

In the case of Harold Wilson: "the centre of his extra-curricular activity was the local branch of the Boy Scouts."

Harold Wilson

Norman Scott

Bloch reveals:

1. After Norman Scott approached the Liberal Party's David Steel with evidence that money had been regularly paid to him by Thorpe, Frank Byers, Liberal Leader in the Lords, bullied Scott.

"Byers exploded and told Scott he was a dirty little blackmailer... As far as Byers and Steel were concerned, the matter was closed."

2. One Liberal Member of Parliament, Emlyn Hooson, asked the police if they had ever investigated a Thorpe-Scott affair. 

The Conservative Home Secretary Reginald Maudling ordered the police 'to give out a minimum of information on the subject'.

Prime Minister Edward Heath and Sir Jimmy Savile, supplier of boys to the elite. www.whale.to

3. Conservative Central Office was approached by backers of Scott.

Party chairman, Lord Carrington, and the Attorney-General, Sir Peter Rawlinson, "decided this was a personal matter that should not be pursued for political gain in the forthcoming 1974 general election."

The Prime Minister, Edward Heath, agreed.

Andrew Newton

4. In 1975, there was a failed attempt to murder Norman Scott.

David Holmes, an associate of Thorpe, had hired Andrew Newton as the hitman.

It was then revealed publicly Thorpe's friend and former fellow Liberal MP Peter Bessell had paid regular sums to Scott over the years.

Peter Bessell

5. The Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson denounced the newspapers for their 'nauseating' treatment of Thorpe.


6. The new Conservative leader Margaret Thatcher backed Thorpe.

7. The Speaker of the House of Commons, George Thomas, discouraged parliamentary questions designed to attack Thorpe.


George Thomas was a methodist lay preacher. "He would visit cinemas in London looking for boys to have sex with. He would pay young men to give him blow-jobs in train toilets between Cardiff and London."

8. A newspaper then reported that Thorpe's friend David Holmes had admitted paying Norman Scott £2,500 for incriminating letters from Peter Bessell to Scott

Lord Snowden

9. The hitman Andrew Newton's trial opened on the day that news came that:

A. Harold Wilson was resigning as Prime Minister.

B. Princess Margaret was divorcing Lord Snowdon.

The Newton trial did not appear on the front pages.


(Thorpe had a crush on Lord Snowden; there was some mystery about why Wilson should suddenly resign)


10. The hitman Newton was given a two year jail sentence.

Newton was promised £5,000 as soon as he came out of jail.

The cash came out of political donations made to Thorpe "by Bahamas-based businessman Jack Hayward."

Peter Bessell

11. Peter Bessell then confessed to the Daily Mail: 'I told lies to protect Thorpe'.

Thorpe then released the letters he had written to Norman Scott, 'hoping to put an innocent gloss on them'.

One of the letters contained the phrase 'Bunnies can and will go to France'.

On 10 May 1976, Thorpe resigned as leader of the Liberal Party.

12. In 1977, the hitman Newton sold his story to London'

Newton related that he was hired to kill Norman Scott. He had been paid £5,000. He said the paymaster was a 'leading Liberal'.

Lord Boothby with Cliff Richard, the singer who owns a villa on the Algarve, near to where Madeleine Mccann disappeared.

13. Eventually Thorpe was put on trial but, with the help of the judge, was found not guilty.

14. It would be wrong to assume that ALL of the people named above were lovers of boys.

But many of them, such as George Thomas and Edward Heath, reportedly were. 


Caroline Allpass

Harold Wilson was married.

And so was Jeremy Thorpe.

Thorpe's first wife was Caroline Allpass, "a woman of the world" who had "a string of affairs."

"During the engagement, there was an escapade with a New York street boy he picked up in Times Square and took back to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. 

"He was also conducting a relationship with a Buckingham Palace footman."

Just after the 1970 general election, Caroline was killed after apparently falling asleep at the wheel of her car.

Thorpe continued to be seen frequenting gay bars and clubs, and picking young lads up on streets.

Tom Driberg, the rent-boy loving Labour MP, "heard gossip about Thorpe from rent boys they both patronised."

Driberg reportedly worked for MI5 and the KGB.


In 1973, Thorpe married the Austrian-born Marion, Countess of Harewood,  former wife of the Queen's cousin, the 7th Earl of Harewood.


Marion was a close friend of composer Benjamin Britten.

(Jeremy Thorpe by Michael Bloch to be published by Little, Brown on 16 December 2014.)

Judy Garland and the Kray Twins, all three of whom may have been mind-controlled. KRAY TWINS BRAINWASHED?.

The boy-loving Britten has been linked to the boy-loving Kray Twins, suppliers of boys to the elite.

Britten worked for the CIA. 

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Please don't write comments which provide no useful information and which at the same time are libellous. We welcome comments which provide new information and ideas and which provide reliable 'sources'.

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At 9 December 2014 at 12:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wayne Madsen: the FBI murdered Franklin pedophile ring investigator Gary Caradori on July 11, 1990 by putting a Bomb on Caradori’s plane

Summary: Wayne Madsen has a key source who has confirmed to him that the FBI murdered Franklin pedophile ring investigator Gary Caradori on July 11th, 1990 by placing a bomb in his plane. The Franklin pedophile ring was a mainly a homosexual pedophile ring that was run for about 10 years in the 1980’s by Lawrence E. King, a rising black star in the Republican party. Lawrence E. King sang the national anthem at the 1984 Republican national convention. At the time King was one of the nastiest pedophilic pimps in the USA: a Satanist, child molesting pedophilic pimp, a sadist and a child pornographer. And some of Lawrence E. King’s friends were some of the most powerful people in the USA - especially high level Republicans.

Lawrence E. King would recruit children from the famous Boys Town orphanage in Omaha, NE and fly them around the country in the 1980’s to be sexually rented to successful high level homosexual pedophiles.

Note: although the inner core of Franklin were sadist Satanists, mostly homosexual pedophiles, based in the Omaha area, it does not mean all or even most of their well-heeled pedophilic clients were Satanists. This Satanic ring took a sick, evil joy in sexually, physically and psychologically abusing these children. The clients were often well-to-do successful homosexual pedophiles.

One of Lawrence E. King’s pedophilic customers was Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush. Other high profile people involved were Harold Andersen, a good friend of Bush’s, CFR member and the publisher of the Omaha World Herald. Andersen in particular was a very nasty pedophile who would have sex with 12 year old boys (see victim Paul Bonacci). Paul Bonacci, an abused teenaged prostitute, was also pimped out 3 times to Democratic Rep. Barney Frank. Paul Bonacci has said that every time he sees Barney Frank on TV he feels like he wants to vomit.


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Regarding the above comment, it is absolutely correct and Nick Bryant states the exact same thing in :the Franklin Scandal" the FBI in Chicago were doing a favour for their pals in Omaha.

At 10 December 2014 at 21:45 , Blogger Anon said...

All those who work for MI5/6 should be kicked out of the Republican movement.

At 10 December 2014 at 21:48 , Blogger Anon said...

Certain judges are members of pedophile rings, reportedly.


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